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  1. Awesome! Which location do you think has most need of players? I can start looking there ETA: Corvallis actually looks like it might suit my playstyle since I'm pants at action scenes but love intrigue. I'll give the thread a read-through after this weekend probably
  2. @Edgedancer I did see that I'm awful with canons and I suspect adopted chars would be much the same way, but I do intend to browse and see if anything catches my eye.
  3. I'd be fine with doing a non-Epic. I'm mostly looking for more people to play with; I've been doing freeform elsewhere for years, but it's been a while since I joined a new community. I'm more concerned with how hard it is for a new player to jump in; I don't know how much backstory and extra-book canon you may have built up?
  4. So this seems to be the out-of-character area for this board? Am I right? I'm new to the forums and trying to figure out a good RP to jump into. Is this a good one?
  5. I've been working my way this week through some of the shorter works thanks to the Humble Bundle. The one thing I really like is that he can write a short story; some authors (cough cough Martin cough cough) write "short stories" that are really just pieces of longer works, or try to cram an entire doorstop into 10,000 words and gloss over sweeps of things. This story managed to hit just the right scope for the length, I think. I predicted the twist about the Davis not being real, but didn't predict he was killing Chaz (I expected his wife to have murder-suicided with his son, so he was trying to kill himself with them as she did it).
  6. You were telling them all about mafiabot and didn't link to the docs? For shame
  7. Thanks everyone! I didn't realize I'm not automatically going to get notifications of threads I started, whoops I've found the button to do that now I love cookies! @Zennix I am not Japanese, I was just a huge nerd when I was 15 and created this screen name. It's followed me ever since Pretty much everywhere you can find a yamikuronue on the internet, it's me. In fact, I've dared people to find someone who isn't me using the screen name before, and so far nobody's won that challenge I do like anime though, when I ever have time to watch it I've been reading through your older mafia games and wow, the metagame is super different than what I'm used to, I'm excited
  8. Oi! Are you stalking me
  9. Hey, what's up? Long time Sanderson fan, new to the forums. I heard you guys play Mafia, and I saw that you do roleplays, and I'm very keen on both those things, so I thought I'd sign up and get to know some new people.