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  1. Must be very painful to walk on broken pieces of shardplate then
  2. @Chaos @Overlord Jebus @WeiryWriter Here's a Shardcast inspired joke for you guys. "Where's the one place you can always get WiFi in the Cosmere? The Spiritual Realm. Everything is connected in the Spiritual Realm."
  3. Was anyone else like screaming “Demoux!!” at the screen after like the second clue on “Whose that Cosmere Character”?
  4. Proof: Cultivation has Ascended. "To Be Ascended" is just a less fancy way of saying "To Be Lifted". Therefor Lift must be a part of Cultivation, but clearly not the vessel since she chose the less fancy title of "Lift" instead of "Ascend". Theory: The first Rosharan to reach space will be The Lopen.
  5. Proof: Some of the Shards are Odium, Autonomy, Ambition, Dominion, Devotion and Ruin. These are obviously pet names. Seriously, what's more odious, autonomous, ambitious and dominating than cats? At the same time, what's more devoted and ruinous than dogs? (I might've just made enemies with half the 17th shard with that comment...) Theory: Brandon Sanderson does not actually exist. All of the books have actually been written by Hoid and anyone who has seen Brandon is actually just seeing Hoid with a Lightweaved disguise.
  6. Moments that made me: Elhokar's death, Wax killilng Lessie (x2), Sazed's words about Vin in HoA, Dalinar and "I forgive you.", Dockson's final scene (I'm not sure why, it just gets me), Hoid with Shallan when she was young and he gets her to lightweave, Taln's reaction to hearing from Ash that it has been 4000 years Moments that made me: (but in the best way possible) Wayne shooting Wax's sister in the face, finding out Reen's voice has been Ruin the whole time, FREAKIN NIGHTBLOOD AT THE END OF WoR!!, Hoid becoming a lightweaver, Dalinar (pseudo)Ascending, Odium showing up during the visions.... I'm sure there are more, those are just what I have off the top of my head.
  7. I used this before but I feel it is appropriate again so...
  8. I'm just so happy to finally see a discussion that doesn't have Trell being Autonomy. I never liked the theory (although that honestly might be because I thought it was obviously Odium and was embarrassed to see how unlikely that was). I haven't looked into it exactly, but I think(?) continuity issues with how the timeline is set makes Odium an unlikely candidate. If someone could help me there that would be awesome. HOWEVER, I would mention that Brandon puts a lot of emphasis on the color red as an indicator of corrupt Investitor. That could be a RED herring (haha get it?) but I would guess it isn't (on a side note, I didn't like coming to that conclusion either, the whole "color having to always mean something" debate tends to annoy me). Along those lines, I'll throw in these WOBs for consideration:
  9. I feel like Peter Dinklage as the Stormfather has a strange irony to it
  10. Also Michael Pina as The Lopen.
  11. Oooooh that being said, James Spader as Hoid/Wit. I know at his current age he probably isn't a good Hoid lookalike, but just imagine Spader's voice doing those lines! I can see him doing all of it: the witty/snarky comments directed at pretentious lighteyes, the sudden shift into dramatic moments, the overwhelming self confidence, the calm serious attitude that sometimes comes out... I mean common! Just imagine him narrating Wandersail or the Girl Who Looked Up or any of his monologues at the end of the books! It would be so perfect
  12. I could see this. I would need Odium to be someone who can appear kindly and good but then turn straight evil in a half-second. I feel Mark Hamill could do this well, he's played wise old men and also some insane villains. And he does both of them very well. So I support this idea.
  13. You're good! The problem with typing is it is so hard to express mood or tone, I wasn't frustrated at all by your comment The ideas you mentioned were in the podcast I mentioned earlier (the link is in the first post) and so my purpose here is discuss another option that wasn't mentioned at all in that discussion. The possibilities you mentioned are good ones though, although I think if Ishar had the Shardblades he'd be doing a lot more with them in the 'pseudo-holy-war' he's waging. Of course, he is insane, so he's already acting unreasonably and unpredictably... Going along with your first comment, you are probably on the right track with your reasoning (although we don't know everything about that period). However, there is another big reason why Shinovar wouldn't be a neutral ground for shards. Shinovar wouldn't be neutral ground for Shardblades or Shardplate because those weren't even a thing when it was first settled
  14. @Stark I do also agree that the Shin could have a lot of the Blades as well. And I kinda like that connection with the spren not being common there. Of course an oddity with that idea (which also applies to the Vorin Church) is that there was a period of time known as the Shin invasions when they tried to take over the world. Like with the Vorin Church this could be explained fairly simply as either they didn't have as many as they do currrently or the invasion itself was a means of stockpiling. Also (based off Dalinar's vision) we can reasonably assume that the Shin had the Honorblades as far back as the Last Desolation and therefor would have had them during the Shin Invasions. Since the Shin probably had them, they apparently didn't use them for some reason since we don't hear any stories about that. I guess what I'm getting at is that if the Shin had the Honorblades during their efforts of world domination and didn't use them, then it is also conceivable that they could have a ton of Shardblades and not use them either. @Quantus I also agree that both of those are likely options for our guilty parties. My argument is not that the Vorin Church is the most likely candidate, just that they are an additional one that hasn't received as much consideration as all the others. If I had to bet on the most likely party, I would probably choose the Skybreakers. They've been around long enough, have the power to accumulate blades and also have a very good reason to possess but not use a bunch of dead Shardblades. My only issue is that if the Skybreakers were collecting blades I think we'd hear stories about Shardbearers being mysteriously murdered and missing Shards. Additional potential evidence I forgot to mention: We know that Taln showed up to Kholinar with his Honorblade. By the time he got to the Shattered Plains it was switched with a normal blade. We can assume it wasn't switched on the way since Bordin would have noticed if it had been switched out. The most likely time to switch it out without being noticed would have been right after Taln arrives. Who would have had access to Taln right away? The ardents of the Vorin Church who take care of madmen. If they did switch it out they used a Shardblade that there was no record of, which supports the idea that they could have a stockpile.
  15. @Glaedr Firnen that is a good point that wasn't considered on the Shardcast though, so good job bringing that up. But yeah there is definitely a very large number unaccounted for.