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  1. Going down the tunnel, Adren's mind began to wander, staring at the stone walls. "The stone here almost has veins..." he mumbled to no one in particular, he drags his fingers across the grain of the wall, feeling the layers of rock.
  2. "Kalad's phantoms are a Folk tale in T'Telir. Recently shown to have actually been an army of lifeless, that were presumed to be statues around the city." Adren responded. "They are now a strong force in the hands of Susebron, the God-King."
  3. "This sounds like a solid plan" Adren said, "Lets move like Kalad's Phantoms are running after us."
  4. "I would love to meet me. We'd have a lot of catching up to do."
  5. "In any case, I'm ready to see what it is. Should we go to Corette's meeting and see?"
  6. Uncle Brandy offered her a bottle and some cartoons.
  7. Seeing the hint of a smile on Althea's lips Adren smiled again. "The naming mirror makes me think of the painting on the wall, almost a mirror of the trip. I have no ideas as to what it could be."
  8. Granted. But you are not in control of them once they leave sight. I wish for a chocolate cake.
  9. You are very right. And probably have him fly me places, like how the storm-front-flight works.
  10. "Well it was a sponsored experiment by the DA, Wes. So I didn't have to gather them. The initial Idea was an awakened coppermind, which is what Mercy is, but no one thought to check the coppermind's contents. Which I believe explains her Shalashian temperament" "Whats that mean!" Mercy interrupted his thoughts Shaking off the interruption with a quick shake of the head Adren continued, "Because the investiture in the coppermind, it took less breath than anticipated to Awaken her, so I decided to try with a cleaver I had. Jethro was born." Adren took a bite of the other cookie and a swig of water. Smiling, "Althea, don't feel bad at all. I've had my share of voices. Eventually I found it nice to have some with me that I am in charge of. Should you ever want to talk to my friends, the offer stands." "Why do you keep offering for them to touch me and read my mind?" Jethro complained. "They seemed interested and you are less abrasive than Merc, plus she yells a lot and we don't want to scare them." Adren mouthed back. "I DO NOT" "You're right. She needs to take a few drinks." As they argued back and forth in his head, Adren began to pick up the camp he had made. He gathering the rocks he had split and some more small ones that were nearby.
  11. Taking two cookies out of the bag, Adren puts the rest back in his backpack. "More cookies for me." Adren mumbled through a bite of cookie. Finishing the first cookie Adren sets down the second, "To your question, you are partially right. He will speak to you, but he can hear some of what you think, but only active thoughts that you direct to him. So if you don't want him to hear something you think he won't." Adren said to smiling to Althea. "Although he will hear things you say out loud at any volume when he is near and you have connection."
  12. "Thank you" Adren said to Althea, taking a piece of bread. Removing some cookies from his bag, he offered them to his companions. While holding the bag of cookies out to them, Adren began again. "Its not a stupid question at all Wes, Mercy and Jethro are type IV awakened entities. Like the sword Nightblood. Except they don't eat matter or investiture.They are not just in my head. Similar to how a Spren can speak to its Radiant. You could hear Jethro if you'd like Wes, you too Althea, I offered it before, but we kind of got interrupted by a worm." "They can become able to hear me?" Jethro questioned Adren. "Yes, by holding you they can establish a temporary connection, it will fade after a few minutes." Adren mumbled at Jethro. "Can they hear me toooooo?" Mercy shot after him. "They potentially could become able to hear you too, in a similar way, but I think you may be too strong of a personality at first." Adren mouthed at the earring. "What's that supposed to mean? huh!" Mercy said sassy. "It means that stuff like that will happen and scare them off." Adren said back to her. "Why do you always side with him?" Mercy complained. @I think I am here. @Sorana
  13. "They don't cause trouble, aside from making commenting on life." Adren replied "They are my friends, from my time learning about breath and awakening" "What do you mean we cause trouble by commenting?" Mercy sniped at Adren. "Probably something like that. Breaking his train of thought." Jethro sighed back at her. "Jeth's right Mercy." Adren commented quietly to the two of them, then speaking louder to Wes, "As I said that, they tried to figure out what I meant by they cause trouble by commenting. They provide interesting insight to things around. They both have very strong personalities, Jethro, the cleaver, being a grizzled old man, who is tired and wants to sleep. Mercy being a teenage girl with more blood lust than Strifelover."
  14. Welcome to the shard. My thoughts come to, as I have read nightblood out loud, it has a male voice.
  15. "Hello Wes, I'm Adren" Offering his hand for a shake. "This is Mercy and Jethro," gesturing with his head to the cleaver and earring. @Sorana @I think I am here.