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  1. @Stormblessed DolphinHeh you'll never see this.
  2. My favorite curse. By Argents Beard.
  3. I still do that. My guy isn't on the rolls, Im just kinda exist. Except groot. He is my interactions. The spiked Elephant is a grandfather clause.
  4. Welcome to the Shard Have a cookie* and an upvote. Would you say, "My life to yours, my Breath become yours" for the quotes you click the quote button is the message, for the signature, it is edited in your profile. *in sig
  5. I couldn't help myself... Im back for a day.
  6. that is an intersting take.i like it.
  7. Also welcome to the shard. We're a bunch of mega fans giving you the news, discussion and of course a whole bunch of opinions on Brandon Sanderson's works and the cosmere. Would you say, "My life to yours, my Breath become yours." What is your favorite metallic art ability? Would you like a cookie? its in my sig.
  8. Only the half of the universe we don't know died Irrelevant is back. Third favorite character.
  9. Thats a good joke. I like it.
  10. 8/10 The lingest thread is better. other than that, spot on.
  11. You're welcome. Would you please say, "My life to yours, my Breath become yours"? for initiation of course.
  12. A little late, but... By Fall Out Boy
  13. So, Groot never died. He is still in, hanging around. I AM GROOT I can't remember if he got put back in.
  14. I'll buy 100 from you.