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  1. Holding the helmet of under his right arm, Adren nodded to the other denizens. "Here is the atium we gathered." Walking over to the leader and slightly wincing from the movement on his left arm, whispering, "Professionally, everyone here worked hard to get here, and through pain and loss to obtain the atium." Gesturing to his arm covered in the recent gouges from the crystals. "I am going to keep a few beads for awakening research, and I would highly advise that all the members of the expedition are allowed to keep some, it will help keep everyone content, and could be seen as a gesture of goodwill to the other guilds." "Once this is over then what will we do? Can we go find more monsters?" Mercy said to Adren. Subvocalizing his words back, "Maybe we can. You need to ask Jethro if he is up to fighting one though." @kenod @Sorana @Ookla the Maybe-Existent
  2. Reaching out with his injured arm, Adren accepted the painkillers, tucking them into the bandage on his wrist. Making eye contact, he nodded a thanks. "The bio-luminescent plants here are very interesting, there aren't many others. I wonder if they are related to the fungus in the field of rebirth." "Isn't that fungus called perchwither?" Still speaking out loud, "That's right, it is perchwither, thanks Jeth."
  3. "The DA is the only place I can think of that it would not upset the balance besides destroying it. And even to do that I believe we would need Voidus." Adren ran his right fingers over the bandages on his arm as he spoke, causing his hand to curl at the small spikes of pain. "I would also like to get some more samples on the way out of the caves. Maybe take a bath in that hot spring." Looking down at the beads in AIthea's helmet, and smiling slightly, "I suppose we should get counting then, " "Why do you keep touching your bandages, doesn't it hurt? "I always do it with scars. it makes them go numb." "But doesn't it hurt?" "Not anymore" @Ookla the Dreamer @ZincAboutIt
  4. "I am not informed on the politics of the city enough to make that call. But the amount of Atium is so large, do we risk any charity or charities becoming as powerful as the great guilds?" Shifting his gaze around thee room and still flexing his hand. This could cause the collapse of the city's politics again. Was that worth the risk. Leaving was possible, but avoiding everything was not longer a good option. It was time to stay and work.
  5. Try your hand at the creepy and eloquent. Make your own death rattles and post them. Here is my go.
  6. Clenching his fist repeatedly, working through the burning in his arm. Adren looks up at Wes and Althea. "That is a good plan,to rebuild the city would be a way to use the atium well. But are there any true charities around?" The area that had been emptied of atium was dwarfed by the size of the cavern and The Well. There is so much atium hidden in these walls. A treasure that could buy a guild. And it needed to not be used to do that. "Are we not going to keep it?" "Probably not most if any. It will cause problems as is."
  7. Glancing up, "Destroying the crystals makes sense, but so does having a neutral party mine it. And of it is collected, any good that it could be used for will still be on the table." Adren looked around the group, noticing Althea glancing at him, not sure of the expression on her face. "Destroying it would allow the city continued peace." "Then we definately should keep this place around." Mercy yelped Thinking at the both of them, "I know Jeth, but a part of me can't forget the resource that's here."
  8. Setting the helmet of beads on his leg, right arm taking the weight off his injured left, "When we figure out what do do with the Atium, If you are willing, you and another person could take it there, if it is a single place. But that should be a last resort. I believe the whole team should bring it out if possible." Looking down at the beads in his lap, Adren began idly counting them to himself.
  9. Adren shook his head, and cleared his throat, "Each person here worked to get here, and should take a few beads. maybe 5... That shouldn't start a guild war and we all worked to get here, but that wouldn't account for all the Atium. Althea, when you elsecall, could you take another person with you?" "What are you going to do?" Jethro whispered silently. "I'm not sure yet." Adren thought back. @Ookla the Dreamer
  10. Granted, but the destination is random. I wish for lopens arm
  11. Balancing the helmet on his right arm, carefully using his heft hand to tilt the helmet towards Nekorb and the rest of the group, "Atium is Ruin's godmetal. It is powerful in all three Scadrian magic systems and hasn't been tested well in others because the supply has basically been nonexistent." "Look at that atium,that's enough to buy most of the city, and it's not all of it around." Mercy's shrill voice whispered in his ear. "Merc, stop it. He isn't taking it, at least like that. You were told already." Jethro retorted loudly, in the cacophony of thoughts bounding through Adren's mind. "I have many of ideas for what to do with it, but all of them have an overarching danger. This atium needs to not go fully into circulation. We could end up with another Manywar or 7 day war." Looking around the gathered scouts, at each person in turn. Momentarily shifting his attention to his bag, Adren got out a cookie, and began to eat it.
  12. Scaling back down the wall, bloodied left hand and arm struggling to hold on from the bleeding cuts running along them. Stumbling as he hit the floor, having dropped the last few feet, Adren walks over to his bag and pulls out a length of bandage, a handkerchief, a water bottle, antibiotic ointment and a cookie from the small bag. Immediately putting the cookie in his mouth, he begins dressing the wound. Wiping down the cuts with the water and handkerchief, and applying ointment to each cut and wrapping his whole arm in the bandage. Drinking the last of his water, Adren clears his throat, "Not the most effective way, as you can probably guess." Gesturing with his right hand to Corette and his own arms. "This is a valuable place to the entire universe, we need to preserve this place, allomancy will break it if we aren't very careful." Taking a couple geodes from the pile he had dropped to the floor, and cracking them open easily on Jethro's blade, Adren stared at the silvery atium. "Its so shiny, can I have some?" "You don't have any way to use it. at all. What good would that be?" Adren thought at her. "You could make a small ring and put it on me" Mercy said, a grin in her voice. "That wouldn't work, but I like the idea of an atium ring or two...." Adrens thought trailed off. @ZincAboutIt @Ookla the Dreamer @Ookla the Maybe-Existent