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  1. I will join. This sounds fun.
  2. An elephant roared in indignation off in the distance.
  3. Next year is almost upon us. (I fugured this was a good post to bring back up.)
  4. salsa

    I will join. The salsa will reign.
  5. Nope. Good ones. We have morals.
  6. You didn't wish. I wish for the Bands.
  7. Correct. If he was he'd be in the thousands of good reasons.
  8. Met many people. It was amazing. @The Forgetful Archivist Gave me a very delicious cookie and a copy of a certain disclaimer.
  9. He says in the thread.
  10. Sleepless are the best. I love the idea of random people on screen being 1000 cremlings in a trench coat.
  11. I do wonder...
  12. I am probably like Kaladin. I want to help people, and I try. I just make mistakes and am not the best at it all the time.
  13. Marsh (has?) a brother. Aether Spoiler