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  1. I can't search "Kaladin" or "Black Piper" and get that album as the result. But, I will definitely be leaving good reviews for the music.
  2. The Kaladin Album is back! -ish. I'm listening to it right now on Spotify. I had kept it in my "liked songs" list this whole year, and it was grayed out until now. For some reason, I can't search for The Black Piper artist, the Kaladin album, or its songs, and it hasn't shown up in any of my other playlists I'd saved it in.
  3. Stick.
  4. Yes, Brandon Sanderson has definitely influenced me. I desperately want to become an author. Hopefully, in the future, I can go to BYU Provo. I've been getting much better grades and I'm in Honors English. I've been studding, reading, and taking notes all the time. Many notes. You would not believe how many notes I have for everything even slightly related to writing and worldbuilding. I'm developing entire worlds of people and culture and places and ideas. I'm even developing a non-english-related language for one of the worlds. But best of all, I'm developing myself. Brandon has made his characters so real and I don't get very close to actual people. I don't understand them. But through his characters' strengths, weaknesses, trials, victories, and perspectives, I can understand people just a little better. I agree with @Stormrunner1730. Brandon's work will always mean so much to me through the last of my teenage years, my adulthood, and on.
  5. I changed my name, profile picture, and background.  I was Runeweaver, and before that, Emerald_Griffin.  My profile picture was of a green dragon.  I appologise for using a formal voice in this.  I have spent nearly two months avoiding time in front of a screen, so I've lost a bit of my interest in the type of talk found on social media.  I want to live more like a real character.

    1. Dragon.of.Stone


      Good to know.  That sounds nice, spending more time outside and stuff, drawing and dreaming and reading thick books.  I'd like to prepare for the future that way, tweaking my point of view to be more like that of a fantasy character.  So, you write often, then?  That's probably the best way to put yourself into other worlds and make them come to life. ^_^

  6. Oh, @Tesh my friend, you shouldn't make fun of people. It's bad for you. Just don't be too hard on them, okay? By the way, what caused you to say that?
  7. I use google drive, plus my phone because I've a really nice app that has a new background daily. Uh, can't find my phone. I'll tell you what the app is later. I mostly sort art, too. I've 200+ images on drive, and 150+ on my phone. I'll tell you more about it through messages here, if you want.
  8. I took a background image (it's a hobby of mine to collect and sort images) and put it on paint to crop it. Cropping things on paint won't add any extra space in the image's file, unlike with some picture-editing programs.
  9. Hey @Staphylococcus. What is that series about? I've never heard of it.
  10. Welcome, @PaedragGaidin! Have you read all the books?
  11. @Gavin-son-son-Odegard Cool. I'm a big cat person, too. I have two cats, one an old black-and-white tomcat that I've had since my childhood (he's curled up next to me right now), and a brown, speckled she-cat who keeps on having kittens before my parents can fix her.
  12. @Dragon.of.Stone So you like art? I might be able to do something for you. I'll send you some messages and tell you more. @Rebecca That's so cool! I'm going to be a sophomore too this year! I'm starting a writing circle with some of my friends, if you like to write.
  13. Yah ... do you you think you might have other aspects that you haven't discovered yet? And also, how do they interact with each other? For mine, I'm never "in" one aspect at one time (maybe except Charole, because she can turn everything the other aspects say to her around), so it's always a mix, and some of my personality traits come from a mix of my aspects. I imagine them having conversations with each other, or when I think about situations that could happen in my life, I imagine which aspect(s) would handle it best.
  14. @Sami You'd probably get along with the Rann part of me. @Daydam Your personalities are darker than mine, I think. Just let your other personalities fight against the dark parts, but still encourage the good personalities. Example: The way I was introduced to Brandon's good books (I had read some of Alcatraz) was that my dad is a huge fan, but he'd be too quiet to be on the 17th Shard. Anyway, my family owns some of Brandon's books, and when I was younger, I'd go and look at how pretty the covers were, how many colors and swirls there were. So, I started with Elantris and loved it. I've been a sanderfan since, because of Charole who loves well-made paintings and things. I do love drawing, painting, and I'm going into a graphic design class this year.