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  1. I would say they still are, but I see your point. The lost nature of the Dawnshards fits the extinction of the Lanceryn though, so its possible.
  2. Larkin are the juvenile form of the Lanceryn with Lanceryn being the supposedly extinct Aimian greatshells. I guess Larkin/Lanceryn could be the Dawnshards, but Dawshards definitely sounds like it refers to an inanimate object.
  3. Except currently 100% of the bondsmiths are Vorin and no one in western Roshar (past Azir) is in the alliance. Unless the Bondsmith is going to be so awesome they single handedly convert their country, there is no need for non-Vorin bondsmiths. I feel like more Vorin Bondsmiths are likely purely because of current Vorin activities, they're the only ones currently fighting the Desolation. I could see someone from Iri/Rira bonding the Sibling if it turns out to be Cusicesh, but even that I'm not convinced. I think it is more likely that the Bondsmiths will represent different types of people/profession than race. Dalinar, general. Navani, scholar etc.
  4. You won't "get flack", but people may disagree with you. Personally, after WoK, I never felt that Kaladin was any more important than Shallan or Dalinar, so "Kaladin Chapter 2" never happened for me. But everyone reads the books differently, it's part of what makes them so great!
  5. I absolutely agree, I should have specified that the "no it wasn't moral" was also just from my persepctive. But in-world I have zero issues with Adolins actions and think it was the best course of action available. All alternatives I have seen listed would have had disastrous consequences.
  6. Sure you can. The first Oath doesnt always mean what you think it does. Teft provides an explanation, not the explanation. There were multiple orders that would be ok with Adolin killing Sadeas, and given the lack of other option I think it was fine. Was it right (as in moral)? No. Was it right (as in the correct course of action)? For me, yes.
  7. Lieutenant Dan. I can totally see her remaining disabled as a KR but only if she gets to RIDE A LANCERYN instead. Because that would be awesome.
  8. Agree with the first, couldn't disagree more with the last. How are you defining "man of honor"?
  9. That's fine, but I'll ask you the same question I asked @Sedside earlier in the thread. How do you think Sadeas should have died? Trying a social reform during the apocalypse is insane and the legal system couldn't touch him. I have no people disagreeing with me and saying Adolin shouldn't have killed Sadeas but a realistic alternative would be nice. I also think that "fit of anger" =/= "not protecting anyone. Adolin was enraged, no doubt, but it was Sadeas refusal to let go, threats against his family and past crimes that made Adolin so angry. So he was protecting his family and his people, that was the very reason for his anger, at least in my opinion. As for Wit congratulating him, Wit is an "ends justify the means type. Remember his "I would let this world burn" speech? He has no issue with people being killed when they need to be.
  10. Which is why I said it depends what you mean by limit. Though like I said, I believe his capacity is capped well below a shard for other reasons too.
  11. Then whose was it? Elhokar's? It would have split the kingdom and started a full-blown civil war mid-desolation. Sadeas made it clear he would do anything to gain and retain power, so reason/negotiation was also out the window. Which leaves having him quietly removed, ideally in a way that gives leaders like Elhokar/Dalinar plausable deniability. Mission accomplished. To the OP, all in all I like Adolin a lot. I find that the majority of the time he acts in a far more realistic manner than other characters and seems, to me, to be trying his best even if he doesn't always succeed.
  12. Do we have any evidence this would work? It seems more logical to me that the steel you make would only give you back the investiture needed to make the same amount of steel so there would be no net gain. I'd go with Elantrian and Steelrunner. F-steel to overcome the speed issues of Aon Dor and not be as stationary as a-bendalloy.
  13. I doubt that sort of thing is his resonance as itbhas nothing to do with his current abilities. I know they don't have to relate but those seen so far do, at least partially. Plus I would be disappointed if Wayne's disguise/acting skills were in any way magical.
  14. To be burn a non-Scadrian Shards gometal you would need a connection to that Shard. So a normal misborn couldn't do it. But Kal could probably swallow some Lerasium, become a Mistborn and burn Syl. That was just an example, I would be horrified if that happened.
  15. That could certainly be a location-hack. If it would work I am guessing the issue would be figuring out which Mai Pon symbols correspond to which Aons. Maybe the moon scepter would help here since it's function seems to be translation.