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  1. For the simplest explanation is that his title "Binder of Gods" is that it was originally a title from the Dawnchant, almost certainly of Singer origin. If Ishar was the idea behind the Oathpact, as has been suggested, he would be the "Binder of Gods", having bound the Odiumspren and Fused (Singer "gods"). Maybe he pinoeered the "perfect gemstones trap Unmade" technique? I just struggle to believe he could bind Odium or that merely having the idea would be enough to get the title.
  2. I agree with the general idea, I'm sure it would have helped for Nale to be both Herald and Knight. But technically we don't know he was the only one, he just wasn't aware of any others. I only mention it because my headcannon is that Taln was a Stoneward.
  3. Feruchemy. Incredible amount of practical capabilities and many of them subtle enough that people wouldn't know about my powers if I was careful.
  4. Are you thinking of Demoux? His wife is the terriswoman worldhopper I think.
  5. Personally I think Soulcasting metal to use for allomancy, then using a hack to power Soulcasting with Allomancy would result in a net loss. I have no real evidence for it though, it's just my opinion.
  6. Personally I am almost 100% sure he just arranged for someone to be killed and took their body. Manifesting one out of investiture seems overly complicated and I am not convinced the Kandra theory would work with a human CS. On the other hand, would Kel kill someone for personal gain, especially if he can justify it as being for a "greater good"? Absolutely.
  7. I agree with most of what you've said, an excellent summary! My main disagreement is here with Windrunners. Not in a million years do I see Kel swearing the 3rd Oath. But that's just my view. I also think the "builder" attribute of Willshapers isn't a negative. Knowing his weaknesses and surrounding himself with people, like Dockson, who offset those works for me. He "built" his crew.
  8. Whether or not a shard could be unsplintered and whether Dalinar could do it has been answered already so hopefully that helped. As to your points about narrative and Kaladin's possible progression, you may be right but many people disagree. Your original query was why it's such a popular theory and hopefully that's been answered
  9. Because we know it could happen, it would make sense narratively and we have seen what look like the beginnings of it already with Dalinar. Doesn't mean it will happen, but certainly explains why people think it might. As for Kaladin doing it, I personally doubt it. He is too narrow-minded and has shown no signs of becoming anything more than an excellent Windrunner.
  10. Just having told or telling lies is not enough to be a Lightweaver. They seem to need to be profound lies you tell to yourself about yourself, with the telling of Truths being a path to self-awareness. I realise it's all interpretation, but I feel like Kel is too self-aware to be a Lightweaver.
  11. Because there is no "Slytherin" order I can see but Hufflepuff accept anyone haha. Thats fine, I read your other posts and understand your point about Kel=Lightweaver. I just disagree.
  12. Of the orders we know reasonably well I can't see him in any of them. If forced to choose I'd go Dustbringer, mainly because I feel like Spark being angry enough to work against a Bondsmith is something Kell would understand. 2nd I'd go Willshaper as they seem the Hufflepuff of orders from what we known of them. I can't see him as a Lightweaver at all.
  13. This is, once again, your opinion. There is precisely one WoB I know of that mentions when Eshonai was replaced by Venli and it is ambiguous as to when it happened. It could have happened during the writing of Oathbringer, or it could have happened during the planning process for the entire series. Either way, Brandon switched it because he think Venli will make a better story. You may not like that storyline has worked out so far, but we haven't had Eshonai's flashbacks or much time on Venli. So the arc isn't over, even if it was a last minute change, which I personally doubt. You misunderstood. I was not querying what you said, others have already done that. I was simply pointing out another example of you stating your opinion as fact. We do not know anything about Eshonai/Venli's role in any future books or what was originally planned. So you saying we do is opinion, not fact. Name some. Name things he has spoiled, aside from Lift's survival. Since there are "many", I must have missed them all. I'll wait. Yes I do like WoR. And yes, Dalinar is my favourite character in SA. Word count =/= role in the story. Do I like Dalinar's PoV? Of course. Was I ok with less PoV if we see him through others' eyes and he has a large role? Also yes. And the last line in the above quote is exactly what people have been telling you about. You have stated as fact what people earlier in the thread have repeatedly shown is opinion. We know nothing about any characters roles in the back 5 and very little about the front 5. Dalinar will have a smaller role in 5 than 3, and smaller in 4 than 5. How much smaller each of those roles are we don't know. So please stop saying it as if you did. I am ducking out of this thread now, no headway is being made. @LerasiumMistborn, I'm sorry you feel the way you do about Dalinar's future, I hope that if you ever do decide to finish the series, you aren't too disappointed if you were wrong.
  14. This is an example of what people have been telling you. Was Eshonai set up as the "obvious" singer character? Yes. Does that mean she was "supposed to be the main character, but Sanderson changed his mind halfway through and just threw her away"? No. That is how you interpret it and thats fine, but it is not the only interpretation. Same with your views on Dalinar's future role. This is also skews information. We haven't seen the end result yet.
  15. Do we know this? I know pefect gems can be used to trap an Unmade, but I don't remember being told anywhere that Unmade are drawn to them . It seemed like Dalinar was the one the Thrill was drawn to, with the perfect gem merely being a tool.