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  1. Need more people
  2. So here’s a discussion topic what video game (we both listen to it so driving doesn’t always work out) can my brother and I play while listening to Oathbringer (ps4) we were thinking about playing Assassins Creed black flag because sailing for days on end while listening to the struggle for roshar sounds awesome? What do you do while listening? p.s. maybe I’m being ridiculous in asking this but I honestly can’t just listen to an audio book without doing something else lol
  3. Huh are these chapters going to be narrated by Michael Kramer and will they also be in Oathbringer?
  4. Vengeance!
  5. Audiobook! By Michael Kramer and Kate Reading... they're awesome
  6. We are sticks. We are sticks. We are Sticks. I am Groot
  7. Ooooh that'd be awesome
  8. Because the stick that was just a stick was not a stick and rather the thing everyone around it called a stick. It was actuallly a branch
  9. Either the Soulcaster itself or the gems it uses contains them (spren) so yes. I think that would be interesting
  10. Well we don't know what regular Soulcasters are yet, if they're a type of spren that sort of reverses the nahel Bond, by dragging a person further into shadesmar rather than have a spren be able to think more... I think they could be another type of spren. Perhaps related to the Radiants perhaps not
  11. @Extesian @Calderis Do we know if Larkin's can absorb all investiture or just Stormlight? If so they could take out even Nightblood...
  12. I used to think that spren were soulcasters the same way they were shardblades, but I'm pretty certain that is not the case now.
  13. Also do we know that's when the Death Rattles started?! Or is that just when they reemerged... Moellach woke up late perhaps..
  14. Curses! My bad... also @Calderis ignore my question rofl. Itd be cool if rotspren and painsprem could bond with the plague to make it much worse, well not good cool, but interesting.