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  1. If you use a definition nobody else is using you're being intentionally confusing. WoB isn't technically Canon either because he can change it if he wants. You're not helping your argument by saying, "Well the definition everybody understands isn't Canon." You're just making your argument badly.
  2. Practiced isn't Savantism. Savantism is a very specific condition. And it's pretty much an addiction mechanism. He may be practiced, but even then, I suspect he's pretty busy with his being wherever he's needed thing.
  3. He's not a Savant. There's no reason for him to be. He's not going to run around burning metals constantly. That's a lot of baggage to carry around and Hoid seems to be on the move constantly. Think about how much pewter was needed for a Pewter Drag.
  4. I would think the insides of a giant magical fire breathing beast would stand a good chance at being fatal, even for Hoid. That or they give him the ability to psychically speak with dragons via color and sensation(or something more cosmerish). After all, he is from Yolen, and that's what happened in The Pit Dragon Trilogy Jane Yolen wrote
  5. So... I honestly suspect having this conversation in depth would require a move to Cosmere Theories. Because Mistborn Secret History has some pretty specific pieces early on that confuse the issue, but we'd have to riddle the discussion with spoiler tags to talk about it here.
  6. My struggle is that the Stormfather has a clear identity that doesn't seem like Tanavast at all, before the bond he had no understanding of tragedy, no empathy, no suggestion he remembers being human at all, but does feel like Honor in his appreciation for Oaths and general personality. The Stormfather's personality just doesn't seem independent enough to have ever been human. And Brandon constantly refers to it as Honor's shadow.
  7. Isn't that about Sja-Anat? It's part of the same Desk Drawer section that talks about the Unmade.
  8. I'm not so sure Tanavast's cognitive shadow is the same as Honor/The almighty's. Tanavast was a man. Honor was a deity. A cognitive shadow is basically other people's understanding of a being, so Honor's cognitive shadow is people's idea of the Almighty. They have no concept of Tanavast, so I suspect there's little of Tanavast's identity involved in the Cognitive shadow.
  9. I don't see it going down like this at all. Dalinar's probably not going to survive to the back half of the trilogy and Odium is being set up as more than just the antagonist of Stormlight. Not to mention how terribly repetitive that would be.
  10. She specifically said Else calling back is really difficult. And Hoid knew exactly where she' d cross back. That suggests there was a reason she'd be there, in virtually the middle of nowhere, seemingly not even by a water source. It really sounds like she used a perpendicularity to cross over rather than Elsecalling.
  11. Understandable. It's a really unique contradiction that the other orders don't seem to have.
  12. Because Wisdom isn't exactly Hoid's strong suite. Lying on the other hand. That's his bag. Not to mention Lightweavers have an easier path to follow than other orders as far as sticking to their oaths. Their path is one of self-understanding. Wit's free to explore who he is, at his age he' s unlikely to massively change. Lightweavers oaths are not lies. They're absolute truths about a person they can no longer deny. If he went for Elsecaller he'd have to devote himself to a search for Wisdom. We don't know what those oaths are, but I imagine they involve a lot of time spent studying that Hoid has to spend travelling to where he's needed and working that out.
  13. Exceptional among the Listeners. But like the other Radiants, there will be hundreds of others among the Singers.
  14. There was a big discussion on this a few days ago. I suspect it was more Odium betraying the Humans he brought to Roshar in creating the Fused than Honor betraying the Singers. The Fused were the Kings of the Singers at the time the Heralds crossed. If they were suddenly suffused with Odium's hate they could easily see Honor not siding with them as a betrayal. ~5 Millenia of the Telephone game later what people believe is bound to be twisted.
  15. Elhokar was in his early-mid twenties when his father died. "The End" seems to have started for Gavilar before the Great Shell hunts. The first suggestion is the flashback where Adolin was born. Not only does Gavilar talk about Uniting Alethkar a whole lot, but he says, "Words are Important." and talks about missing when people were Radiant. That was ~23 years before Way of Kings, 17 years before his death. I suspect he'd already started having the visions by then, but wasn't truly the kind of man to become a Radiant. Strength before Weakness is not the Alethi way. Jasnah had just struggled with her "Lunacy" which may have been the first steps towards her Radiance. Elhokar was 6 or 7 at this point. Old enough to remember his father dueling, but also seeing his father change. Even the flashback before that has Gavilar talking about the need for unity when he tells Dalinar about the Rift rebelling. Dalinar didn't become a Radiant until he'd moved on from Uniting Alethkar and towards preparing for a desolation, something Gavilar never really did. His approach was to create more conflict not less.
  16. Yep. And I suspect they'll get fed up with the Fused body-snatching them pretty quickly once the reality is figured out en masse. But we run into the problem we saw with Eshonai. The forms of power seem to invalidate choice on some level. They truly change the Singers into a different person. Eshonai would have fought her way out of that eventually from what the Fused and that Spren said. But it's hard to say how that will resolve.
  17. Nah. Taravangian is the lynch pin, but he doesn't understand how. He thinks it's the intelligence. But it's the stupid days where his empathy is highest that will matter in the end. (I think he's being groomed to hold the Passion Shard.) (All 3 of the Nightwatcher's tools are important. Lift and Dalinar will also be key to the final conflict.)
  18. Smarter with what we know. Not necessarily smarter with what they were told. They didn't learn it was even possible until the final desolation and good people don't usually experiment with the fate of a planet's population on the line. Beyond that, we're not going to see the story end in justified genocide. A large portion of the point and tone is that genocidal wars aren't the answer. So of course there will be a deal with the singers. Odium and the Fused are the problem. The fused need to be given their rest. They've been destroyed by immortality as much as the heralds have, but were more hostile to begin with(likely due to Odium's influence on their minds). I would guess they'll end up released by whoever takes up Passion after Rayse is dealt with,or that by sending him away his influence will wain and he'll become a more cosmere-wide problem again.
  19. They were warned it could have disastrous consequences. I suspect the Everstorm was that consequence. And there was a level of pain sharing that somehow mitigated the torture. The Stormfather mentions this in OathBringer. The Everstorm is described as pent up energy, energy that had been building. Likely because no forms of power or Fused were running around using said power. I suspect it could have been fashioned long before it was, but the destruction of the Singer intelligence forestalled it for a long long time. But now that it's here, the Everstorm has invalidated the Oathpact, forcing a final conflict with a semi-neverending army of fused.
  20. There's some major differences in someone's self perception involved. Let's look at 4 potential categories. A: Someone with poor vision. B: Someone with poor vision who uses corrective lenses. C: Someone who became blind at an earlier point int heir life and has lived that way. D: Someone who was born blind. 3 of these people are highly unlikely to have their vision change from stormlight. A, C, & D. Person B lives most of their life seeing as if they didn't have an impairment. So that's there self image. Person C might regain their vision. Persons A and D are highly unlikely to change. Lopen regained his arm because of something called Phantom Limb syndrome. A lot of people who lose a limb never fully accept the loss in the subconscious. They'll feel it long after it's gone. And Lopen is a little goofy in general where his self image is concerned. Point being, Renarin experienced life as if he had good vision, so his self image was as someone who could see. When he had his glasses off he didn't feel like himself. Much like how my wife will panic without her glasses.
  21. My understanding is very very slowly disintegrating, but it's not really clear.
  22. That seems wrong. Where's the 3 or 4 storms constantly circling from? They seem to cover the whole continent in less than a day and Roshar is the only major continent. With them hitting every few days it doesn't make sense to have multiple storms(barring the addition of the Everstorm). The continent looks to be in the Southern Hemisphere. And looks to be at least a third of the planet's horizontal circumference.
  23. I think generally speaking they naturally just give in when it's time, given what we've seen. Especially given how vital a resource the Soulcasters are, I imagine they're otherwise given a pretty easy life with a lot of bonuses.
  24. Even the cheek isn't as vital as say, into her lung. It's a really survivable loss, just annoying and discomforting.
  25. In OathBringer they're looking for a perpendicularity when trapped in Shadesmar. They see the storm, but it doesn't manifest in a way that let's them travel the realms like a perpendicularity would. It's just lights in the sky. Storms don't act like other perpendicularities we've seen at all. And they're older than the shattering of Adonalsium. Yet even before Honor rode the winds the storms were assumedly dropping off stormlight.