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  1. sa 4

    I imagine the Coalition probably didn't do much in Herdaz. They probably provided supplies and the like as best they could, but they were in shambles after OathBringer and Herdaz isn't strategically necessary. They discussed that somewhere in OathBringer. Herdaz would be the next probable target of Alethi aggression so it was too predictable a move. But it sounds like the Listeners kind of followed that logic. They took Alethkar and went for the next likely target. Funneling supplies to fuel the Herdazian rebels as a distraction is a tried and true military strategy. The US does it all the time.
  2. Over longer ranges. But it depends a lot on the rifling and the mass of what you're firing. This wouldn't be a long range thing, it can't be with a Shotgun slug.
  3. Maybe. Sort of. Depending how her genetics lined up. The Red Hair part could have nothing to do with being part Singer. I think we'd know if she had some of the more overt features.
  4. I'd like to see what I'm going to call a Punch gun. It's got two barrels that go off of a single trigger pull. The top barrel is a high caliber supersonic round designed to shatter shardplate(Heavy with lots of mushrooming to spread the force. . The second is a subsonic round(possibly a shotgun slug for a lot of stopping power) meant to kill. That bullet shoots first, and the gun would have to be designed to have minimal recoil off that shot. The second bullet fires so that it will leave the barrel shortly after the other. Its greater speed would have it impacting first, but both bullets would hit similar locations, allowing you to shatter the shardplate followed by an immediate lethal followup.
  5. That wouldn't surprise me in the least. We don't know what a Radiant Lifespan even looks like with the constant regeneration and virtual immunity to disease/poison. We've seen many many displays of long livedness related to investiture and we know Odium was giving them surgebinding when they arrived. (I do suspect that Odium had an easy time manipulating the Listeners and that could have pushed a war, but I doubt it happened without a number of intervening generations. Enough time where most of society had kind of settled in. But now I'm wondering if Shallash wasn't "The Girl who looked up."
  6. Or most Shardplate is natively Slate but not all. 10 orders could give 10 shades of gray/metallic. It's... Always struck me as odd that like, Helaran would paint his plate. Given the expense involved when using it, it just seems bizarre.
  7. That would imply people were only in Shinovar for a really short amount of time, a century or less, and I'd guess their population wasn't nearly high enough to spread out the way they have when they first came to Roshar. Language changes pretty rapidly. A couple hundred years would have allowed a great deal of influence between the languages.
  8. Sure, but we're talking further back than even that. They would have had a comingling that became the Dawnchant, then spread out from there with the human Diaspora. We're talking a long long time ago when the societies first intermingled, not when they later split off.
  9. I would think we have to look at The Girl who Looked Up as well, if nothing else. The Eila Steele takes place before then, and its clearly a metaphor for humanity leaving the area they were given. As far as language goes, languages blend. How many words have been added to the English language from others? We have latin and greek words intermingled with languages from around the world. So both languages would have started picking up pieces from eachother. We'd almost need to look at the similarities and figure out which ones came from which part, more than anything else.
  10. Taco Bell Meat, Rice, and a dark sauce in a Thicker fluffier Burrito Wrap.
  11. Yep, and it makes me hate the Vedans. Mink Skin coat makes sense for actual Mink. My Great Grandpa farmed Mink. But cat fur cloaks are nightmares.
  12. I can see some Beef Sashimi on a crab roll with maybe a spicy red sauce being fantastic. I should talk to the local sushi shef....
  13. Spoilers for Anthem, Edgedancer, and Stormlight as a whole, but nothing major. So, I've been following this game loosely for a while. And it's always had a vaguely Sandersonesque feel. The world is "Half completed" and abandoned by some kind of deific space tech entities, which have always really reminded me of Shards. The game itself is best described as Destiny meets Mass Effect meets Iron Man on a core level. But let's get into some crazy parallels here. Parallel 1: The Map. It's got a bunch of guys in fancy armor nobody really understands and almost nobody can make flying through enormous canyons. This is minor. But it creates a specific feel. Parallel 2: Giant Storms. The game was inspired by hurricanes. There's events called Shaper Storms that sound like they're going to cover the map. They posit a real world inspiration for this, but it's another parallel, and one that's getting pretty close. Parallel 3: All right. Time for the bigger stuff. Cymatics. This is a quote from one of the game's developers, in regards to what the Anthem is. "I can answer that! So we call it the sub woofer of doom internally. :smiley: But yea the thought is that the anthem is based around sound and cymatics. I guess based is a strong word. So having that weird amplitude to it and the energy coming off of it plays into that. We aren't going to try and explain things as in this world it's just kinda like the way a lot of things are and it's kind of so above our level of understanding as humans we can't wrap our mind around a lot of it. But yes a lot of the visual language we have for that kind of thing is based off of CymaticsI" Yep. The giant powerful artifact that made the world full of crazy canyons. The same principle that made the Dawn Cities. That's super specific. Cymatics are not a commonly used trope. Parallel 4: Now it's getting silly. Uhuh, you read that right. One of the game's main antagonists are humanoid looking beings made up of swarms of insects. I'm not saying that's an incredibly original idea, but we're looking at 4 defining features of the Stormlight Archive all in one place. Granted, nothing in game really feels like they're an insect swarm, but that's even more suspicious. Technically there's more. Giant Crab things. Hovery Space Wizards. The fact the development started just a couple years after the Way of Kings. It really feels like Stormlight played a huge role in defining this game. Not to the point I feel they're doing anything wrong. More, it excites me to think the developers of a game I enjoy are taking inspiration from things I enjoy. Edit: Oh... Also there's this group called the Legion of Dawn. Which... Dawnsingers, Dawnshards, Etc.
  14. Kalad. Kalad's Phantom's. The Arda and the Ardentia. It's really starting to sound like there's a cultural root between Roshar and Nalthis. Or Brandon let some things seep in, but typically that hasn't been the case.
  15. Cue best old Han Solo voice(which is also exactly how Teft sounds). "That's not how the bond works." She's over 4500 years old. The things that defined her thousands of years ago don't apply at all. I'm not the same person I was 5 years ago. Or last year. Let alone having 4500 years of guilt, self loathing, and mental illness to grapple with. And the bond doesn't fix anything. Teft, Kal, and Shallan show that with incredible clarity.