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  1. Yeah. The search for Radiance is the search for self improvement. Elsecallers just have a more inwardly bent version than others. It even holds that Radiants have light eyes and that the caste system is based on that. I suspect it was founded initially to try to entice the Spren back after the recreance. Later records were tweaked to rewrite Vorinism into something older and bigger.
  2. My wife gets a little frustrated when my two little brothers and I get together. Lots of Sanderson talk, arguments about physics, and playing of board games. She likes 0 of these things.
  3. I still think that's his actual Third Ideal. The timing on everything is so off that I think Brandon's pulling a fast one. Like... Why would the "These words are accpeted" come so late.
  4. I suspect Dalinar will move through them fastest. He's the oldest of the radiants we see often, and has probably the least change left in him. His progression kind of needs to be the fastest. Shallan will likely take a lot longer.
  5. It means someone doesn't want to date or have sex. We all have dozens of friends like that. Most of us have them across the gender spectrum. We hang out with them. Play games with them. Give gifts to them. Some are as close as family. But no candle-light dinners or sexual contact. Brandon's Writing Excuses Podcast touched on this a couple weeks ago if you want a more in depth look.
  6. Skybreakers are about finding a way to remove personal judgement from the discussion of right or wrong. Follow a man. Follow a set of laws. Follow an ideology. You could literally have a Skybreaker swear to follow WWJD(What Would Jesus Do). I'm not sure how it would pan out, but it's an external guide.
  7. We haven't even seen him swear the first Oath yet. I can't see the Oath not being sworn at least partially on screen. Think about the way Teft was handled.
  8. Women don't dress up for sex. They dress up to show they speak the language of fashion. Jasnah has to speak that language well because she's defying custom. In order to be respected while a heretic she has to be perfect at pretty much everything else. It has nothing to do with her sexuality or lack thereof. The rest of your point is bad stereotyping.
  9. I think you could twist those in every direction to make them fit. Shallan may shine a light on people, but she also does shadowy spy stuff. If you gave Windrunners her Powers you could talk about how Giving people the resources they need to succeed is the soul of good leadership. How he transformed Bridge 4. How he showed them the light in their dark situation.
  10. I'm still thinking Rock will end up a Bondsmith. Nothing brings people together like Stew. (Remember that Stonewards are basically the Radiant Infantry.)
  11. I'm more talking in the meta-sense. If I were Brandon I'd be designing the system in a way where the orders follow a pattern. Given the surges don't, I'd think he'd start with the Oaths and meanings. And it's a lot easier to make a consistent feeling list like that with opposites than it is not. From there he ordered the powers in a way that created interesting capability dynamics.
  12. I don't think its ordered by surges. I think the surges were basically dropped on top of the table. Like, they came second, largely arbitrarily. Because there is an order to the ideals. You can see that the orders related to the self are clustered(lightweaver, Elsecaller, Willshaper), as are the scholarly orders(Lightweaver, elsecaller, truthwatcher) and martial orders(Stoneward-Dustbringer, minus Bondsmith's who are generally leaders in charge of those orders while the other orders seem to have been more independent and mobile in their purposes, travelling Scholars, Regional Edgedancers, Willshapers building stuff, etc.)
  13. I think the orders started from their ideals and Spren types. The surges are more or less random in order. What does Gravity have to do with honor or law? Why aren't Cohesion and Division next to eachother? What does Growth have to do with The Truth?
  14. With the new information about the orders I got to thinking about how odd it is that Windrunners(Honor Spren) and Edgedancers(Cultivation Spren) aren't opposite one another with the other orders rnning a spectrum from cultivating orders to honorable orders. And that got me thinking about whether or not Windrunners and Lightweavers semi-opposite relationship isn't reflected in the other orders. I think they are. Let's look at the pairings. Windrunners have Honor Spren. They focus on protecting others and leadership. Their motivations are external and about their own actions. But we can see the biggest difference here in Cryptics and Honor Spren. Lies and Honor. Now we rotate a step. Skybreakers and Elsecallers. This one is much more pronounced. Skybreakers are about erasure of the self. They make no decisions, they swear to an external code, while Elsecallers are about the perfection of the self. They seek to be the best version of themself. Another step and we have Dustbringers vs Willshapers. Dustbringers embody With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility. They're focused on absolute discipline and self sacrifice. Willshapers are focused on personal freedom and increasing the freedom of others. In a sense this is very similar to Elsecallers and Skybreakers. Next Up, Edgedancers and Stonewards. We don't know much about Stonewards. They're an odd order but they're described as very martial. Edgedancers are healers, they're their for the forgotten and underprivileged. They embody the difference between Kaladin's Kill to Protect and Lyrin's you cannot kill to protect. I think this is probably the weakest adversarial relationship. And the last dichotomy is likely the most important. Bondsmith's and Truthwatchers. Bondsmith's value unity. Truthwatchers value Truth. We can see this dichotomy everywhere. Governments have a terrible time with transparency. Leaders have to know things most people don't. But without oversight this can get skewed. Bondsmiths have to walk the boarder between Tyrant and Leader. We can see how Dalinar's attempts to unify have been dishonest and hidden things. We can see how he's been outed and how the Truth destroyed Unity. But how important that Truth was is also evident. And so I finally understand why Bondsmith's and Truthwatchers occupy that central space among the orders. They both are needed for good leadership. You need unity, but that unity has to come with oversight.
  15. This is actually one of the more confusing parts about the series. Like, we know there's a lot of High Spren now. But the Spren Civilizations basically went through a Desolation with the Recreance. Pattern talks about there not being many Cryptics who remember when the Radiants were around because they were all killed. And that's raises a lot of questions. Were there just a few hundred Spren that would cross over and the rest just stayed behind? No retirement. No rotation? Or did most Radiants break their oaths and kill their Spren at some point? And if so, what happened to the Shards?