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  1. I suspect The 4th Bridge is going to be attacked and the Windrunners will have to go. Things will get bad. Kal might swear the 4th oath back at camp as he realizes what he needed and then save the day.
  2. I wouldn't relate DID to neurology. It's a trauma response, which can rewire things, but generally when we talk about Neurotypical we're referring to things with a more genetic origin. Autism and ADHD and the like, where they're a function of how a person's brain is rather than a response to later changes. Shallan will always have a trauma history, that may have lifelong impacts. But it's a different set of terminology.
  3. I'm liking my Rock will be a Bondsmith theory even more after this chapter.
  4. Doubtful. It flies in the face of the system and leaves him in a stagnant spot. Kaladin is the face of Radiance for the first half, our guide in. Him aborting that arc would really mess with the structure. Beyond that, the oath isn't wrong. We can see what he struggles with. His failures. He can't move on from Toen or Elhokar or anybody else he's let die. And you can't live a healthy life obsessing over your failures. Kal has to learn what Dalinar did, but in a different way. That's the oath. It's not wrong. It's just hard as hell to live up to. We haven't finished the finale part either. There will be more.
  5. It strikes me more that this is putting things in a position where Kaladin will be swearing the Fourth Oath sooner than later. We know Part 1 is basically the finale of the hidden drawn out year of war. It makes sense that Kal gets a big finale moment towards the end of part 1 and then we get to see the fallout from that for the rest of the book.
  6. This is flawed. Part of the idea is that A: They're outnumbered by the fused so this amounts to picking the best ground in a hopeless fight already, 300 style. B: It doesn't accommodate the odds of surviving a loss, which is the goal here, don't die, complete battle objectives, use Stormlight to get back in the fight sooner. C: Being any kind of soldier is stupidly dangerous. 35% survival over the course of a year of constant fighting is better than pretty much anything in history.
  7. No but she had illusions running and never tied them to anything so she likely had hidden her glow under those anyway.
  8. I think Suicide. Likely intended to take Shallan who she believed to be an assassin with her via poisoned drinks. Possibly in some kind of failed Princess Bride attempt. But I can see believing it to be murder to be a great red herring.
  9. The Grand Indightment of Beurocracy The Grand Infinitum of Boredumb
  10. I think the Scadralian Fabrials are a stronger connection point.
  11. I would think those operate more like a gas pedal and a brake. They likely regulate stormlight flow or something along those lines. Maybe increasing energy efficiency. The correlation won't be as direct as making what the fabrial does recreate allomancy. More allegorical. You'd have to try to correlate between Allomancy and Feruchemy too.
  12. They're so interlinked their nobility almost certainly are. In addition the metaphors she uses seem very similar to Vasher's and Azure's.
  13. Brain development is involved in decision making and how someone processes life decisions. It's fairly easy to accidentally manipulate a romantic partner whose mind has not fully developed and crossing that barrier by more than a few years can get very messy. There's a reason over the last 30 years(and really most of human history) the lines of adulthood have been creeping ever later. My parents could drink at 18. Smoking just shifted up to 21 in the US as well. Car insurance rates drop after 25 or so because statistics show people become safer drivers around then.
  14. Not Evi. Her people.
  15. It feels very in line with the lighting for his blonde hair to be washed out some. But hell, it could be a fashion thing and he went Platinum blonde. Or he's been strained and the color left his hair. Or the connection between Nalthis and his mother's lineage is made apparent and he learns to change his blonde hair color.