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  1. Which ones?
  2. I'm not sure that disproves anything yet. It disproves the Renarin part but the rest can be language shifting over time. My dad's name is Michael and that means "Who is like God" But it has other linguistic origins.
  3. On the topic of Brandon Words I've been using Gibbletish regularly since I read WoK.
  4. So , I was listening to the audiobook today and I got to Chapter 94. In the Epigraph Kalak mentions knowing the truth of the Nahel Spren. I think it breaks up as Nah El bond. Nah is something like "of" if I'm remembering right from Renarin's name. I think the bond is of El. He found a way to convince the Spren to bond humans. There's more, I'm not sure how or what it is. But there's something there.
  5. That was part of my thought process. But why would he be 16? Not 10. And why would Ishar have lied about killing him? I suspect he's from Ashyn. Someone that's managed immortality without being a Herald maybe. But someone that knows a whole lot.
  6. She's the blind one. Also Otherland is one of the most relevant and accurate Sci-Fi works of the 90's/2000's. So many things right about internet culture.
  7. This is a real thing. You can go essentially psychologically blind. Your brain reacts an overpowering stimulus by shutting off your ability to see. Your eyes work. Your nerves work. Your brain doesn't process it. And because it's a mental thing, not a physical one Stormlight has nothing to do with it. The last fictional character I came across that referenced this was Martine from Tad William's Otherland.
  8. His Boon and Curse are likely gone. Or at least not really relevant anymore.
  9. It feels inconsistent to have the same Spren be able to materialize as two different physical substances. I can see intent being involved, but it should still be the same metal every time a Spren manifests. There's weirdness there that I'm on the fence on.
  10. Not sure I like that. It says weird things about old Fabrials. Can you sharpen a part of a Soulcaster and cut someone with it? That seems off. Maybe Shardblades are a different manifestation than other Fabrials, but that's odd and uncomfortable in the sense that there's two different metals from the same spren.
  11. Renarin has a shardblade? He has since early OathBringer. We haven't seen anything off about it so far. But I suspect Shardblades are not a God metal so much as just solid investiture. Otherwise the Fused would be able to convince Voidspren to manifest as Raysium. But instead they said Raysium is quite rare and hard to find.
  12. This was my assumption. A sleepless letting their cover drop to make contact. We know they've been watching.
  13. I don't think Dalinar under Odium is interesting. It's a betrayal of his arc and all the wonderful work Brandon did humanizing his trauma. But Kaladin dying and having Syl with a new Radiant in the back half has a ton of potential. Dalinar doesn't have to make it either. And Kaladin's noble sacrifice fits his arc, even though I don't want to see him die. Shallan is likely being set up as our World hopper. If she loses Adolin she becomes untethered from Roshar pretty well, especially if there's a little princesseling she wants to free from Kholin expectations. Either way we're going to hit a trajectory where there's peace and harmony leading into the back half and Navani has to live for that to happen. Possibly
  14. The ending has to reflect how we're supposed to feel at the beginning of the back half(at least if you want to avoid a Starwarsesque backlash). And that's supposed to be wondrous. That doesn't mean their won't be costs. But losses don't make an ending sad. People need to differentiate between an ending that moves the world forward in a happy way and saccharine endings where nothing has consequence and the good guys win effortlessly. It's going to be an ending with hope for the future of Roshar and the major conflicts resolved. The Cold War thing is Not an Age of Legends. Age of Legends is a specific call to a time of peace, prosperity, and wonder in the Wheel of Time. It's an idyllic Utopian thing. Not just a magi-tech revolution. It falls apart into madness eventually because of arrogance and over-reach but it's not going to be a cold war with Odium or anyone else. That wouldn't be an Age of Legends.
  15. Yeah. It kind of has to given we're getting an Age of Legends by the time the back half hits. So we get a good ending, a magi-technological revolution, and then a new conflict arises out of that in the back half.