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Name: Alwyn

Abilities: Feruchemical Zinc, Allomantic Steel, approx. 750 breaths, In-depth Knowledge of Aons and modifiers (although lacks the ability to use them) and a limited understanding of Fabrials

Age: 137 (Appears 25)

Planet: Nalthis (Formerly Scadrial) 

Appearance: 6’2”, thin build, slightly flat-footed with close-cut, dark brown hair. Green eyes covered by large (unnecessary) spectacles. Wears dark colours often with a dark brown coat to the knees and a long red scarf.

Weaknesses: Limited skill with steelpushing (has great finesse with small objects, to the point which they can hover in mid-air, however, cannot balance while steelpushing himself)

Backstory: Born to a Terris Breeding mother and the minor Nobleman guard assigned to her, Alwyn was intended to be a Terris steward, however, manifested Allomantic Steel abilities the night of his gelding, killing the surgeons out of fear. During the chaos, Alwyn was saved by older sister (Iona) and escaped the Breeding Houses. Through some extreme circumstances, both Alwyn and Iona were taken to Nalthis by a Nalthian Worldhopper (Hansi) as curiosities as Iona had manifested full Feruchemical powers and Alwyn had been shown to use Feruchemical Zinc.

Having moved to Nalthis both children began working as apprentices in Hansi’s shop which specialised in artisanal pieces and “hard to find” artifice. After some time, it was discovered that Alwyn and Iona both had a talent for creation with Iona specialising in grand automata capable of understanding fairly complex orders whereas Alwyn focused more on human pieces designed to be worn with simple yet revolutionary commands. Due to their gifts, both became well known in T’Telir with some people going so far as to use their breaths as payment for these revolutionary pieces. By the age of 25, Alwyn and Iona had both achieved the 5thHeightening through payment from generous clients.

After 100 or so years Iona met a young man and became infatuated with him and they soon became married. Not having enough breaths to grant her husband Agelessness too Iona gave up her breaths to the 3rdHeightening to be with her husband and young child. Not being able to cope with the idea of living on without his sister Alwyn lowered himself to the 3rd heightening as well. Through many travels, Alwyn gained knowledge of both Aons and Fabrials and began incorporating them into his designs.

Finally having been approached by a strange figure with white hair and grey-tinged skin Alwyn left the shop in T’Telir to join The Craftsmen to hone his skills.