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  1. It's possible but requires the ninth heightening to awaken stone or metal like Nightblood
  2. Pretty sure one of them is going to be Survival
  3. All my favourite ones are Killed when I post them by either being already a thing or someone has more obscure knowledge than me
  4. It's possible but the spelling in the book is Eila Stele, not to mention it's mentioned to be a Listener who wrote this as it seems weird that a worldhopper would feel the need to comment as he would have come from a world where no carapace is normal and it'd be hard to impersonate a listener anyway as-as far as we know you can't access the rhythms if your not a Listener
  5. I don't know how relevant it is but the story of Fleet in the second book always seemed quite poignant
  6. @Yata has that ever been explicitly said? @RShara I know what you mean, but I can’t help but feel like it’s perfect timing for Brandon to have a Ladrian heir especially as Steris made such a big deal in her contract about them needing an heir. In my opinion she will be at the very least pregnant as it feels like it would fit the pace of the story of Wax and Steris AoL: Courting SoS: Engagement BoM:Marriage TLM:Children
  7. I wanna see how Feruchemy manifests. Also from what Brandon said in a recent WOB is that the first scene of Lost Metal is set a couple years after the last one with Marasi and Wayne doing the whole crime solving thing as wax has apparently retired for “a thing” that thing seems like a Little baby Ladrian, can’t wait to see this child snap, and then possibly manifest Feruchemical powers. The more mechanics we learn about the Metallic Arts the more exciting they become. Ill be very interested to see how the southern continents tech will impact the world as well as how in Alloy it’s stated that the Terris are looking for the Terris homeland again and how a frozen hostile land is paradise to them. Sounds like the Village is moving down under!!
  8. So having read some WOBs and I’ve been becoming more and more certain that Wax and Steris’s child/ren will appear in The Lost Metal. So my question is do people think that this will happen? and if so how will this effect Wax and his character? Sidenote: I believe this is how we will find out how we will find out how Snapping was changed by Harmony
  9. For some reason, I go straight to thinking that it should be an awakened tin earring. Kinda like an AI helper e.g. Jarvis or Friday
  10. Who knows it may come up as a sport or something in era 3. Low weight hangliding
  11. After listening to the Audiobooks I can't get Aussie/Cockney Wayne out of my head
  12. Fair point, it is quite unlikely that the double bond thing is the case as it seems Hoid probably wouldn’t waste his time getting 2 spren as he appears to be after a bit of each investiture type so 2 Nahel bonds is a bit redundant. Either way I just wanted this theory on record just in case this theory comes true. Thanks for the sources and debate. This has been fun
  13. Time travel was never really a plausible theory because it never seemed Brandon’s style but in a series where people’s eyes literally glow I think it unlikely that it’s just a turn of phrase
  14. Even if the raft isn’t a spren it still doesn’t explain the glowing eyes
  15. Why no to the second point? Do you have evidence or just a gut feeling?