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  1. First, Surgebinders having gemhearts is RAFO, and not very likely. Second, Nale is damnation Herald, Connected to Honor. Even after Tanavast death, he can probably still draw directly from Honor power. About regular KR of Fifth Ideal having access to Stormlight without spheres, I think that's great idea.
  2. But it's no longer about Adolin, it's now about who is RIGHT! Contest, rivalisation! ODIUM! Seriously though, I agree with everything you said. I won't answer to next quotes, as it is pretty pointless now.
  3. Shallan was "talking" to Cognitive aspect of stick. I recommend you read Emperor's Soul if you haven't already - it's my favorite Sanderson' book and it explains this stuff better than me. Spren are Investiture given shape by human conscience and perception. They are drawn to certain ideas, they represent certain ideas but it's not like some kind of Stickspren exist - Shallan was talking to Stick' mind, and everything has a mind in Cosmere, even noninvested and inanimate things.
  4. Questioner Why have we not seen strong emotions like love or hatespren? Brandon Sanderson So. *pause* That's a good question, it actually is something I've considered a lot. Spren, it's hard to explain, but I'm going to try and vocalize it. It's partially that s-- that emotions that are like that are so individual to each person that you can't as easily create an identity for the Rosharans in their collective unconscious, if that makes sense? That they're just so-- and they're so ubiquitous that it didn't end up working the right way. That doesn't mean that they don't exist, but it's just not the same sort of ubiquity of some of the other ones. And I treat spren like races. Of animals. It's like saying "Well why didn't an animal grow that looks like a cat but has floppy ears?" or something like that. Well it just didn't happen, right? The organic nature of it-- There's no reason it couldn't have happened, and maybe you say "That's a fox, Brandon" but there's certain creatures that could have grown in our world that didn't and it's kind of a mixture between those two things. I kind of had to decide I didn't want a spren for everything for those reasons. And I wanted some spren to be really, really rare. And so you might see like a lovespren, but it doesn't pop out for puppy love, does that make sense? Or you might feel it, but there are none of those in the Cognitive Realm nearby, so they just don't show up.
  5. Ok, seems I was kind of wrong about snapping? Up to your interpretation. Questioner So there’s Snapping on Scadrial, where an event happens and then you can use the magic. Is there something like Snapping on Roshar, where... Brandon Sanderson Yes and no. They’re working under the same sort of assumption, the spren are just looking for a specific thing that is similar to what Snapping does.
  6. Soulcasting works by changing Cognitive aspect of object. That is not the same as transforming spren. Not every object has an spren, no matter what Rosharans think. Basic mechanics of magic in whole cosmere are the same. Every positive-end magic system requires snapping before u can access the power. Allomantic snapping is just the same thing as Surgebinders' one, Surgebinders having to follow Ideals are different thing.
  7. 1. I think we can stop at this place, as you will probably shrug any example with "this isn't IMO personal enough" 2. It is the same thing.
  8. Oh, come on. There are PLENTY of situations in first two tomes when he acts following Ideals of Edgedancers. You know, like him defending prostitute in Sadeas' camp? Or remembering the names of his whole personal guard? He cares for his soldiers and his people, and I don't really see what he has in common with Stonewards. Also, he may be broken. Check scene when he kills Sadeas. You do not need to survive tragedy or physical pain to be Snapped.
  9. Shallan is my favourite character since Book 1. Unluckily, character writing was pretty poor in Oathbringer - Shallan, Jasnah, Amaram, even damnation Kaladin - they all suffer from bad character development so much. I think you missed a point - her bad jokes were written to show, that she's acting unnaturally, forcing herself to be funny - and they are compulsion from times, when her jokes where only source of happiness for her. She's still IMO most interesting female character Sanderson ever wrote and I love her backstory. But I'm the guy who loved Sazed crippling deppresion interludes in Mistborn too, so you've got the idea.
  10. *me reads the title* Omae wa mou shindeiru *flies away*
  11. Questioner I wanted to ask, is the Shardbearer [Vessel] of Odium a human? Brandon Sanderson Not any longer. Questioner Ok, that's... I didn't expect that one. Brandon Sanderson But what the answer to your question you really want to know is, was he originally human? Questioner Yeah. Brandon Sanderson Yes. That's a good question! But I don't think he counts anymore. I think that it's pretty safe to say that Odium can be referred to as 'Broken One' in this case. It's certainly not Honor, as Honor is dead, and Cultivation doesn't really fit. She's hiding.
  12. Plot twist: Odium was part of Adonalsium which goal was to take humanity darkest feelings away from them, thus his 'voidish' theme and seizing emotions. And Rayse is the secret hero who is trying not to allow anybody recreate Adonalsium, because Adonalsium got totally crapped up in the end.
  13. theory

    I think true spren was bonding with Singers at some point, thus songs about betrayal of spren and stuff.
  14. Number of Breaths used in Awakening isn't proportional to power of Awakening. Awakening which uses more Breaths will not necessarily be more powerful than one using less Breaths.
  15. 1st Oath: "Life before death, strength before weakness, journey before destination." 2nd Oath: " I will unite instead of divide [...]" 3rd Oath: "I will take responsibility for what I've done" 4th Oath: "If I am to fall, I will rise each time as a better man" 5th Oath: "I am Unity" How I understood it.