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  1. Must metals be ingested to burn? Or do they only have to be inside the body? When I first read the Era 1 Mistborn series I thought about this when learning about the Steel Inquisitors. Can they burn part of the spikes penetrating their bodies in an emergency? If so, I imagine relying on the spikes as a source to fuel allomancy would eventually wear/waste them away.
  2. I was reading through topics regarding lurcher abilities like slingshotting bullets and the like. What about a lurcher firing a gun and curving bullets or making them act as metal boomerangs to catch enemies from behind? I don't know how hard it would be to "catch" a bullet once it fires. Would you be pulled toward it because it's moving so fast? Would it move away too fast to catch? What would the distance limit be to affect a bullet's trajectory? Any thoughts?
  3. I am very new to this community although not new to the works of Brandon Sanderson. I was listening to Shadows of Self yet again, and a thought came to me. A skimmer would have to be the hardest person to drown. They could always decrease their weight to that of air or lighter and float like an inflated bag. They would never drown, even if weighted down with mafia cement shoes. Since reading of when Sazed floated down into the Inquisitors' HQ with Marsh back in the first trilogy I have always had one hilarious thought about the skimming ability. It is that of someone completely naked slowly flying/floating around like a miniature blimp with a small handheld fan propelling them. I believe it would genuinely grant the ability of flight but a very hilarious and not too glamorous version of it. This flying idea was demonstrated by the flying machines in Bands of Mourning. I'm curious to know that if the skimming ability were present in a modern era with modern tech, could a lightweight jet pack of sorts be made for only skimmers could use? Or even a modern 4+ prop drone they could ride? I'm curious to know what others think of these ideas. If I'm late to the discussion regarding the ideas of skimmers and how their weightlessness could be used in such ways please direct me to the appropriate threads.