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  1. You have earned your title Also!!! Shallan Welcome to Nightvale
  2. Beautiful
  3. The more you know
  4. So the world is ending because 5 chick's and 4 guys stabbed a rock
  5. To waste time Effectively speeds up time around an area similar to speed bubbles in Mistborn
  6. Pretty sure one of them is a chick The Lightweaver I think
  7. It makes just as much sense as if it was a shard blade He didn't like it because of the proverbial blood on it, not because of the screaming Also to The one who connects, I never said atom splitting, only the vague word destruction
  8. But in the Ars Arcarnum it says division is the surge of destruction WoR Ars Arcarnum
  9. Oops
  10. theory

    Voidbinding can see the future, its why its taboo. So is Glys a Voidspren sent by odium or is renarin being posessed by Odium, who knows...
  11. Check out the Coppermind on Heleran, it is under trivia
  12. when i said black hole, star flare etc, I know you'd die Also i mean *practically* infinite
  13. When did i say it was cosmere?
  14. Oh another thing, my thoughts are that maybe Heleran killed his Spren hence sphere fulled shardblade