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  1. He's an agent of Harmony now. He definitely knows Kelsier survived. I think he's one of Harmony's back-up plans. Should things go wildly out of control/balance, he can utilise Marsh to do the things he can't/won't. Similar to the role Wax plays.
  2. Some very cool ideas here! Rlain becoming a Bondsmith is probably my favourite one though,
  3. Spectacular!
  4. When Gran-Gran is telling Spensa about the Mutiny on the Defiant, she says her father was a historian. Spensa says: "Grandfather was a historian?" When she is actually referring to her Great Grandfather.
  5. Loved the way it started off, but the ending had me a little confused. I feel like the book would have benefited a lot from being a bit longer but, overall, I'm still really happy with the trilogy. I've read some explanations, but I've yet to understand why Leed writing books solved his problems.
  6. Koloss Head Munching Day is 19th of December is Mr Sanderson's birthday, which is why he releases State of the Sanderson on that day every year.
  7. Honestly it looks pretty sad if we have to wait 6 years for the next Mistborn book. Bands of Mourning came out January 2016... I know he's busy with other series/books, but this delays Era 3 Mistborn too so its a double hit.
  8. Just follow them on twitter, they get a lot of exposure there since Brandon retweets their clips. Like 1k+ likes. But it's good to have them here as well.
  9. That is possible yes. But it took an entire Shard to bring him down. Also, he would be able to detect something as heavily invested as Susebron/Nightblood. Even with his personality, I don't think he's stupid enough to let that someone that powerful close to him. I guess if Susebron has the advantage of surprise, and TLR has no idea what he's up against, then he might be able to one-shot him. That's far better chances than anyone else would have.
  10. You are correct, he can awaken from distance. I assume this means he can transfer from a distance too. But I think that would still accomplish very little, given how fast his mind would process the power, and his superspeeds. Susebron would be far too slow to take advantage of any momentary surprise. I don't enjoy match ups which involve TLR. He will always come out on top. Something like Herald(s) Vs Susebron would be much more interesting.
  11. All of this is pointless. Susebron would never be able to hit TLR with anything. Not Nightblood, cloth spikes, and certainly not Lifeless. He certainly wouldn't be able to get close enough to transfer the Breaths. When TLR moves, time might as well stop for him. His top speeds are theoretically limitless. Whatever the smallest measurement of time is; that's how long it would take for TLR to deal with Susebron and any other challenger. Also, consider how TLR has literally held a portion of a Shard. I doubt any number of Breaths could ever match that. There is no person who can challenge TLR in raw strength. Even other Fullborns wouldn't be able to since his Allomancy is pure and beyond even Lerasium and his Feruchemy is the strongest available considering how he almost wiped out his race. Its possible someone from the future, like Kelsier, might match him but only if he has an overwhelming weaponised-technological advantage.
  12. I'm kind of sad we aren't getting more Cosmere, but Brandon definitely deserves a break. I'm also starting university next year, so maybe it will be a good thing to not spend all my time indoors reading books haha.
  13. In my mind, Mistborn has always had greater potential to be pushed on screen as a series. The world is very Earth-like, and it won't be anywhere near as CGI intensive as Stormlight Archive. Think of the costs of glowing/steaming Radiants/Blades, spren, storms, fauna/flora. Its something beyond most series producers. The only way I can see someone picking it up is if it already has a large proven audience, which can be obtained through Mistborn. Also, Mistborn was my introduction to the Cosmere, so I think it would be cool if it was the first adaptation. As for movies, I would prefer Warbreaker to Elantris. I just think its the better book, but that might be recent bias from seeing Nightblood in Oathbinger haha. I wonder how characters like Vasher will be handled. Unlike the books, you can't make him have a subtle cameo since the same actor would be used presumably.
  14. giveaway

    So it looks like the site had a giveaway but unfortunately it was only for American 17thsharders. If there are enough Australian users I wouldn't mind doing a giveaway and I already have in mind what I want allocate as the prize. I don't want to set a limit but if we could hit something like 30 entries that would be great. Thanks
  15. Looks fantastic