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  1. It still comes down to "I want your stuff, and I'll take it by force." When an individual does that, we call it "armed robbery", and we consider it a crime. Yet somehow it's just fine when we do it on the scale of entire nations? With the associated increase in suffering?
  2. OK, my bad. Shoulda read a little closer.
  3. Are they technically squires? The term isn't used in the Bondsmith blurb (where it is used in the Windrunner blurb) which implies that they might just be conventional bodyguards.
  4. "I will fight even when I am beaten."
  5. Venli's is not the only perspective that matters. And her entire Oathbringer arc is about realizing that going back to Odium was not worth it.
  6. At the cost of going back to their old gods and effectively negating their ancestors' sacrifice. They left Odium's cause originally for a reason, remember. Also, to Vambram, neither am I, which is why I mentioned "at least for the first two books."
  7. The bridge crews were bad, I can't argue there, but we also got other viewpoints where things weren't as (blatantly) grim. Telling the story mostly from the Parshendi point of view, though, leaves us with the story of a civilization's inexorable slide into destruction, at least for the first two books.
  8. Partly that, yes. I mean, I like Batman, about as much as I like any comic character. But let's not pretend he's all that normal. Having your own personal megacorporation at your beck and call is, I would suggest, its own superpower. It's a similar thing with Adolin...not to quite the same degree, but he's still one of a bare handful of people privileged enough to have had a chance to end up a Shardbearer and to have had access to the level of training he got to become as good a fighter as he is. As for whether Adolin will become Radiant...I don't know. I think he will as a result of awakening Maya, but there's always room for something weird to happen. Dalinar's I AM UNITY stunt suggests that a lot of things probably aren't going to work the same as they used to in the old Desolations.
  9. Distinctly darker, I think. Certainly more tragic, at least early on.
  10. Badass normals are overrated.
  11. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Stannis Baratheon from A Song of Ice and Fire would be an amazing Skybreaker. I could also see him as a Stoneward, based on the little we know of them.
  12. Judging by how deadly they appear to be, I think that might well be the case in normal Roshar if the hunters screw up.
  13. Y'know, Nero with Metallica was scary. Kelsier with Metallica would, I think, be utterly horrifying.
  14. Fair point. I suppose it depends on what happens to a Dysian that loses most of their hordelings. That, and piling them up and setting the stack on fire seems rather funereal.
  15. The question I want answered is what managed to kill one.