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  1. To be honest, when Mraize was talking about the plan to collect and transport Roshar's massive amounts of free Investiture off-world, the first thing that came to mind was this: "And when at last it is time for the transition from megacorporation to planetary government, from entrepreneur to emperor, it is then that the true genius of our strategy shall become apparent, for energy is the lifeblood of this society and when the chips are down he who controls the energy supply controls Planet. In former times the energy monopoly was called "The Power Company"; we intend to give this name an entirely new meaning." – CEO Nwabudike Morgan, Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri
  2. Your inability to empathize with people or characters you don't know isn't Sanderson's fault.
  3. The divine attributes aren't that relevant. They're a Vorin theological construct, not a realmatic framework for the Oaths. I won't say there's nothing to be gained from looking at them when trying to predict what an order's oaths are, but trying to fit them into a framework of "This order's oaths are X and Y, so two oaths are about X and two are about Y." is looking at it backwards, IMO.
  4. He's having enough issues as a Windrunner. I don't think he needs to add Edgedancer oaths to that burden.
  5. While I disagree with you regarding Kaladin's depression taking away from his readability, I agree with you about the chapter-by-chapter drip feed distorting our ability to appreciate the story we're getting..
  6. Soooo...what's book 10 gonna be? I'll be kind and let you ignore the "the" here, so that gives you MRRE to finish the symmetry.
  7. I vote NOOOOO, because a shardscalpel sounds dangerously impractical except for extremely specific applications. What those might be, I leave to those more knowledgeable about medicine to determine.
  8. I think people put too much stock in the Divine Attributes in their analysis of Radiant oaths, personally.
  9. I mean, Hoid made clear in Way of Kings that he has no use for Sadeas whatsoever, so...I could see him actually taking that job seriously.
  10. I'm still not seeing any kind of parallels being drawn between Lyn and Leshwi. At all.
  11. Where the heck did this idea that Kaladin has any romantic/sexual interest in Leshwi come from?
  12. Size 96 font would greatly extend the length of Sanderson novels. But in all seriousness (possibly not warranted for this topic?), Sanderson's real achievement will be bringing himself to write a Stormlight Archive novel shorter than the previous one. Which is something he really needs to do, I think.
  13. That's a pretty good idea. That said, from the perspective of a mystery for the readers, I don't think it's an ardent. Considering what we know about the Sons of Honor's goals, they're all obvious suspects (with one certain exception, of course).
  14. Well, there's no guarantee we'll see that cremling again, or recognize it when we do. We know we'll be seeing a lot more of Szeth, Lift and Nightblood. Ash and Taln are more of a tragic romance.
  15. While in all seriousness, I doubt this will be the case... I'm putting my spheres on May Aladar, for the memes.