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  1. Perhaps this should go somewhere else, so correct me if I'm posting this in the wrong place, but which Sanderson character do you most relate to, or think you are most like?
  2. Jasnah was for her practicality, general skepticism, and being seen as a heretic (according to my extended family I'm going to hell because I shunned my religion in favor of science and discovery). Still, it doesn't phase her and she keeps walking her own path, which I interpreted gives her the same sense of empowerment that I feel. Vin is for the lingering hesitance to trust people because of her past, being torn between two sides of herself, and having the instinct to run/hide when facing challenges, but maneuvering her way around that instinct. She's also incredibly stubborn when she wants something. Hm. This kinda makes me sound like a weirdo. Lol
  3. I change my mind on this. I'm reading Mistborn and it's Vin all the way, way more so than Jasnah.
  4. For the same reason that good people don't rule the real world. (Ba-dum tss)
  5. @Darkness Ascendant @A Budgie They have a local Comic Con in the city I live in, so I just go to that one. It's not as big as San Diego, but it was still good
  6. Good news: I got to go to Comic Con today. Bad news: I missed an opportunity to cosplay as Vin, with my short dark hair. Ah well, next year...
  7. Went to comic con today and totally missed an opportunity to cosplay as Vin.
  8. I can't do charcoal. And I can only go off of pictures or still life. I can't do anything original :/
  9. thank you! I get self conscious so that means a lot... I forgot how relaxing that was--quickest half hour ever! Perhaps I'll dig out my old sketchbooks and practice regularly again.
  10. I drew something tonight for the first time in about ten years! I posted it in the police sketch game... as a self portrait. Guess I can't go committing crimes now. Lol
  11. @Darkness Ascendant You have inspired me to pick up a pencil and draw something for the first time in probably ten years. I did it in about 20-30 minutes and got kinda lazy with the hair and shading, but oh well. Here goes... PS I don't know why it came out sideways... :/
  12. @Darkness Ascendant See you are a great artist!
  13. WHY ARE ALL MY DREAMS NIGHTMARES?! I had one so awful last night that I woke myself up by yelling out loud, which I NEVER do.
  14. And George R. R. Martin's
  15. I wish I had such talent. An artist took me under her wing and was my mentor several years back, but since then I haven't practiced much and it definitely shows. I doubt I could get back to the level I was at before. I envy you
  16. This has been stuck in my head for days and days:
  17. What are your favorite character names? One of my main make characters is named Riven and I love it I secretly want to add a very minor female character named Tristan because I like my name... Lol
  18. Right this moment I'm home sick watching Trailer Park Boys. Earlier this morning it was Futurama. When my boyfriend gets home we'll watch either Arrested Development or Twin Peaks Anyone else a fan of MST3K?
  19. ^This sounds nice. If I go to the doctor, I have to call my insurance company, see what clinics they have on their provider list, call said clinic, wait around 6 weeks for an appointment as a new patient, and pay extra for new patient paperwork. Lol Or go to urgent care and spend more money for one visit. Worst case scenario go to the hospital, wait several hours, and come home with a huge bill. Ughhhh
  20. I'll check these out! My boyfriend keeps telling me I would like Dishonored so I'll start with that one! Thanks
  21. @AngelEy3 I have played the Mass Effect games, and they are amazing! I think 2 is probably my favorite
  22. I'm SO glad someone else has this opinion of Name of the Wind. I enjoyed reading it overall, but I was not nearly as impressed with it as most other people were. It seemed to me that the author was living out a fantasy through Kvothe, so the believability was definitely suspended for me. I had never heard the unreliable narrator theory before, but that just kind of makes it worse to me, like when you watch a movie and find out it was all a dream, etc.
  23. I'm reading Mistborn and Dune. I'm taking my time with Mistborn because the story I'm writing is turning out to be quite similar and I don't want the book to influence my precious story. Lol