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  1. Shatter point goes alittle farther than this. Some Jedi can actually see shatterpoint in TIME seeing inciting incidents before they happen. One example is when mace was fighting The emperor and knew anakin was gonna enter the room
  2. Also keep in mind that all the (main) mistborn that we see in the books are considered the higher pinnacle of the craft. All of them (expect for Zane, tho he is said to be comparable to Kel) either beat, and went toe to toe with an inquisitor and did veery good, which was pretty much deemed impossible for them. I would think that it would be far fetch to think that an random joe snuffy mistborn ( like Shan) would probably be killed by a mediocre Surgebinder on there 3rd Oath, tho with high diff
  3. Whoa. Where did ALL TEN HONORBLADES on Daliner come from? He never even used one of them.
  4. Honestly, breaking through a swarm of cloth is probably the easiest thing that the lord ruler would do in decades.
  5. Tho it would be the funniest and fastest game of hot potato....
  6. So the human body is pretty piss poor when it comes to holding Investure, which is why Stormlight leaks out of the body or why Raoden almost got flattened by the Dor when it got backed up. But how come Breaths are so good at being stored that they literal CAN'T leave the body unless under a specific command? And whatever the answer is, do you think it could be applicable to any other of Investure?
  7. My money’s on szeth for, a not a very long time really, but a hell of a show. His STUPIDLY good mobility that completely stomp any mistborn’s and nightblood. Just nightblood. yo. But imagine if Vin or another mistborn picks up NIGHTBLOOD.
  8. and you get the most annoying woman ever conceivable Boon: I want the boon to do everything perfectly
  9. BACK AT IT AGAIN WITH A VS BATTLE! This time we got "end of book 3" Kalidin in a highstorm vs mist powered Vin. (who stomped the Lord Ruler and the 13 Inquisitors. NOT her taking on the mantle of Preservation) Location in a highstorm Round 1: Vin with first 8 metals ROund 2: Vin with all 16 metals (feel free to powerscale her form also. I have pretty much no idea of how strong she is, or how she would interact with a lot of the constants of Investure
  10. 2 questions I would have VERY late into the convo is 1) how come it is thought that you can't use emotional alomancy on an invested person? I don't remember any indication of that being impossible. 2) would it be possible for Kal to Lash a coin or Vin herself, for they would both be invested? It is impossible for one to Lash someone using Stormlight or wearing Shardplate, but also take into consideration that someone burning metal is way less Invest that someone Surgeabinding Also, another thing not brought up is that the only 2 ways to kill a Surgebinder, is 1) a Shardblade or 2) (headcanon as balls) destroy his head. Vin could possibly pull it off with a duralumin pewter strike, tho if she whiffs it's a slap for Kalidin
  11. Yea I kinda agree with you about the bands of mourning/ secret history order. It’s a lot like the order of watching Star Wars. Do you watch the prequels first for chronological sake or the originals for shock value?
  12. Hey I been think about this for a while. What would be a good reading order for the cosmere in general. I was kinda thinking first mistborn, then stormlight, then really anything after. What u guys think?
  13. Hey I been think about this for a while. What would be a good reading order for the cosmere in general. I was kinda thinking first mistborn, then stormlight, then really anything after. What u guys think?
  14. But I remember in WoR, kaladin was dueling with 2 shardbearers at the same time with relative ease. Do you think that stormlight would get an edge with that?
  15. With the release of Oathbringer, I wanted to see if i could revive this discussion. I know that there is already a thread of this, but I wanted to know if thoughts have shifted, including the stupid stuff pulled off by Kaladin and the Knights Radiant in OB Round 1: Vin (starting her training with Kel) vs. soilder kaladin Round 2: Vin (end of the final empire) vs. Kaladin (end of WoK) Round 3: Vin (end of Book 2) vs Kaladin (before killing Syl and swearing the 3rd oath) Round 4: Vin (end of Book 3 and before becoming Preservation) vs Kaladin (end of OB) Vin has 3 vials of the 8 basic metals plus duralumin and Kaladin has a bag of stormlight and all Sylweapons in round 4 Vin has NO access to Preservation's power (besides Allomancy) and any feats using them are null (ex. killing the Lord Ruler) bonus round: rou nd 4 with unlimited metal and stormlight