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  1. 4 minutes ago, hoiditthroughthegrapevine said:

    I would say that you are about a fifth of the way there. The poses you have drawn are really good keyframes, showing how the weight is distributed, and how the force spread out in motion. There are some problems of matching up momentum with leading limb that could be solved by simply reversing the leading/trailing foot in the keyframe (which should be easy because poses are essentially reversible), but all of the essential detail is there. If you just add 2 to 4 tweening frames between the keyframes, and then extend and modify the keyframes so they are 2 to 4 frames long, you would be well on your way to about 1.5 seconds of seriously amazingly animated awesomeness (if you use the normal 24 frames per second model).

    Totally serious when I say this is some seriously amazing dynamic reconstruction of anatomy intersecting with physics. The poses are all believable and better than if they happened in real life. That is the soul of art to idealize the Ideal. Seriously nice work.

    Oh yeh sure, I only ever intended them as very minor keyframes, perhaps something to draw from but not to use sequentially as is. There'd be a serious amount of tweening involved as well as the possibility of some fun smears considering the fast and fun movement of this surgebinder in particular. Usually settle with the 4 frames a second if its a fun exercise, otherwise 2 is the usual standard. There's a variety of things to consider, (her hair namely) Which I tend to do separately in most cases. But all in all, it would be another fun scenario to tackle I think, surgebinders are made for animation goodness!  And thank you! :) really appreciated. :D


  2. 3 hours ago, hoiditthroughthegrapevine said:

    Rad, these totally look like keyframes for an animation (I made a repeating animated gif of them spoilered below):

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    Seriously nice work, the poses are really good and the secondary trailing effects of momentum and speed showing in Lift's hair and sash are really well done. I also really like the glowing awesomeness.


    This is so rad! Thank you so much! :D I'd love to make a rough animation of these gestures of a surgebinder sometime,  using these,   so you were pretty spot on there :)


  3. Ah I love your visdev! Especially the environments, Absolutely stunning.

    Sorry arty question, do all your environment start out in the grey format before adding of colour? Sorry, just super keen to see how you went about it.

    Love it so much. Art frothing.


  4. 15 minutes ago, Hemalurgic_Headshot said:

    Part, you've expended my upvotes for the day. :D You could do a graphic novel. 

    Would you?

    @Hemalurgic_Headshot I so would! 

    I actually would love to try a scene or two in graphic novel format. Maybe I'll ask around and see what scenes people would like to see in that format :)