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  1. Some really majestic cosmere collab stuffs coming this way soon! Super excited to share phase 1 with you guys! 

  2. Decided to plop Hrathen here in the meantime :) And upload his process at a later stage.

    Personally, I believe Brandon Sanderson's Elantris, if it had to ever be more than a book, would make for a really stunning, and incredibly adult 2D animated film. So I wanted to try some visual development  as if it were so. I started with a Hrathen character design. Since visual development is what I truly enjoy in a production, I thought doing this would be a great opportunity to practice. 

    Here's to a very fake Elantris 2D film's visual development.

    hrathen design 1000.jpg

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    2. Hemalurgic Headshot
    3. DeTess


      It does look better this way. i can see what you meant about trying to break up the red, but I think this works better as the weak spot in his armor stood out to me.

    4. JessiOchse


      It's always good to see what sticks out more to people who haven't been staring at it like I have, thanks :)

  3. I can't upload little vids here so I'll link some fun bit of mistborn animation I did.

    I'd very much love to see something mistborny as a 2D animated series or something :)

  4. Guess who. 

    Lol ok I need to stop.


    1. Oversleep



    2. Hemalurgic Headshot

      Hemalurgic Headshot

      I'd say so too, but I don't think he has a sword. This guy has a sword.

    3. JessiOchse


      It is Hrathen :) I honestly can't remember if he has a sword or not.  I do remember the narrative highlighting he was skilled in unarmed combat, but I did think, with that armor and all, It would be odd if he didn't have one? I'm pretty sure he had one near the end but it's been a while and my memory is fuzzy. 

  5. I should stop Lurking and actually participate :ph34r:

  6. Because I'm plotting too many things


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    2. The One Who Connects

      The One Who Connects

      1st Assumption: Kelsier?
      2nd Assumption: This is gonna look great

    3. JessiOchse


      aw thanks guys, and yes its kelsier!


    4. Darkness Ascendant

      Darkness Ascendant

      Oh damnation I just thought it was a tethermancer :rolleyes::P 

      (Mm it looks awesome :D

  7. I won't post it on the gallery till I finish it, but I'm super keen to finish this Szeth awesomeness. 


  8. I wanted to maybe gather some people's input on what they'd like to see me try with my doodles...should I ask here...? Or should I start a thread..? I don't know how these things work.

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    2. Hemalurgic Headshot

      Hemalurgic Headshot

      What about Lift? It's random, but why not?

    3. Darkness Ascendant

      Darkness Ascendant

      Bruuh like we need so much more Threnody and First of the Sun stuff.

    4. NamelessThirteenth


      SHARDBLADES please. 

  9. No Idea how this works, but Just wanted to thank you all for the lovely feedback to my doodles :) I really appreciate it!

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    2. Darkness Ascendant

      Darkness Ascendant

      All the easier to learn from you my darling

    3. Oversleep


      @Darkness Ascendant, that's my line about *sharpening spikes*! You stole it...

      ...although I should be grateful it was not stolen by Hemalurgy :ph34r: *rimshot*

    4. Darkness Ascendant