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  1. I have had a bad week, but today was different. Today was awesome. I went to the local animal shelter with my fiance just to look and well... Despite having lost one eye she is a cute, cheerful, and energetic kitten. I have been playing with her all day I love her. It's good to finally win one.
  2. Its been a rough week, three days ago my cat died, we had had him for about 9 years and he was the nicest most mellow cat you'll ever meet. Two days ago I had a medication mishap which resulted in a visit to the ER, I then spent the night throwing up. Now my dog is having health problems and it's looking like she'll need to be put down tomorrow. This coupled with garden variety doubts and self-loathing has left me feeling really down. People keep telling me that things will work out and get better but sometimes it's hard to believe them.
  3. I will join this club and make my shame public, below I have attached 2 pictures of me. The first how I used to look, the second how I look now. How the mighty have fallen, I hope to one day regain my throne but until then I will dwell in squalor with the other short-haired people. Question If I still have my long hair and it's just not still attached do I count as a short-haired person, just wondering.
  4. I for one am thankful for this thread, sometimes I feel old, I was here well before the idea of the Allyverse was conceived. I always thought I would outlast it (not going to lie, I kind of have a vision of me sitting in a shared throne surveying the smoldering wreckage of everything) but now I doubt. I have a feeling that it is here to stay. I used to be an Assassin in Technicolor, I then left for the DA and passed out cookies in the intro threads. But things changed the DOCI was formed, infiltration was the name of the game and I was into it, it was sometimes then when I met Riker Synclair (now Mraize) he had formed a new guild and I was the first to join. Soon I was a member of the DA, the LA, the GBs and several other small guilds. I remember the first war and the sense of confusion when The Potato infiltrated TUBA and I was exiled from the DA, I engineered several plots to kill Archer as the Righthand of the Ghostbloods. I was a force to be reckoned with, I had a network of spies and at the hight of my power, I was elected mayor. But then I stopped, I stopped trying, I wasn't a fan of the direction the Alleyverse was headed so I simply stopped participating. There was a time where evryone knew my name but that age has passed. I was TFA and this is my eulegy.
  5. 5cd30edd8683b_Screenshot2019-05-08at10_15_46AM.png.4309f2aa31cf7029fe476331d0bd0f5e.png

    I find this fitting

    1. The Forgetful Archivist

      The Forgetful Archivist

      Its been forever since I went up a rank, it feels good.

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      Lord Furret

      Yay ranks!

  6. KuNud was shaking, uncontrollable tremors shook his body pulling a stamp out of his pocket he nearly dropped it before pressing it to his arm. Instantly the tremors stopped and energy coursed through his body, inhaling deeply he grinned. It was time to socialize, war was coming and life was good.
  7. A garbage pile to the side shifted and moved, a hungry-eyed vagrant emerged. muttering to himself he joined the growing number of denizens. KuNud disgraced mayor of the Allyverse was back, he hung in the shadows nose twitching.
  8. Dang it!! Why the heck are there so many??
  9. I would be remiss if I were to not post here, I have been struggling with a psychotic disorder among other things for almost a year now. But in a way, I'm almost glad that this happened to me because it has given me more empathy and compassion than I had before. It's given me the opportunity to meet interesting new people (most of them doctors) and if it hadn't happened I have no clue where I would be now. Don't get me wrong, all this is a pain in the butt, but just because it sucks doesn't mean I can't learn from it, and if I'm too stubborn to do that I can sure as heck grow from it. I haven't been very active on the shard of late (I lapsed in my activity and now joining back in is just overwhelming XD) but you all *looks at @Aon Ene* have given me support as well as many good memories. Thank you. For those who are morbidly curious, I have listed my disorders below (spoilered for length) If you think you might have/definitely have one of them I am more than happy to compare notes on strategies for dealing with them. I am by no means a therapist but I do have some tricks I'm also available to turn profile pics green, I know some sorcery in regards to digital image manipulation.
  10. I'm old enough to be engaged and I still can't drive, you aren't alone!!
  11. And this isn't the only option either
  12. Cool, I'll give them to you when I get home
  13. Yeah, it was only $12
  14. So I bought for kicks and giggles, it's still very rough but its now a forum, if something that ugly can be called a forum (I'll hopefully fix that tonight). If anyone wants admin rights to tinker around with it and see how stuff works tell me and I'll give em to ya.
  15. Infinity free hosting, it's completely free and pretty good for being free,just by the domain off Google then reconfigure your nameservers to those of infinity free, then use the softlishus app installer, found in the control panel to install, SMF. The default theme is crap so you will want to upload a new theme there are some pretty nice ones. Then BAM you're done.