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  1. Tendin Throk was drawing. he was never very good at accuracy under pressure and his circle was slightly warped on one side. he glanced up and started examining his opponents. his eyes were immediately "drawn" (yay puns) to a strange person yelling at the ceiling about "the outback", whatever that was. tearing his eyes away, he started to focus more on drawing.
  2. Tendrin Throk has entered the Arena, chalk held at the ready in his hand.
  3. OOOOOOOH! Me thinks i will join this Quest! I will Be wyndlenquardra, a human who is willing to protect all in need. but in his noble heart is a seed of greed... Also, the Eavesdropper, can they select you, jondesu, as one the two players?
  4. Nice write up!
  5. Fine. I have a gun and i am shooting livinglegend
  6. But I DO have a gun.
  7. well Suck it EDIT: Im not an Elim. you wont get anything out of killing me. EDIT#2: but go ahead.
  8. Ima Back! Arinian
  9. Fair enough. Arinian Straw
  10. If anyone has a gun, we should just settle this
  11. Thy words Have influenced my hand! Arinian
  12. This is the best Argument I've ever seen in a SE game
  13. No vote This cycle