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    I'm currently traveling in Shadesmar. I'm trying to get into Roshar and win some Shards.
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    Playing 'tag' with Vin and Kelsier
    Chilling out in the evening with the Lord Ruler while discussing world domination
    Having little debates with Odium about human rights violations
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    Chasmfiend overexploitation demonstrations

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  1. You rip what you sew.
  2. Granted. But you will learn them after everyone else. I wish to fly into the sun.
  3. Just saw this great post on Reddit!
  4. Haemalurgy isn't just science; it's a way of life. Of course you have no other choice but to live with your mangled enhanced soul.
  5. Haha! I'm here again! Here is another!
  6. Granted. Congratulations, you just became a rock! I wish to crush the rock.
  7. I need a virgin Elantrian model and some Aviar embryos. Oh, and blood from an O -ve wrestling champion for storing my spikes cookies. Can anybody procure these for me?
  8. Do we have a functional black market in the Alleyverse? Somewhere an enterprising DA researcher can he find exotic research victims specimens. Or can we get those from the Ghostbloods? If so, are do they provide high quality merchandise?
  9. Granted. You are always forgotten whenever invites for events are sent out to people. I wish for a surgebinding bulldog.
  10. You mean the Elantrian mice? They're actually trapped between life and death. So, be careful whenever you visit the Undead Alley; they can use the Dor.
  11. We are very grateful to everyone on this thread who's been advertising their Cosmere powers. This will go a long way in helping the Dark Alley find new victims - sorry, research assistants - for our experiments. From the Dark Alley R&D Labs
  12. So, you guys want people from different guilds to stick together.
  13. 86. In the event that an ancient object of power or weapon resurfaces, don't try to acquire or steal it if you are not the protagonist. You won't succeed and will probably lose your life in the process. Remember that only the hero gets to keep the Macguffins.
  14. 83. In the event that you have summoned a demon, evil god/spirit, or some other dark creature, and you have to form a pact with them, please make sure that you read the fine prints of the contract documents carefully before you agree to the terms because these evil guys all seem to have Law degrees.