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    I'm currently traveling in Shadesmar. I'm trying to get into Roshar and win some Shards.
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    Playing 'tag' with Vin and Kelsier
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    Having little debates with Odium about human rights violations
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  1. Kaladin's plotline in Stormlight Archives: This is very confusing to me too.
  2. Granted. A huge meteorite is falling towards you right now! I wish for faster internet connection.
  3. Who has the best story of us all? Vote Brandon Stark... (huh? Sorry, wrong universe). Vote The Stick 2020!
  4. Granted. You are gifted a pair of shoes that smell weird. I wish for Game of thrones season 8 to be wiped from my memory.
  5. I'm very happy to see that The Dark Alley is still going strong. It's been a long time.
  6. Granted. You are so supercharged with happiness that you end up being confined in a psychiatric hospital for being manic. I wish for some cosmere info to be unRAFO'ed.
  7. You know you are a Sanderfan: When your roommate frequently hears you sleep talk in keteks.
  8. Sword Art Online:
  9. You rip what you sew.
  10. Granted. But you will learn them after everyone else. I wish to fly into the sun.
  11. Just saw this great post on Reddit!
  12. Haemalurgy isn't just science; it's a way of life. Of course you have no other choice but to live with your mangled enhanced soul.
  13. Haha! I'm here again! Here is another!
  14. Granted. Congratulations, you just became a rock! I wish to crush the rock.