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  1. And from Spain, and here there is a big Brandon young fanbase. IDK the rest of Europe. I think that in fantasy in general people want more LGTB representation. BUt it has to be write right
  2. I think adolin will make an elhokar
  3. It is posible that Kelsier worldhopped to Roshar, either he cognitive realm or the phisical realm. I think it's posible after he is the sovereign in south Scadrial. I would be very happy to se him interacting with Kaladin. And have a second fight against Hoid. Sorry for the grammar. English is not my mother tongue.
  4. i hate the skybreakers. THis would be a good excuse for Kaladin to finish them all
  5. Again no Szeth, Hope see him in part four
  6. Can someone tell me where Harmony and Taln are?
  7. how many hours?
  8. Secret Story 2
  9. aesudan was controlled by hemalurgy
  10. There is no over in The Wheel of Time
  11. I am new Spanish Brandon Sanderson reader, i start Reading fantasy at eleven years old with Eragon saga and i left it. I relapsed with 14 years old Reading The KingKiller Chronicle and then i left it. Now i am 19 and now i've read The Wheel of time saga. I liked Sanderson's style of writing in the last three books. Then i have been searching and i had read the Stormlight Archive. I'm looking out for other books like this and speak all the theories of Achive of Stormlight. Hoid is the best carácter i have read in while, i didn't now he was in other books till i searched a Little this morning here i want to know more from him.