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  1. A small spider watched with interest, then began tapping away at it's thread. This was news.
  2. @AonEne
  3. A spider descended from the ceiling and landed on Mace Klasten's shoulder. It webbed out a message across his upper arm. Welcome Home. See you soon. - Y
  4. Well, I had a winning streak of 18 years, seven months, twelve days, 3 hours and 24 minutes.
  5. A certain young man of unknown origins and unknown powers walked across the lawn to where a very large spider web hung between two trees. He reached his arm out as if to push through the center of the web, but his arm vanished into it instead. A little spider sat in the corner, as pleased as one could be when they have successfully built a portal through space. Pallas Montague disappeared into the web, and the whole thing fell apart with the tug of a thread. It was time to eat dinner.
  6. What is the game?
  7. What is this?
  8. The young man patted one of the beavers on the head. It looked a little bit like a guinea pig, and he liked guinea pigs. Then he grabbed more food and walked out the front door.