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  1. Is it possible that Zahel's (potential) inaction with Gavilar's death lost him Nightblood?
  2. I know I just was too lazy to say that and am pretty sure that it was not any of the formerly mentioned shards. Sorry that I didn't clarify.
  3. I just finished reading the manuscript for Aether of Night, and it lead me to wonder about the remaining shards in the Cosmere and in what future books will there likely be new shards found. Here is the list I have compiled at the moment Devotion (Aona) Dominion (Skai) Preservation (Leras) [Later Harmony] Ruin (Ati) [Later Harmony] Odium (Rayse) Cultivation (unknown but Hoid calls her Slammer) Honor (Tanavast) Endowment (Edgli) Autonomy (Bavadin) Ambition (Unknown) Survival Shard Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown For the remaining shards, we know that some of the books that Brandon is planning to write (excluding Silence Divine which is set to take place on Ashyn, which does not have any shards) are Dark One, Dragonsteel, Skyward, and Aether of Night. Am I missing anything? If so, can you help out? Thanks.
  4. Welcome back!
  5. I tore a muscle while acting as a general in a school play.
  6. Welcome to the shard! Hoid Lightsong Wayne Kelsier Galladon
  7. Personally, I believe that lightweaving has so much more potential than the other surgebinding abilities, but my question is are we allowed to combine any two random surges, even if there is no radiant with that specific combination, or does it have to be one of the orders? Anyways, any two surges would be lightweaving and gravitation. This combination would be just unstoppable. If I had to pick an order, I would want to be an elsecaller. Most connected to other realms.
  8. First son. What's the point of being an unkalaki if you have to fight? Would you rather play golf with Hoid or Wayne?
  9. Hurt Progression. Heal Division. Adhesion -- 3 Gravitation -- 6 Division -- 8 Abrasion -- 7 Progression -- 5 Illumination -- 6 Transformation -- 7 Transportation -- 4 Cohesion -- 4
  10. So as you all may or may not know, Kendrick Lamar comes out with his new album tomorrow. So in honor, I parodied his song King Kunta with King Raoden. Please let me know if I missed any words that I need to change if they are explicict. Hope you enjoy!
  11. Granted. You no longer need sleep, however you always have a longing want to sleep, and you sleep over 20 hours a day because you want to. I wish that I could get the people sitting in front of me in class right now to shut up unless they are talking about Brandon Sanderson. (An ability to turn my hearing off would do just fine.)
  12. You get chocolate ice cream, but Rock prepares it the same way he would for Sadeas. I wish to break the 50 yard butterfly middle school record. (0.31 seconds off in my first meet of the year, granted with a relay start.)
  13. When you know your full name translated into aons. Eno Teo Sheo
  14. Heal Division. Hurt Adhesion. Adhesion -- 4 Gravitation -- 5 Division -- 6 Abrasion -- 5 Progression -- 6 Illumination -- 6 Transformation -- 5 Transportation -- 5 Cohesion -- 4 Tension -- 4 At 5 left, the hurt should be 2.