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  1. @Lunamor Read this after seeing the post on reddit. Awesome job, this is great!
  2. Interesting theory. It feels off to me because the oath progression level should only increase the bond and connection between the spren and radiant, and no radiant is required to use a fabrial. As the spren of the fabrial is not a dead shardblade, but a functional cognitive entity (shallan speaks to the oathgate spren for example), I would think it was probably not bonded to a radiant at the time it is integrated into the fabrial construct anyway.
  3. We have seen at least 1 (and maybe 2*) more surge(s) performed by a fabrial already. The Oathgates are ancient Transportation fabrials. Soulcasters are ancient Transformation fabrials. Assuming they function analogously to ancient Transportation fabrials, they have an associated spren capable of manipulating the transformation surge. Cryptics and Inkspren should both be capable of manipulating all 10 essences and are good candidates for being part of making a full powered soulcaster. Maybe there are other varieties of spren that are not capable of persuading the souls of some objects properly, and so their fabrials can only perform certain transformations. If so, I suspect they would be true sapient spren varieties, but would not be other radiant spren, since those would perform their own respective surges. *I think the half-shards are a modern attempt at this using stoneward spren.
  4. I'd love to live in a world of 5 dollar bills and boomboxes, what else could you ask of a benevolent diety?
  5. Autonomy or Endowment. Anyone else is a threat to free will.
  6. I think agent of Harmony is an overstatement. Harmony's particular beliefs that tend to make it difficult for him to act give the vessel enough cover to get away with letting his old friends act however they want. Like when Marsh says he is encouraging Wax because he is doing Kelsier's work, and Sazed's beliefs don't allow him to restrict Marsh even though he disagrees with giving out Spook's hemalurgy journal.
  7. I mostly agree with @Calderis, but Kandra aren't quiiite so limited in their ability to spy unobtrusively. For example.... "can you be a bunny?"
  8. Listen to Miles Hundredlives internal monologues and rants. Think back to each instance of "someone moves us lawman". Reread to Paalm's final moments. Knowing we have WOB confirmation that: 1.Trell is a shard we know 2. Autonomy often imitates other gods, and we should not get hung up on gender or appearance. 3. Oathbringer Epigraph Spoiler We also know Khriss finds Bavadin's interference with other worlds hypocritical. As for the other contending shards: Devotion: Splintered / Dor Dominion: Splintered / Dor Preservation: Harmony Ruin: Harmony Odium: Whatever Trell is doing he is not behaving like Rayse at all. He is making people scream about freedom from harmony's manipulations, and not offering to take anyone's pain. Honor: Splintered Cultivation: Totally pro-manipulating things. Endowment: It is admittedly all circumstantial. But if you quickly take in all the source material I reference, it becomes pretty compelling that it would be Autonomy. If not, the rantings of Bloody Tan, Paalm, and Miles are almost problematic in how thematically consistent they are driving home this same argument. HARMONY INTERFERES TOO MUCH AND STOLE FREE WILL. And last: Motive: Harmony is robbing scadriand of autonomy. Means: Autonomy is known to create autonomous invested "avatars" and coopt existing theology. Opportunity: Autonomy is mobile, active in the cosmere, known to us, and not splintered at the time of Mistborn Era 2, unlike most others. Case closed. - Bavadinium
  9. "He dropped to an alleyway discarding cloak and vest, then grabbed a double handful of /Shallash/ from the corner."
  10. That is from Frost's letter to Hoid. Both are older than the Shardholders and yet see themselves as children in comparison to Adonalsium.
  11. Umm actually Hoid was the next informant on Vin's list from Cett, after Slowswift. Kelsier reached her from the Cognitive Realm and convinced her not to meet with him. ----------- Dilaf, before revealing his true status as a Gragdet, swore an oath to serve as a krondet under Hrathen as his hroden.
  12. Um, actually, it's Nightmaw, not Duskmaw. When Odium splintered Dominion amd Devotion he stuffed the splinters of their power into the Spiritual Realm to prevent them from being easily reassembled. This has made travel on and off of Sel via perpendicularity quite dangerous...
  13. Just finished reading this actually. It's pretty good, lot's of detailed feruchemy mechanics discussion. But it may literally be longer than Oathbringer.
  14. Not to be too picky with terminology but that is not Compounding, which refers to the hack of fueling your feruchemical power using your allomantic ability by burning your own stores as a new metal and allowing Preservation / Harmony to fuel the feruchemical effect in an end-positive manner. You probably mean to suggest that Knights Radiant enjoy Resonances as a result of their use of two surges. For example, the Windrunners have additional / stronger squires, beyond simply having access to both Gravitation and Adhesion Surges. Also, a Full, 5 Oath Knight Radiant has mastery of two surges, a resonance, a living / shifting shardblade, shardplate and possibly squires. That seems pretty fair against an enemy with unlimited use of a single surge. The real question to me is exactly how effective is voidlight healing, and how much healing is doable for a given fused using the current power system?