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  1. @Feruchemical Bowser thanks
  2. Welcome to the shard! If you were a radiant, which one would you be?
  3. Sure! (sorry for the late response)
  4. Welcome! Your username is awesome. Don’t accept offered hemalurgic cookies please. They’ve been spiked.
  5. Welcome to the shard! Have a free upvote and a warning. Avoid accepting cookies. It’s a trap Also, which book is your favorite so far?
  6. From the album Alcatraz

  7. Welcome to the shard! Here is another upvote!
  8. Hi

    Welcome! Have a free upvote, and I second the warnings about spoilers. Beware.
  9. This is a really cool depiction of shadesmar
  10. From the album Mistborn Sketches

    Sorry about the wait
  11. Hi! Welcom to the Shard, have a free upvote. I agree with @A stick listen to the stick. It knows what its talking about
  12. Vin

    Cool! I'll be looking forward to that. As for me, I don't know what I'll do next. I was thinking of drawing Spook.
  13. Welcome to the shard! Have an upvote and beware of anyone offering baked goods and don't give anyone your Breath. No matter how good the cookie smells . . . it will lead to your ultimate downfall
  14. Vin

    oof.. . longer than I wanted it too but it was worth it
  15. Vin

    thanks for your support