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  1. Wait, is this where we find out we're actually voting on concluding so that the elims win?! Waaaaaaaaaaaait a second...
  2. Fura - it's clear that Stick is an elim. You must be too to vote for someone else!
  3. It looks like regardless of whether or not our seer, whomever that may be, is able to target the inquisitor, whomever that may be, the inquisitor will still be able to get off kills. SO, hopefully our lurcher, whomever THAT may be, protects our seer, again, some unknown person. If that happens tonight, there shouldn't really be a way for the inquisitor to turn convert anyone if MY math is correct. N3 - Lurcher protects seer, seer targets inquisitor, inquisitor kills lurcher D4 - Lynch inquisitor N4 - Seer targets inquisitor, inquisitor kills seer (I guess this depends on OoA) D5 - Final lynch on inquisitor
  4. Did I soothe? Not my move. Caught the quiz, that's our biz.
  5. I don't think Drake has been online since he promised to Soothe a vote, so I think it's likely that order is in. Stick To even things back out.
  6. Ummm, this may be a great idea. So, right now we're at 8-1; Inq x 3 Sequence of events after that: N3 7-1; Inq x2 D4 6-2; Inq x2 N4 6-2; Inq x1 D5 5-2; Inq x1 N5 5-1; Inq dead D6 4-1 Is that math wrong? If not, that may be our best chance honestly if we truly think Stick and Fura are the prohibitive choices for inquisitor. Current vote count: Fura (2) - Sart, CadCom Sart (0) - Fura Stick (1) - Fura Stick for now Edit: Please multiple people check my math and vote count.
  7. OK, hey folks. Sorry, weekend stole my activity again. :/ A couple quick notes: Thank you CadCom (not sure if anyone else did as well) for pointing out that the Inquisitor not being able to convert anyone doesn't really change the math of this game. The fact that the inquisitor is limited by number of allies, not really by spikes, means that we didn't really gain any ground there. Fura, that's an interesting point regarding my gameplay. I think you're 100% accurate. Which is slightly ironic since I tend to actually have more fun being an elim. (And actually, my best RP I think was in my first elim game here) I'll have to consider that next time I role elim (and really, I should probably do a bit more with respect to gameplay when I role village) I don't think we should get too caught up on which roles are more likely here. Yes, balance-wise it typically makes sense to keep more powerful roles to lower quantities (assuming role madness) but that has kind of turned into a game breaking mechanism in itself.
  8. So difficult to be eloquent with rapping. So I will just grab a normal post here. I am a soother. Votes were looking ugly against me D1, so I didn't want to chance it. (Was hoping to see someone else try to claim that role, but I don't think it's really a possibility now) So, with Aman claiming seeker now, it actually makes a bit more sense as to why he would have claimed roleless, so I'm definitely leaning a bit more toward this being a role madness game. AND, since we have 4 claims now, would it be worth it for the remaining 8 players to claim? I'm actually thinking it would... (I know, I know, I'm usually not a fan of role claiming, but this game could be an exception with the tight timeline we have here.) I'm slightly curious why Fura didn't see the V/V possibility of Aman being mistaken. I guess we just put Aman up on a pedestal and assume he isn't going to make mistakes. *Cicada ninja*
  9. I view two who seem not new I'd like to view Aman a plan a canal panama claims nothing at all Awake Drake could be the snake
  10. Information is the station we run this nation on Don't give, just live and understand what's wrong To claim in name all the same could gain The one whose spikes are gonna wreck this game Nothing private in this diet so trust is a must to provide the just with enough gust to bust the rustin stuff
  11. For some reason I had initially read the rollover time as EDT, not PDT. Cool, another hour. I'll try to catch back up.
  12. Oh wow, I hadn't played around with the formatting enough previously to realize that shift + enter does one-line spacing ~~ This is crazy, I say, today, no way, we play anymore What's the plan, we can, find someone to understand we show them the door This rhyme, this time, has thoughts that don't subscribe to the life we find Inconsistent views create shady news and give my thoughts the blues Edit, and ctl + enter posts...to be continued OK, here's the edit. Have to go to a meeting unfortunately. Don't have enough of a read to get a good vote on, but I'm leaning Drake right now. Seems to be bouncing back and forth on some thoughts that I'm not sure I get the purpose of. Rough timing for a meeting :/
  13. Fura, your math is making this seem like a rather tough game to win. Please make better math. You do make a good point about the efficacy of a D1 lynch. Having an extra potential mislynch is likely more useful than extending the game an extra cycle just because more people are alive. ~~ I was going to try to create something rappy about that...but it's just not going to happen right now...sorry. Definitely wouldn't have been able to get the message across.
  14. September 4th? Or Tuesday? I'm assuming it's the 4th. (Also curious about the answer to CadCom's minimum vote question.) ~~ (Please bear with my awful rapping/rhyming skills here) No lynch sounds good to me, for free, we see, who the elims want to be We don't have a chance, quite scant in fact, to find the one we want to sack While I'm working through this doubt, let's get out a vote count: Snipexe (1) - Drake Rath (1) - Sart @_Stick_ (1) - Ad Venture (Tagged just so you could get an actual tag ) Sart (1) - CadCom