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  1. From my understanding, the masters have a say in whether someone gets expelled or not. Since Walin was the only player master...and is confirmed to have been a skindancer, anyone expelled by the masters is slightly more likely to be village.
  2. I'd say it's at least slightly more likely that CadCom and STINK (and myself of course) are village at least.
  3. I've been pretty clear most of the game that I've been struggling to fully keep up with everything. I'm trying to grab bits and pieces of useful information as I go along. That was almost my first thought...poke voting term 4 seems...unproductive? If it's just to get better tuition, fine by me...but I'm not sure what you're hoping to gain. I guess I responded, so there's that.
  4. Unless I'm missing something, your EP calculations aren't necessarily...necessary... My second elevation was in a field I only had one EP in. So, you could potentially just get the 15 EP in a field you aren't actually elevated in... I'm a bit tired to figure out the math for it...but it seems like it definitely could be possible.
  5. Like I said, may have just been something in the wording. No one wants to be lynched of course (I can think of some minor exceptions as an elim...) but the verbiage "attempting to avoid suspicion" just kind of rubs me a bit the wrong way.
  6. Ummm, Coda...this seems like an odd statement. Maybe it's just some rough wording, but I've never thought of 'avoiding suspicion' as a villager goal.
  7. Yeah, yeah, yeah...my general thoughts on the game so far: "holy crap there's a lot going on" and "I'm definitely glad I'm at least a commoner so I at least have a bit of cash available to me...but it's a bit of a balancing act for sure when it comes to keeping active in the university and being able to live in someplace not awful." In general, I'm trying to keep up with everything, but it seems that even people who are getting a lot more posts in are struggling to get reads on people. I do tend to agree with the general consensus (I guess I'm not sure it's reached 'general consensus' status...but there have been a few comments at least) that we need to start actually using the lynch as a lynch. It's going to be really flipping hard to identify elims if we don't start actually hunting them.
  8. Dang I'm having a tough time getting through all this. I'll put a complaint on Walin today for partying all night. Where did this candy thing come up? I don't think I have any candy...
  9. Sorry for the relative inactivity this cycle. Had an unexpected amount of work pile up on me the past couple days. ~~ Oh wow, heck of a lot to catch up on. Trying to get a feel for this action spreadsheet first off. (Whew, just read through Elbereth's post on page 3...very helpful, thanks!) Other than that, was concerned when I first got my 'commoner' designation. Glad to see it isn't as bad as I expected it to be. This game definitely has a fun way to encourage activity. I guess I'll throw a complaint at xino here.
  10. mafia championship

    Congrats folks! Looking forward to following along again this year!
  11. Regarding shanerocks, that could be a good village indicator - a significant change elim.shanerockes. Technically, I had two posts before this one...One C1 and one today.
  12. Hey folks, sorry for the inactivity. I had a post typed up like 5 times yesterday before getting a call from someone that needed to be addressed. Anyway, yes, there seems to be a general lack of activity so far. Experience, you do seem rather flighty so far. Not hedgy, flighty. DeTess, you're doing DeTess things... I really don't have a strong opinion on anyone so far, but we definitely need to get a bump in activity going.
  13. Definitely some things I didn't notice in my initial read-through either. I really don't like the idea of secret votes from everyone, but I guess we'll have to deal with that. I would very much prefer that people voice their suspicions in thread so that we can actually see lynch trains form. I understand that people can easily lie, but it sounds like we'll have a chance to audit that after the fact.
  14. Wow, what a great game. Getting notified that I was switching sides after N2 was definitely interesting. When Alvron mentioned to me that my actions on D3? had won me the game, I had to look back to see which side I was on at that point...haha. To my fellow elims, Venture, didn't get to work with you for very long...Elandera, sorry I had to bus you so soon after joining, but it got us the game eventually? shanerocks, unfortunate end for you, you played a great game though. Zillah, Coda, Alvron, Abstrusity, wow...what a tense ending. Honestly, Coda, I think if you'd been on the side of convincing Zillah to mention who was getting role blocked, I would have lost. I'm at least mildly certain that was a factor in Alvron siding with me. You could have had a confirmed villager with the night kill/arrest occurring. Honestly, the biggest thing I was concerned with at that point in the game was whether I was too quick in changing from supporting Coda to supporting Alvron. My logic was fairly sound, but it had to have been what got Coda onto me. Lastly, magnificent write-ups from DeTess. I enjoyed every one. Hope to see everyone again next game!