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  1. I was with you cycle 1. I'm not completely against this yet, but we really missed the opportunity for this to be optimal. I may come back to you anyway.
  2. Bolded for emphasis...I'm 100% on board with this. Aman (The red voting I find mildly entertaining in this game...we're not actually killing people, but I guess we're saying this is a suicide mission, so we kind of are killing people?)
  3. One: Apologies for the late arrival. At least I got here in time for D1! Two: This is pretty much what I was outlining in my head as I was reading through the posts so far... Venture
  4. Am I the only one who has starting thinking of Elbereth as Elberond for this game?
  5. I'm going to break my 'only sign up for one game at a time' rule here... Unlikely to RP much though.
  6. I'm OK with waiting a bit. Also, I accept your challenge. The word that should not be used will not be used in this entire game.
  7. Yes! It would have been a travesty if I didn't get the clue when I knew I was looking for myself... Glad I at least had that as a possibility.
  8. Elbereth clearly changed her own vote - next level thinking there.
  9. Actions? I obviously had to use my role actions quite a bit, but Mists and Voice were both terrific actions I thought. Whisper I wish I would have found a good use for, and I'm sure some people did. I just finished reading through the spec/dead doc and rather enjoyed the conversation. Love this quote from *checks colors* Elbereth: Made me think of The Princess Bride. As for The Deep One clue, you say that the roles were assigned randomly...but the 'names' part of that definitely got some people (Devotary specifically I think) thinking about role distribution based on RP name...and it actually fit fairly well. Governor - Lord Ghent Deep One - Rahtinald Maskworth Archaeologist - Arr. K... Founder - Kill-sin Enansi - I'm assuming xino had Iron Will? (Yes, I realize I'm stretching the further down I get) Tim - the Enchanter Necromancer If that wasn't the case, things were quite entertaining thing of it that way.
  10. Well, dang... Guess I grabbed a decent read on the game. I got in too much of a back and forth with El unfortunately. Kind of got the correct lynch off at least. Sorry for the mid-game inactivity folks - was out of town most of both Saturday and Sunday and too exhausted to do much when I got home both of those days. Thanks Kasimir and Haelbarde for the game and congrats to the elims.
  11. You don't have to restrict your comments to the notes I tagged you on. Your tunnel on me is starting to make less sense as I continue to re-read things as well: What assumptions were you operating under? Devotary was lynched and obviously flipped village, so at least one of those assumptions was incorrect. Edit: I'm out for a bit, so don't expect a response for a few hours.
  12. WOW. Ok, I had this post typed up for RP purposes in the doc..., please enjoy: The Deep One smirked. “Rathinald here.” Little things like that always put these foolish villagers at ease. Clearly no one with such a discernible personality tick like that could be dangerous. After all the years of destroying little villages like this, reaping the rewards of ‘catching’ the perpetrators, and then moving on, no one had ever suspected him. No one had ever really been clued into the fact that no matter what happened, cults...disappearances...hauntings...Rathinald was always available, for a moderate fee befitting his professional status and record of success of course, to come in and save these poor villages. The key was always making sure that it was ever so slightly different from village to village. With this one, he’d gone back to the old ways...the days of fire, blood, and fanatical loyalty. It had been years since he’d been able to enjoy a devoted cultist throwing herself on the fire to further his ends. The fact that this woman had begun as a kindly old grandmother had made the flames so much more sweet and satisfying. These villagers had proven slightly more annoying than his normal situation. They’d actually come close to catching him this time around. He hadn’t planned on it, but he let himself fully indulge. It had been a long time since he’d allowed himself to completely destroy a village down to the last man, woman, and child. This would be a stain on Rathinald’s name, but perhaps Rathinald had been TOO perfect. Perhaps the fact that Rathinald had always managed to save these villages had caused this suspicion. This should remedy that. The Deep One Smirked. “Rathinald here.” ~~ So, please don't make fun of me too much for my 20 pages of raving madness in the elim doc. This game was incredibly entertaining and challenging. Thanks to Elandera for putting it on! So, my thoughts: @ILuvHats - We did it! Thanks for being around enough to submit those vote manipulations! Those were clutch! @xinoehp512 - in response to your post that just ninjaed me, if you take a look at my rantings once the elim doc is out, you'll see that you had a very real chance of winning that game. I (and Hats) had a lot of lucky rolls late in that game. @Devotary of Spontaneity - I played so much IKYK with myself trying to determine whether you'd take advantage of me giving you my entire strategy via PM... @Elbereth - great job coming in as a sub late in the game and surviving...and surviving...and clearly seeing that I was the elim from the start. (And great timing on the ninja as I'm typing this line right as you post) @Sart - Thanks for being a great one-turn teammate! @Fifth Scholar - Great playing with you as elim. Your sacrifice was quite timely and definitely gave me a fun bit of RP for my above post. To everyone else, hope this was a fun one!
  13. At this point (and yes, I realize it's slightly contrary to my earlier post that posited a possible Elandera/Elbereth team) I'd guess the most likely elim combinations are Elandera/Burnt or Elbereth/Rae. Don't get a bad read from Bard at all. However, I'd like to see other people address my notes. I was clearly fairly inactive for a decent part of this game, so much of what I'm seeing are based on how other people have driven conversation, which I don't tend to read as well as conversation I've been involved in. Also: Information doesn't really matter at this point unless we hit an elim.