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  1. Aaaaaaaaarrrrrrggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  2. So, I used the action Watch for Hostiles last night...and apparently all that did for me was to see Lum attacked. I'm actually mildly worried that we'll end up with someone else getting bitten by lynching Lum if we don't have enough people involved. I'm sure Alv has all kinds of weird rules ready for this. I'm also curious what Lum did that may have resulted in getting attacked, or if that was just RNG?
  3. Hi folks. Haven't submitted any actions yet. I'm thinking I'll want to gather water. I'll also submit an action to keep watch tonight. I'll try to think of something else worth doing. I apparently won't go hungry this game - I have an item that prevents that. Unrelated, and I know this is going to come off as an elim read to a lot of people, but are we sure there's an actual elim team here? Edit: this will probably be my only post this cycle, but I'll be much more active moving forward.
  4. Why are you willing to trust Aman? It's an even worse feeling when you're not an elim. The massive wave of votes on me is letting elims hide people. Maybe I didn't mean to add anything to that sentence because you won't learn anything....lol Actually, you'll learn that Aman is 100% working against the village once I flip. Since you don't know that yet, you'll learn whether or not his scans are scams (my phone auto correcting scans to scams gave me the idea for that phrase. Well done auto correct)
  5. This is not what I said. I said Aman is a confirmed bad guy. Either Aman is telling the truth and is the Kandra. A bad guy. Or Aman is lying and is an elim. A bad guy. Lynching me gives you virtually no information. Here are the possibilities: Lynch SK.Aman. OK, lynch me if you want tomorrow, I'll still fight tooth and nail against it, but it's not the worst strategy at that point. Lynch Elim.Aman. Well, then you know that the claim that I'm elim is FAR less likely (could be a good distancing strategy, but that's about it) Lynch Elim.Rath. OK, then you know Aman's scans are at least potentially valid. Possibly just a good guess. Lynch Village.Rath. Aman is still a bad guy who needs to be lynched. Which one gives you more information? The only possible piece of information you may get from lynching me I'm actually thinking at this point that Elim.Aman is far more likely than I initially gave credit to. SK.Aman could claim I'm elim as a stalling tactic...but to what gain? Once I turn as village, SK.Aman would just be lynched or coin shot. Elim.Aman would definitely take advantage as wagons are circling to get me mislynched because as I outlined in my last post, mislynching me today gets the elims extremely close to winning in the next couple cycles unless our coinshot has a good idea of who the elims are. (And in this situation, there's no way the actual kandra would claim, because this would be the perfect kind of chaos to wait out) Now, regarding my lack of soothing D2, I honestly didn't see Fura as that much more likely of an elim than you were Devotary. My previous reads list lends itself to a scale of 1-7: strong village lean village neutral, lean village neutral neutral, lean elim lean elim strong elim On that scale, I believe I had you as a 3, Fura as a 5? Not enough of a read for me to affect the vote in my opinion. Also, so you're implying that you think that if Aman is the kandra, he's both immune to the night kills AND the role gets passed to someone else? Yeah, that makes zero sense. That would make it impossible for the kandra to lose. Finally, Devotary, Fura, and I shared what we thought was most- to least- likely for duplicate roles. As you pointed out, I had soother fairly low down my list. If I were an elim soother, why would I not try to get you thinking it was more likely to be a duplicate role? Just implying that may have been sufficient to pull some suspicion away once it was clear there was another soother in the game. (I honestly forget whether someone else has claimed or not...that's what working all day does to you :/) Anyway, I need to get some sleep and will be at work without necessarily having access to hop on here again tomorrow, so this may be my last post of the cycle...hopefully not the game. Sorry for the rather blunt tone of parts of this post.
  6. You, Fifth, and Stick all started the cycle voting on Aman. Based on Aman saying, "Hey, I'm the bad guy, but Rath is too, but a different kind and because he's not me, he's worse" you switched your vote to me. That seems super sketchy to me. If I flipped elim, villagers should see that as distancing. Since I will flip village if lynched, villages should see that as mislynch opportunism. Say there are 3 elims remaining (I'd say that's the most likely situation). Assuming Striker didn't pull a 'hey, I'm going to announce a faction and then not have it exist' trick, then we're sitting at 7-3-1. Here are the likely next few cycles: I'm lynched - 6-3-1 Elim kill - 5-3-1 Kandra lynch - 5-3-0 Elim kill - 4-3-0 Now we're one mislynch away from losing. OK, if there are 2 elims, we're in a bit better shape: I'm lynched - 7-2-1 Elim kill - 6-2-1 Kandra lynch - 6-2-0 Elim kill - 5-2-0 That gives us one cycle of leeway at least. Now, say we lynch, and I'm not sure how much more I can emphasize this, A CONFIRMED BAD GUY. 7-3-0 or 8-2-0 6-3-0 or 7-2-0 And then we proceed on. If you decide to lynch me at that point, OK, fine, maybe I deserve it. But how about this? Say Aman is actually still lying? (you know, because bad guys lie) and Aman is actually a standard elim. Now doesn't lynching him give us a heck of a lot more information and chance to win than lynching me does? Hopefully I actually get a chance to come back this cycle (I should, just not a lot), but there really is no logical situation where it makes sense to lynch me over Aman today. As for why I chose Aman over Sart, it was mostly gut feeling. Sart was reading more neutral to me versus Aman starting to ring some elim bells for me. Mostly regarding tone. But also, the way Aman was targeting me seemed a bit off. And with that, I'm about out of time.
  7. Wow, well played Aman, wait until I'm very clear about the fact that I'm not going to be around much and then try to get me lynched while I won't have much time to defend myself. So, #1, I am a soother. I've only claimed that to one person 100%. My only other claim has been that my role won't kill people. Next, I have not used my abilities yet. There have been votes soothed, but I have not done so. I will be voting on Aman of course. I'm glad I had a 30 minute break to at least try to stem the tide of whatever is happening right now. For whichever of you are not on the elim team. How is lynching me the better option here? You have someone who is either confirmed SK (regardless of how he decides to spin it) or someone who has mostly been put under suspicion by the other person up for lynch. Even if you don't 100% agree with my logic, you have to realize that when I flip village, you're going to be targeted yourself by the rest of the village for flipping to voting on my so quickly.
  8. Well then. Seems like it's been a fun day. I apologize for my inactivity again, but unfortunately it is likely to continue throughout the week. As is, I agree that now that we've seen my theory of role madness to be incorrect that two village lurchers are extremely unlikely. I've not had much to go on for Sart. I'm vote Aman
  9. Hi folks, sorry for the relative absence. Doesn't seem like I missed too much, but great job to whomever spotted xino. (not much additional analysis to add to that) I will note that I had just started a PM with xino and Snipexe... Both of them read my message around the same time and neither responded. Given xino's flip, I'm wondering about the potential for them to both be elim.
  10. Based on mechanics, it has to have been soothing, right? (full disclosure, that was already mentioned to me in a PM)
  11. Drake I am conveniently in a PM with both leading lynch candidates. So I have them jousting with each other for my vote currently. As I mentioned earlier, however, I'm leaning more elim on Fura than Devotary.
  12. Hi folks, I'm trying to keep up with the thread and will try to get some good analysis out there, but I'm kind of slammed at work right now. In the meantime, I'm not going to to a second day without a vote. Assuming Aman's votecount is correct, we're sitting here before my vote: Devotary (3) - Sart, Drake, Ventyl Fura (3) - Stick, Fifth, Lum Stick (1) - Fura Sart (1) - Araris Reads on people involved in the lynch so far: Devotary: neutral; lean village Sart: neutral - I rather enjoy how Sart is able to effectively incorporate game play into RP. Drake: lean elim - One of the main reasons I'm leaning elim on Drake is due to the potential for pocketing. Drake has twice brought up concerns specifically with me and managed to change those into village reads pretty quickly. Ventyl: neutral Fura: neutral; lean elim - So, this is where I'm sitting with Fura...but after Fura's performance last game where pretty much everyone was reading village.Fura, I'm actually wondering if the fact that I'm leaning elim.Fura means that village.Fura is more likely Stick: strong village Fifth: lean village Araris: neutral Somehow Aman is flying a bit under the radar and hasn't voted yet, but my Aman impression currently is *ninja Stick* neutral; lean village That leaves the following people somewhat unaccounted for: @Young Bard - hey, how's it going? Get a chance to catch up yet? @Aonar - sounds like you aren't going to be around for the rest of the cycle *Ninja Fura* @Snipexe - you had a chance to look at the thread and Aman's non-death yet? @Straw - I have to agree your first comment today read a bit elim-esque, and your second was rather NAI. Anything reads you want to get out? @xinoehp512 - What wagon are you falling off here? Struggling to be engaged in the game? If so, what can I (or anyone else) do to help? If you need more RP happening, no one seems to have had any information on my identity yet, so maybe you could jump in there? And with that, I've spent way too much time on this considering the amount of work I actually need to get done :/ Hopefully that's helpful for people to see where I stand right now. (Had to hop into a short meeting in the middle of this as well, so I'm hoping my thought processes make sense.) Oh, as for a vote? I might as well go with where my strongest suspicion lies. Drake - if that doesn't take off at all and the lynch remains between Devotary and Fura, I'll likely switch over to Fura between the two.