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  1. Maybe he skimmed the section of the shardic README about genotype vs phenotype and didn't realize that it was possible for the power to pop up again. Maybe genetic fiddling on that level was still beyond him (though apparently he did some fiddling with the skaa). My only point is that there was a window of time where he both recognized Feruchemy was an issue and had the power to do wacky things, which is a fact I thought was missing from the discussion on the cast.
  2. On the question of whether the Lord Ruler might have had the foresight to scrub metallic arts genes from his sperm while holding the power: it was then that he created the Mistwraiths, so he clearly thought Feruchemy was an issue already. It's not impossible that his shard enhanced mind came up with "Might be useful to have kids someday, but better not let them have magic or they'll try to overthrow me."
  3. Syl and Kelsier, because they both have lots of relevant experience in those roles.
  4. There definitely does seem to be a thermal effect when stormlight is moving around. Kudos to this thread for collecting some good examples of that. On the other hand, the thing in the first post about Dalinar's armor freezing up was definitely the "stuck" sense of frozen rather than the "covered in ice" sense of frozen.
  5. I think we can draw a line between lying and just being wrong, though when the person you're lying to is yourself it can get pretty blurry.
  6. Probably a lot of good lies around his marriage, too.
  7. I figure there'll be an Ars Arcanum, at least. How have the mods not already shut down the forum? We're done here, kids. It's not going to get any better than that.
  8. I wonder if he's using Connection in some way. Either a medallion (could you recharge one of those by leaving it out in a storm?) or some Silverlight tech.
  9. @vissy I read that smile as "Hold my beer and watch me destroy this fool," but it's entirely possible we'll get it recontextualized later.
  10. @Blazenella, I'm with you on Kaladin during Words of Radiance. As a WoT vet, I'm allergic to plotlines where the inciting factor is allies not sharing information. (Although as a WoT vet, having one of those resolved in the same book as its introduction is quite refreshing!) It doesn't bother me as much on rereads, because I know it'll end soon, but the first time through I was headdesking all the time. I do think you're underestimating the difficulty of pacifying Kholinar by revealing everybody, but it would have been an interesting read.
  11. Doesn't even crack the top five craziest Shallan theories.
  12. I can't be the only one who read the Fused salute to Renarin as "Ya got guts, kid. We'll kill you quick."
  13. Nale has definitely claimed* to be fifth ideal: *: Not saying I don't believe him, just being clear about what we know and how we know it.
  14. I'm with you except on the Skybreakers. How does their crusade fit into this?