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    Bayle: Likes DC, plays trumpet, that stuff. Also prefers dogs. Favorite color: Orange Favorite Book: The Way of Kings Favorite Bands: Journey and Queen. Favorite Song: Wheel in the Sky Favorite Movie: The Prestige (Christopher Nolan) Favorite Superhero: Martian Manhunter(DC) Vision(Marvel) Favorite TV Show: Psych

    Rodel: Likes Marvel, plays viola, that stuff. Prefers cats. Favorite Color: Blue Favorite Book: Warbreaker Favorite Band: Mannheim Steamroller Favorite Song: I'm Gonna Be(500 Miles) Favorite Movie: Unbreakable Favorite Superhero: The Flash(DC) Wolverine(Marvel) Favorite TV Show: Doctor Who

    Common Interests: Brandon Sanderson, DC, The Wheel of Time, Legend of Zelda, etc.

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  1. pls don't hack me

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      Wut? who said anything about hacking?