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    Bayle: Likes DC, plays trumpet, that stuff. Also prefers dogs. Favorite color: Orange Favorite Book: The Way of Kings Favorite Bands: Journey and Queen. Favorite Song: Wheel in the Sky Favorite Movie: The Prestige (Christopher Nolan) Favorite Superhero: Martian Manhunter(DC) Vision(Marvel) Favorite TV Show: Psych

    Rodel: Likes Marvel, plays viola, that stuff. Prefers cats. Favorite Color: Blue Favorite Book: Warbreaker Favorite Band: Mannheim Steamroller Favorite Song: I'm Gonna Be(500 Miles) Favorite Movie: Unbreakable Favorite Superhero: The Flash(DC) Wolverine(Marvel) Favorite TV Show: Doctor Who

    Common Interests: Brandon Sanderson, DC, The Wheel of Time, Legend of Zelda, etc.

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We are the Captains Domon. There are two of us operating under this name, so you'll posts vary from us. The first captain's (Bayle) favorite Sanderson book is The Way of Kings. The second (Rodel) captain's favorite is Warbreaker. Expect us to post wise remarks.(Mostly)