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  1. Not necessarily iron from your blood but rather iron that you eat as part of your daily diet and required nutrient intake
  2. Can you store specific nutrients like specific vitamins? Can ya store specifically vitamin D in one metalmind and different vitamins in others. In that same vein could you store iron in a metalmind and potentially burn that later. Is it possible to store the electricity in your nervous system? I know it stores energy but im unsure what that all entails.
  3. I can't seem to access it on any web browser
  4. Whenever I click on my pfp in the top right corner it sends me to what should be my profile, but the page doesn't load

  6. Gold Healing
  7. Maybe, but he could kill them at literal lightspeed
  8. Discounting all magic takes away the essence of these two though. If you do take away gods, TLR still exists. He's a counter to anything that has a physical form and can die
  9. I'm totally down. Mine is DragonKingCole
  10. Honor is a name, don't see why that would irk you
  11. The Orange one is gained through reputation, the arrows at the ends of posts. The Grey one is made by you, although not gonna lie I don't remember where to change it
  12. Mistborn book 1 all the way
  13. Exactly, I think this has been brought up before but I can't remember the context of it
  14. Glad to have you on the shard! What's your favorite book?