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  1. It would be neat if we could start mixing in trivia facts or cool things every few posts. I'll start: Today I learned Jackson Polluck's paintings follow recognizable fractal patterns, increasingly so over his life. And in case you didn't notice, I just won.
  2. It's been a long, long, long time. Put me down as Roadwalker. A vanilla game should make for a nice and easy reintroduction.
  3. Ach- I wish to live in a simulated Anarchist utopia- where nonaggression is universal! No government necessary.
  4. It feels nice to be tagged again.
  5. Ah, I recall this thread. Good times. Still going strong, I see!
  6. Amusing cat position: Some say it's overutilised, I would say it's classic. 7.77/10
  7. I lost the game
  8. Good game! Fabulous move, @Sart. He sent me a PM just an hour or so before rollover, and told me he had figured out the members of several other teams, where the gun was, who the killer was, etc. etc. While I was busy Axolotling around. If Cream Tuatara had another bullet, our contingency was I guess to lynch Cream (I had photo proof) and hope we ended up with the gun Good game to all.