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  1. Amusing cat position: Some say it's overutilised, I would say it's classic. 7.77/10
  2. 5cd3684f537b8_Screenshot2019-05-08at5_36_35PM.png.250e05d803103b43c802a9080fee23ae.png

    Zinc: Sparker - Stores Mental Speed




    1. Sparkrunner


      I leave the shard after changing my nick




  3. Oh, dang it @Metabardnition! Anyways, someone is FINALLY RUNNING A META GAME! I remember it took me an hour or so to read through the original meta-game layout in the game creation thread. Sign me up as ‮Roadwalker‬
  4. I lost the game
  5. Good game! Fabulous move, @Sart. He sent me a PM just an hour or so before rollover, and told me he had figured out the members of several other teams, where the gun was, who the killer was, etc. etc. While I was busy Axolotling around. If Cream Tuatara had another bullet, our contingency was I guess to lynch Cream (I had photo proof) and hope we ended up with the gun Good game to all.
  6. Where is the pass items rule stated? I can't seem to find it.
  7. Alright, I'm an eliminator. I wasn't really inactive as a strategy, I just didn't have a lot of time Ark and I are the eliminators, and I guess in a kind of blackout mechanic Elandera is allied with us, we think they are a third party, but she really wants us dead, and has helped us with village kills. So probably needs to kill both teams. @Steeldancer is either village or third party (we think village) but he has the power to destroy medallions, though he has not used it much. He can destroy it without notifying the holder, if he knows who holds the medallion and what medallion it is.
  8. @Steeldancer, how does a team acquire items? It seems like the mechanic relies a great deal on luck, with the people who happen to jump into the right bodies when the game ends winning. Is that all there is to the mechanic?
  9. @Arky-boi can confirm my gold scan (sorry to reveal you like that, but my neck's on the line)
  10. Pewter is passive, right? So even if someone is inactive, they could potentially be pewter-protected...
  11. Pardon me? Traitor, the longer our posts are, the more of an advantage we gain in the thread war. ____________________________ !\_________________________/!\ !! !! \ !! !! \ !! !! ! !! congratulations! !! ! !! you win!! !! ! !! !! ! !! !! ! !! !! / !!_________________________!! / !/_________________________\!/ __\_________________/__/!_ !_______________________!/ ________________________ /oooo oooo oooo oooo /! /ooooooooooooooooooooooo/ / /ooooooooooooooooooooooo/ / /C=_____________________/_/