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  1. reading through some archives for a new theory of mine and found this: INTERVIEW: Oct, 2008 Hero of Ages Q&A - TWG (Verbatim) DALENTHAS (15 OCTOBER 2008) With all the talk about action and reaction and whatnot, will some force form to counter Sazed's new Ruin/Preservation mix? It seems to me like the whole nature of the world can't stand to have one person unopposed. BRANDON SANDERSON (16 OCTOBER 2008) Ruin and Preservation were not the only Shards of Adonalsium, though they are the only ones on Scadrial at the moment. Sazed's ability to be both at once is actually something I drew from Eastern mythology, where it is believed that the ability to contain two opposing forces at the same time represents ultimate harmony. The Buddha, for instance, was said to have performed the miracle of producing both fair and ice from his hands at the same time. CHAOS Is "Scadrial" the proper name to refer to the Mistborn world? BRANDON SANDERSON Scadrial is indeed the name of the planet. this was written before the second trilogy [AoL, SoS, BoM] meaning that the 2 shards came after sazed ascended. this makes it likely that one of the 2 is the one sazed can sense, and the "one that is less obvious" [paraphrased] would have only come after the ascension, narrowing down the options, thought it was interesting and might help?
  2. is that a "I dont know" or a "mind blown" also, a better example may be 1- get a lord ruler 2- have him store identity 3- this step would be heal, but healing isnt needed, but question here too- would healing mean that the spike cant "pin" the ability to your sDNA 4- store identity 5- spike out any ability other than the gold [clarification on previous post- would a normal bloodmakers metal mind have enough of a storage to heal from that, which is why i assumed you needed the metal mind] and have them heal 6- give that spike to another mistborn or misting of the same metal and have them burn answer- again i dont think we know enough about the process of burning and spiking to know for sure, though i think that as it has no identity, just the ability, then when spiked with it you would have the equivalent of pure lerasium, but for only one metal, and when burnt, it would be as if you were flaring duralumin, of having a nicroburst duralumin you while you were duralumining, but have the burn last for a lot longer. wonder what would happen if a nicro burst duralumined that new power, while you also duralumined. in other words, burning the spike alone would give you potentially 1000x the power of a regular metal, which may be what the "weird things Brandon talked about were: maybe to become a savant its not about the length of time you burn the metal, but to the intensity of which you do it [though still burning it regularly] meaning that you would instantly become a savant. or it would kill you, overload of weight- death, overload of breath- death, overload of speed, you travel at light speed and possibly die. the list keeps going. thats just my guess thats off 0 evidence though
  3. could a spiked misting [misting thats been given a power] have a power spiked out [taken away]? also once gold has been spiked out could person still heal if the spike takes that abillity? if both of these are possible, then i also have no idea what would happen
  4. harmonium may not be a direct alloy of atium lerasium, however harmony is a combination of preservation and ruin, so his intent is a combination of the two, his actions reflect that combination, so shouldn't his metal?
  5. this forum points out that the grenades run on harmonium/ettmetal, this would further support my points about a atium lerasium alloy, as the grenades "project" an ability like aluminum or speed bubbles, and store it also sorry i keep posting over an over, but i am really excited about this topic and its the only place ive found that talks about the effects of harmonium and atium
  6. what if a rioter/soother/mistbon controlling a koloss made it burn the metals, also the ability in theory i think would work, though atium is used to store age, so for an army of coloss, all storing age, you would need a lot of atium to make the metal minds, good theory though.
  7. this article explains a lot about properties of atium, and from that i think i have developed a theory- so atium allows you to see into the future- at least thats how people use it. though elend in HoA used duralumin with atium, allowing him to see into the spiritual realm, expanding his presence, and seeing preservations ultimate plan. what we have discussed in this forum is about how atium is the which also makes sense. the correlation between the 2 exists, and is powerfull. in the discussion above they talked about how preservation can "see further into the future than ruin" and this is likely due to intent, as preservation wants to keep everything the same, were as ruin wants change for the sake of change, and causes destruction for the sake of destruction- this means that ruin may not see the "consequences" of destroying, as he only does it for the sake of destruction [ruin is a "man", at least ati is: "ati was once a kind and genourous man"] this also makes sense, however, the thread also spoke about how atium is on the scale of seconds, were as ruin is on the scale of decades/years. this is confirmed by honor in stormlight archive, when he speaks about how cultivation could see further into the future than he could, though could still see the everstorm [haven't read WoR yet, though am in the process of doing so, so this may not be correct] and that is a while a way [Brandon promised 10 books and has only written 2] possibly no more than a year, though this proves ruin can still see into the future, just not clearly [this was used by sazed as well "the further i look through the window, the cloudier it gets" or something like that] so, back to the point- ruin can see into the future. hemalurgy is of ruin, as you change a persons sDNA and kill them, causing change and destruction- so my theory is that, rather than burning a meta through someone else, you are using there sDNA to burn a metal, which is why "spoiler alert for Final Empire" vin could see the lord rulers past, he could burn gold, so vin could too [even though vin could also burn gold]. this connects to the seeing into the future, as it has to be pure atium- this means that you ingest ruin [the "body" of a shard and its power are the same thing] meaning you are gaining ruin [to create humanity ruin and preservation put a bit of themselves "inside" a person, the more preservation in you, the more likely you are to be a misting or mistborn] so having more ruin in you means that you can enter more in the spiriual realm, alowing you to see the future. the reason lerasium doesn't do this is because preservations intent would contradict that, as if a person sees into the future they can change it . this rule would also hold for other shards [only read mistborn and stormlight archives, so it holds true for those 5]. conclusion- burning atium is the equivalent not of burning a metal through someone else, but using there sDNA to burn it, like a hemalurgist would, though for a shorter time. burning pure atium is the equivalent of a "part accession" were you enter the spiritual realm more, and gain more "ruin" you can see further into the future. also, a misting burning atium alloyed___ would be able to burn the alloyed metal if a mistborn/misting of that metal was "in the area of effect" allowing them to burn that metal, like vin did with the lord ruler. the impacts of this would change a lot, as as i said above [previous post], thats another 15 metals that a person can bur alloyed with atium, also, my theories about steel/iron and zink/brass would still hold true. i wasn't sure above how to add the "secret" comment thing, does anyone know how? also, my spellings really bad, and the spell check isn't great, so sorry for any mistakes
  8. this is a link to a forum theory that may explain this, it talks about how a power like surge binding and allomancy reflect intent of a shard. a main point was that to use a magic system you need to have a piece of the shard in you, and it needs to be large enough to fuel it. all people have a piece of preservation in them, yet only some pieces are "large" enough to make them mistings, and even fewer mistborns. is it possible that hoid doesn't want to "reassemble' adonalsium, but become it. he tried to become an elantrian, it is confirmed that he used the lerasium bead [he took it from the well of accession, then in stormlight archive used brass to riot the emotions of people around them at a feast, as he's from yolen, he couldn't have this ability] and he has obtained at least 200 breaths [confirmed on the 17th shard wiki page] and is spending a long time on roshar, possibly to try to bond with a spren. in other words he's collected a lot of "shards" fro the different sytems, and may want to ascend to the level of adonalsium. this may also be why he cant harm people, as this would prevent him from creating hemalurgic spikes [though others could] and his healing on the spiritual plain may also prevent hemalurgy. it also may be why he said that thing about roshar burning [cant find exact quote] if it means that he can gain a piece of odium.
  9. brass/zinc combo could be soothing/rioting yourself? it is known that soothers and rioters cant soothe/riot themselves, its mentioned by breeze or vin somewhere... also, steel/iron could be reversed, atium steel being pulling toward something and iron atium pushing something, as if is correct, then it would be like another person is pushing/pulling you. this would make it only situationally useful though, as in a place devoid of metal, with no one carrying metal except yourself, a mistborn could possibly use atium/steel to push off something, even though theres no metal, and a steel misting could push and pull now, making it very useful for them. it would be a weird one, but also a useful one. also I've thought about the burn times for atium alloys, i think it might just be a faster burn of the original, not to the minute or 2 of atium however. on the question of who can burn atium alloys, my theory is that you would need a new misting, steel/atium for example, to burn it, as with other metalic alloys, zinc/brass, zinc mistings cant burn brass. this would mean that there is another 31 metals [malatium being discovered] that can be burnt, all alloys of god metals.
  10. Hey sazedezas, I'm new here too [this is my first post on the forum] could a person burn lerasium alloyed with atium, and if what you say is correct, what would atium alloyed with lerasium do? you said would the effects be different? hypothetically, [if god metals can be alloyed] then a more lerasium based alloy would make you a seer, but burning an atium based alloy, acording to this rule, would mean that you create a mistborn or misting of a 3rd alloyed metal [has been confirmed, vin mentions that one of the metals is an alloy of 3 other metals] this is all assuming though that 2 god metals can be alloyed, but could this second compound be what harmonium is? Also, as i mentined im new here, i read somthing about "start[ing] a topic to let us know you exist" how do i do that