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  1. I love Lopen he's my favorite character and he says a ton of funny things.
  2. I LOVE that part!
  3. reading warbreaker now it's cool yet weird
  4. just finished Elantris! It was amazing!
  5. That one is pretty hilarious. The dude who wrote this is pretty messed up... So cool... and weird.
  6. One of my personal favorites is when Blooth says "you think I'm as dumb as that stick." Shallan thinks, Stop insulting my stick! Or when Shallan asks Adolin about crapping in shard plate
  7. Relevart Drahs here or Shard Traveler, whatever you like better. I just just created This topic 'cause my, and maybe your, favorite part of books is the hilarious comments and Stormlight Archives is full of them. So your job, if you get on this topic, is to find your favorite funny comment in Stormlight Archives and post it here. Hope you enjoy doing this 'cause I know I've been dying to talk about it. Relevart Drahs
  8. thank you and it turns out i'm a light eyes whoops
  9. Also is Shadows for silence in a forest of hell part of the cosmere because I'm kinda confused???
  10. Also i know Reckoners, Rithmatist, & Alcatraz aren't cosmere books I was just stating sanderson novels I've read.
  11. Thank you all so much and love the nickname 'cause I really do have darkeyes. Also no eating aluminum!!! bad stuff that is. Although it depends on what kind of cookie it is...
  12. So I call myself the Shard Traveler for many reason. The first of which is my is to own and read every Brandon Sanderson book ever owned so I can know and talk about the entire Cosmere. The second would be because I plan to be the apprentice of Hoid when some day he can't carry on... for any peculiar reason. So far I've read the books of Mistborn, Stormlight Archives, Alcatraz V.S. the Evil Librarians, Reckoners, Elantris, WhiteSand, DragonSteel, and WarBreaker which are all very REAL and FACTUAL history books of the Cosmere. My real and full name is Relevart Drahs, But you can call me Reli. Also it's Shard Traveler backwards! Also I'm a GIRL, and might I had that also keeps her safe hand covered. I hope you can to me because I really am with the 17th Shard all the way. Shard Traveler