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  1. There has been a monster lurking in the shadows during this entire altercation. Be wary for he serves along side Chaos and should a decision be made for an all out assault then this monsters fury will be known.
  2. It is amusing to watch the meaningless banter from those who are destined to be vanquished. The Lords of Chaos are clearly not only the favorite in this soon to be slaughter, but almost hilariously so. I may have low status on the 17th shard but I can tell you from experience, going against Chaos is not a battle easily won. I will happily stand as this "queen" and "princess" fall under the jackboots of the Lords of Chaos!
  3. I hereby announce my official allegiance to Chaos and all that this may entail. Operational allies are often as essential as devout followers and I am wise enough to see the lay of the land. What has happened between myself and Chaos is in the murky past (TWG) and I look forward to sowing mayhem along side this new faction. As they say "The battlefield often makes enemies of good friends and friends of old enemies". I concur "Let the Lords of Chaos rule" indeed.
  4. Oh what an ego on this one huh? It has occurred to me in my information gathering that although I may harbor some small amount of animosity towards Chaos, it may make sense to join forces for the cause of greater mayhem. I Have some interest in general discord and drawing all possible amusement from it. If this is something we can agree on then I may be interested in becoming a part of something alone those lines.
  5. All options are being weighed and my information gathering is currently ongoing. Perhaps a kind poster might be able to tell me current alignments between factions. Who is friendly with whom and whatnot and who are enemies. It would be most appreciated I appreciate the interest of the Observers but I can already tell you that I enjoy involvement and observation is only one of my tools. Also thank you FeatherWriter for your interest.
  6. General chaos is actually quite enjoyable to partake in and observe. Its nice to look at disputes and be able to think to yourself how you were directly involved in creating them and then watching as the situation devolves into mayhem. Now having said that, I have deep seeded feelings regarding the poster known as Chaos. We have tangled in the past you might say and I have an aversion to being aligned with him unless that is the greatest possible chance I will have at mischief. Undesirables are my kind of people. I like dark and gloomy and tend to feel that the right path is the one I choose. There are no rules as long as I end the day happy. I have some experience in dealing with the darker side of society. My problem is although I thoroughly enjoy gorging myself on any number of foods I have no love for the preparation. Perhaps you are correct and a place could be found though. Im not against poisoning other foods and sewing fear into people so they trust no other food but yours. How can they deny your food superiority if every time they see others food being consumed someone dies? Saying this, my information gathering has just begun and I appreciate the interest of both parties so far.
  7. I will say that sounds enticing. I will have to take my time and gather more data in my reconnaissance of the factions before I am to make a decision.
  8. I will look into this Court of NewCago faction and this "Queen" Elsa. I will say that the being both honourable and noble arent really required by someone who will lead me but I guess I can over look that. I mean every court has its share of dirty work to be done and I dont mind getting dirty.
  9. I am currently seeking a patron. I prefer powerful and devious and if at all possible not in anyway aligned with Chaos or Chaos related groups. My qualities as a member of a faction -Sneaky -Underhanded -I would say witty but thats all a matter of perspective -oh yeah loyalty hmmm I thought I had more redeeming qualities but it appears not. Anyway if any faction is currently recruiting I am fielding offers.
  10. I thank you for the offer and Although they sound delicious, I personally am not interested in toe nibbling.
  11. Well that was impressively fast. Took me probably 10 minutes to actually realize where to find the map and then I spent five more minutes kicking myself for not realizing its under your waffles.
  12. Is there any way to submit my name for the next available game or just check the thread on occasion? I have a poor memory and may forget and I would very much enjoy playing a game based on lies and deceit.
  13. I wish there was a deeper reason for my username that which is already apparent. I like having people know where I am from and where my loyalties lie. GREENMONSTA for the outfield wall at Fenway Park, home of the Boston Red Sox. Could have gone with City of Champions but that seemed a little too far. Weather its true (which it is) or not.