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  1. That’s it, then. It’s been a year since you were on the Shard. There goes the ‘someone dared you to stay off the Shard for a year and you didn’t bother to tell us’ theory. Not sure whether I’m happy or sad that it was ruled out. 

    Storm it, Ap. :angry: Come back to us :( 

  2. :(

    I never knew you.

    I wish I got the chance.

  3. I salute you, Apollyon. 

  4. Hey! I'm what the Mistborn Adventure Game calls a "Deader". That would be an Iron/Iron Compounder. It's rather humorous. Have an upvote!
  5. The narrator council decided it was best to hold a meeting to vote Narrator Firerust off the island. Supreme Ruler of the Universe, Apollyon, voted for it.
  6. Let us all abandon the Shard and live out the rest of our lives in peace away from the Game. The sad truth is, it's everywhere in pop culture. Good luck escaping it. I lost. Again. Rusts and Ruin Ink!
  7. At this rate, we'll surpass TLT. I lost, if you can't tell.
  8. Granted, but only your opinion says so. It recognizes that although they were disappointing, they aren't necessarily bad. I wish for the Great Pumpkin to come this Halloween for me.
  9. Granted, but it's always covered in horseradish sauce. Start liking it. I wish that I liked barbeque sauce.
  10. You're pure evil. @AonEne, @Mistspren, @Ishar, @Arlin, @Okdes, @phoenix2563, @Sami. And, dare I say, @Chaos.
  11. Stupid... notifications... You know how many times I've lost this? Just shy of hundreds, despite being introduced to the Rusting thing a couple weeks ago! Stormfather, it's frustrating...
  12. I personally chose Vasher because I like the mysterious ways his character works, and his strange backstory. If Shashara was up there, I would've chosen her. I'd like to see her motivation for creating Nightblood, and her descent into (what I assume is) madness. And they're both Cosmere-significant!
  13. Have you ever read any other series? Such as Mistborn, Reckoners, or Alcatraz vs. the Evil Librarians?
  14. Hey! Welcome to the Shard! Have an upvote. Who do you think Kaladin is going to end up with? Do you think we've seen her? Have you read any other Brandon Sanderson books apart from SA?