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  1. theory

    I've seen a quote somewhere that suggested that Branderson based Atium on platinum - although that might be wishful thinking from the name. I can't find that quote now either. As for Harmonium alloys, yes they should be possible. Given Lerasium alloys are possible for Physical and Enhancement metals, and Atium for Mental and Temporal: it seems likely to me that Harmonium alloys will run the full gamut of all four categories.
  2. Yeah, I can't remember where I got that interpretation from - but TIL that I was wrong when I tried to find sources.
  3. I thought the rough conversion was: body/physical -> solid power (Lerasium), mind/cognitive -> liquid power (Shardpool), spiritual -> gasses power (Mists). But I've just gone looking for a WoB to back that up, and can't find anything...
  4. I don't have the book to hand to check, but I seem to remember there's a point where Sixth asks Sek to fly over to the woman and show her his gift. That seems to imply that the gift is in some way transmitted / switchable.
  5. I don't think that's quite right - because they produce the same effect. Jezrien's Honourblade only granted Szeth the Surges of Gravitation and Adhesion - the same as an Honourspren grants a Windrunner. To quote the Coppermind: If you want to use the Scadrial analogy, then I suppose it could be more like using Hemalurgy to gain Allomancy instead of burning Lerasium.
  6. Given that Surgebinding was originally only possible with the Honourblades, they seem likely to me to be involved with the original Focus. Then the Spren set out to replicate the effect (I forget exactly why, but presumably they thought it would be neat). The fact Honour is involved means that this is all mediated through the lens of Bonds - you bond with the Honourblade, you bond a Spren, you make a bond between two things with Gravity, etc. Bonds are the focus in my mind.
  7. Aye - agreed. I wonder, actually, if Intent plays a part. We know that it is involved in much, if not all, uses of Investiture - can you Intend to only use the Allomantic effect or does the filtering of the Feruchemy charge always kick in?
  8. Yep - that's what I was assuming as well. I need to go and reread the passage where he does actually use A-Gold to see if it implies he burns a metalmind, some gold flakes, just some spare gold he has in his system (presumably to make into a metalmind later on or a metalmind he's emptied) - that might shed more light on if you can just get the Allomancy out of a metalmind if you're a Compounder (I also assume you cannot).
  9. Sorry, I agree. By functionally equivalent I meant they have the same outcome not that they were the same thing. Sure it's Allomancy, but it has a Feruchemical output - or to be even more precise it's Allomancy that produces an effect that can normally only be modified by Feruchemy. Regardless of how the mechanics work underneath, tapping Gold and Compounding Gold still both produce Health - their function is the same even if the internal logic of the code is written in two different languages.
  10. Good point - missed that. Too early on a Saturday morning... As for the burning/tapping - is he burning burning or compounding burning? Because the latter is functionally equivalent to tapping in my mind.
  11. The key difference for me in the Ferring/Miles issue is that in the WoB about Miles still being able to use his Goldmind to heal the question explicitly asks what happens if Miles is already tapping Health when he's Spiked. The flow of Investiture is already open to him, from his metalminds and therefore my conclusion would be that in this case: loosing the ability to tap doesn't mean any open taps just automatically close; you just can't open any new ones.
  12. I've done some thinking on part of this before, and my conclusions were as follows: F-Harmonium: This is the Universal Metalmind. Allows you to store any attribute that is storable via Feruchemy (not just any attribute of your choosing) H-Lerasium: This is a copy of a longer theory I typed out elsewhere: I haven't spent much time considering the other options in the list yet.
  13. Wouldn't that be an Honourable thing to do? To try and contain him to prevent him murdering other people? Even if that meant you died and he was locked in your house?
  14. From a Reddit AMA: [Source]
  15. I believe part of that's been stated to be an in character mistake now, and that the current groupings as we understand them are just Terris attempts to classify the metals as they understand them - not that they're right. [Source] Emphasis mine.