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  1. The funniest part of way of kings is when Dalinar beats the crap out of Elhokar and when he leaves he tells him that he is courting his mother
  2. I have no clue if any has asked this and if it has I am obviously going to ask anyways, what would a Bendalloy or cadmium savant look like. What could they do? Would they just be able to make bigger bubbles or would it? What would it do?
  3. Frankly I would rather have actors who aren't very well know as it would give the movie a unique feel while a few big actors are thrown in to give the movie a little kick, like Tom Hardy as Breeze because I always imagine Breeze as a Eames, from Inception but with a bigger girth.
  4. Hi, so I'm new here so I'm not entirely sure what I'm doing here and I don't if there is already something on this but here it goes... Who would win the duel-a Mistborn or a Feruchemist?
  5. Streris is great without her Wax would probably get destroyed at any if not all of the party's they go to
  6. Electrum only really helps if you are going against someone with Atium because you can't see that far in the future and it's only for yourself
  7. My brother is also a bassoonist I personally prefer brass instruments but that is only my opinion.
  8. I definitely agree pushing is way better. But pulling can be helpful though, for example both tin and chromium are very helpful, and I would probably rather have gold over electrum.
  9. Allomancy for sure
  10. I would probably have to choose A:Bendalloy and F:Steel, that would be awesome no one would ever be able to catch you that or a steel compounder.
  11. I would have to say that my favorite is Scadrial because I love the magic system.
  12. I agree there's a lot of variables that go into that I think it would be hard to judge