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  1. Hmm... So, two of my characters--Nate and Celia--may actually be able to resolve their arcs as that disaster goes down. Amanda can go MIA, though, due to her new abilities, it is quite unlikely she would actually die. Karabiner and the Fence are good to die, too. If not, I can just kill off Celia and let THAT be Nate's resolution. He and Amanda are--for the exact same reason--basically invincible, but they can certainly go missing together after crap goes down and no questions asked. Then, I can be off this RP for awhile to get some other stuff done until I have time again.
  2. Ooh! Poetry! Here's a sonnet style piece of mine about... Poetry. To cite what I have penned, I shall decline; From claim upon my work, I must refrain; Lest, knowing well that character of mine, You with it might my quotant verse disdain. My worthy verse you yet may well respect, That grudging, still the fool you shan't appear; And truly, that my rhymes reflect Upon my name I cannot doubt nor fear. Implicit value seek I to ensure Of what is writ not hi high, nor low, but middle By making my true moniker obscure, And leaving my identity a riddle. I thus prevent my reputation's curse From sullying the mettle of my verse.
  3. PAPEL stands for Practical Application of Powers in Everyday Life, just FYI.
  4. Did you just say "ouch" about being a Lightweaver? Ouch.
  5. Welcome back! Also, that collab--after I edit it slightly to include details of Nicro's appearance--is yours to post. I did our last one.
  6. I have responded. Also, what does Nicroburst actually look and dress like? How old is he? I had nothing to go on for that scene. Also also, she ignored him. He can use that gate if he wants, or he can get offended.
  7. I'm doing pretty well. I mean, I had a part time job at a bowling alley, so I have to do odd jobs now, but I still live at home, so I've lived. Need a new job though. And all online school just shifted to the short schedule from early-out Fridays, so... Now I need to memorize a new schedule, because I never learned the Friday class times. I wrote a pretty song with fairly clever lyrics - if I do say so myself. I'm currently scoring it, and next I'll be writing more for either an album or *finally* a musical. Thanks. Though I actually stumbled across it RIGHT after while looking for something else. Smedryness, you know.
  8. That's a very good point. And a very funny thought.
  9. Well, Nightblood's command was pretty general. I mean, it didn't work exactly as planned, but... It worked. He just forgot to define evil. Though I guess those would be better methods, the best one for a infinite WiFi would probably be the command "grant internet" to, say, a literal star. It already sends out some serious radiation, bu now that radiation doubles as WiFi. That's some pretty serious stuff. Any rotating planets that revolve around said sun might have issues with the umbral shadow, but if you did it to, say, two stars, you could get that angles right so that most people on most (nearby) worlds have solid connection most of the time. Some worlds would not get that WiFi for a few lightyears, but hey, by then they might have actually developed the technology to use it. Or become extinct. Eh. The lamelle is a solid concept, though.
  10. Okay, this is brilliant. Thank you for pointing that out. Same goes for scarves, unless we assume they are polyester or something. Personally, though... A computer: Find memes. Or something more... Practical. Like "run games." Boom. Magical computer that would run even the largest of games flawlessly. And talk to me. It would likely be quite funny. A WiFi router with the command "extend indefinitely." I mean, seriously. Ya'll are thinking too small. Internet EVERYWHERE?! Yes please! Though in a Cosmere setting, I'd give a lamelle the Command "sing with me." Because that would be AWESOME.
  11. I retook it today. Twice. First I got Windrunner. My inner Hufflepuff, I guess. I have bounced between Willshapers and Skybreakers in the past. Both fit rather well. Never, ever, in my wildest dreams, did I expect Lightweaver. Ever. Totally should have, though. I mean, I'm an actor who actually has trouble figuring out which persona is the real me. I'm a composer with a lot of talent and a lazy lack of skill. I'm a poet, a writer, an artist. Yeah, they totally fit. Even if they have zero cool surges (opinion. Don't hate). But who needs surges if I have a Shardbade, anyway?
  12. Get some rhyming word groups and find ways to combine them that are interesting. This is easiest with words that actually have related meanings (e.g. "fall" and "tall" and "crawl" all (heh) pertain to elevation. Something that is tall has farther to fall and then ought to crawl) but can be done with other words just fine. Alternatively, find a concept that you want to reiterate, then begin multiple short lines with it and end them with words that rhyme with each other. These are just two methods that I use, there are definitely other ways, probably even better one - though I've never tried them and couldn't say for sure. There. There's my worthless advice of the day. You're welcome/I'm sorry.
  13. I... Yeah, I have too many. I start from the magic system, then build a setting that facilitates either the evolution of the magic system or the creation of a plot that actually benefits from the magic system, then I create a story based on what I think would be interesting in light of the magic, and... A lot of them just don't meld well. Many of them need their own stories, some need their own planets, others can share with each other. Some need only short stories or references in other stories, and others need full novels or even trilogies. So... 48. That's a lot. I mean, 20 of them are to be short stories that are grouped into anthologies for a total of 28 full-length works, but... That's still so many! Yes, there is such thing as too many. In the State of the Sanderson 2019, Brandon actually talks about how his best predictions put him finishing the Cosmere in his 70's or 80's IF HE DOESN'T WRITE ANY NON-COSMERE WORKS (besides Rithmatist 2). That's with thirty-seven (IIRC) total publishable works, many of which are already written. I read that and honestly started freaking out about my own writing aspirations, because Brandon writes at least ten times faster than I do. Granted, I spend a lot of time distracted by new ideas and very little time writing. But that makes time kinda scary. 26 books is fine, though, if you're not old and you start soon. That's what I'm doing. Or trying to do, around listening to Shardcast, doing school from quarantine, and trying to work from quarantine. So.. It's still slow.
  14. I was specifically referring to the dogmatism of the whole thing. But yeah.
  15. Thank you. It's just like religious people dogmatically claiming that there was no evolution. Both are logically unbased.