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  1. Hey, I've been looking for the same sort of thing, actually. You seem to have read the book, whereas I'm listening to the audiobook, so I just have a few questions: How do you spell the names? Of everyone? I only know how to spell Daylen/Dayless, and... I dislike the idea of reading every review on every site to find character names. Help a guy out?
  2. General Kenobi! JK. Welcome to the Shard.
  3. Welcome to the Shard! Also, that was some fine prose. I appreciate it. I would offer you cookies, but the interwebs are full of them and the Dark Alley would most certainly spike them in transit. So, instead I offer some advice: You should definitely change your name to Stormblessed, as hereditary surnames are lame by comparison to earned ones, but probably skip the brands :-)
  4. My brother's characters, in case he never actually joins: Polarity Circaster I did not realize there had already been an Epic named Polarity. That said, I don't see a reason to change it. Also, I guess Circaster was previously called Grenadier.
  5. Which Discord? I'm on the 17th Shard server. Does it have a sub for this? Or is there another channel?
  6. Cool. Well, if it's generally vague, than that will work. Nobody has yet put anything in the actual RP threads that contradicts that, so I'll just let mine be the first explanation. Also, I guess I kind of need Karabiner alive too, but that is a very easy thing to manage. He Scottied away at that last moment anyway, and I have the PERFECT accident for him. The previous paragraph means I am probably bringing in my little brother's magnet Epic, Polarity. I'll see if he has time to write that, though.
  7. Hello! Your local bad writer has returned! I would like more info on the disaster that occurred, because I now have time to continue my characters' story. Well, that of Bloodlight (Nathaniel) and Stalemate, (Amanda) anyway. As I understood it, Epoch greatly expanded some time fields, presumably slowing the stadium and the area around it, and there was an explosion. If that's how it went, I can just kill Skeet with that explosion, but obviously Bloodlight and Stalemate don't have such weaknesses, meaning I can have them leave the bubble and rejoin the story, using said bubble to explain their absence. Is that about right? Also, before anyone asks, yes, I am ACTUALLY going to remain involved this time. I'm picking a couple of weekdays right now on which to use this as my primary writing warm-up.
  8. The following seemed pretty obvious to me. Bondsmiths*: Gloryspren Windrunners: Windspren Releasers: Flamespren Edgedancers: Lifespren Lightweavers: Creationspren Elsecallers: Logicspren As for the others, I suspect Skybreakers: Gravitationspren/Groundspren Willshapers: Musicspren No Rosharan clue what the Truthwatchers and Stonewards get
  9. Hmm... So, two of my characters--Nate and Celia--may actually be able to resolve their arcs as that disaster goes down. Amanda can go MIA, though, due to her new abilities, it is quite unlikely she would actually die. Karabiner and the Fence are good to die, too. If not, I can just kill off Celia and let THAT be Nate's resolution. He and Amanda are--for the exact same reason--basically invincible, but they can certainly go missing together after crap goes down and no questions asked. Then, I can be off this RP for awhile to get some other stuff done until I have time again.
  10. Ooh! Poetry! Here's a sonnet style piece of mine about... Poetry. To cite what I have penned, I shall decline; From claim upon my work, I must refrain; Lest, knowing well that character of mine, You with it might my quotant verse disdain. My worthy verse you yet may well respect, That grudging, still the fool you shan't appear; And truly, that my rhymes reflect Upon my name I cannot doubt nor fear. Implicit value seek I to ensure Of what is writ not hi high, nor low, but middle By making my true moniker obscure, And leaving my identity a riddle. I thus prevent my reputation's curse From sullying the mettle of my verse.
  11. PAPEL stands for Practical Application of Powers in Everyday Life, just FYI.
  12. Did you just say "ouch" about being a Lightweaver? Ouch.
  13. Welcome back! Also, that collab--after I edit it slightly to include details of Nicro's appearance--is yours to post. I did our last one.
  14. I have responded. Also, what does Nicroburst actually look and dress like? How old is he? I had nothing to go on for that scene. Also also, she ignored him. He can use that gate if he wants, or he can get offended.
  15. I'm doing pretty well. I mean, I had a part time job at a bowling alley, so I have to do odd jobs now, but I still live at home, so I've lived. Need a new job though. And all online school just shifted to the short schedule from early-out Fridays, so... Now I need to memorize a new schedule, because I never learned the Friday class times. I wrote a pretty song with fairly clever lyrics - if I do say so myself. I'm currently scoring it, and next I'll be writing more for either an album or *finally* a musical. Thanks. Though I actually stumbled across it RIGHT after while looking for something else. Smedryness, you know.