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  1. I'm writing Operation Stalemate right now, and will post it as two separate posts, so that HH has a chance to post and I don't godmod Liam.
  2. Thanks, Pyro. Now that I'm back from Academic Decathlon, I will finish that crap.
  3. Well, I needed to confirm with @Hemalurgic Headshot that Liam now knows to head to the stadium, and I don't remember any response when I asked the question before. Then again, I may not have been able to tag at the time, so there's that. Anyway, if that is the case, then I can write Operation Stalemate - which is really just my characters, but can't be written until Nate arrives at the stadium - and that should be the last thing before The Meeting. So, ah, let me know, HH, and we can write it into that collab scene in the doc, unless Drake's silence causes problems. EDIT: Though I can't work on any of this at all Thursday-Sunday. I've got State Academic Decathlon AND State Speech and Debate this weekend, and will have little-to-no spare time.
  4. I... Don't think any of my characters qualify, actually. I mean, Karabiner is a terrible person, and almost certainly would have at least been bad in any Invocationverse (that's the setting, right?), so it's fairly likely he'd be expelled.. He'd probably be the sleazy professor instead though. And naturally, he'd have to teach some technology class, with Charles as his assistant. Unless... CHARLES COULD DO THE INTERCOM! AND RUN SECURITY! Just a thought. EDIT: Well, he could certainly do that in the high school one, anyway.
  5. What have I missed? Besides al lot of ships involving Darkrose, Alastair, and, for some reason... Backtrack? Oh, and I decided that Arachnerd's exhaustion is due to her being hacked by an Epic from Lost Vegans, which I hadn't set in stone before. I knew that Holy Bovine would have some way of keeping track of her, as she was sent specifically to collect a DNA sample from Bloodlight after she killed him, and Holy Bovine has every reason to distrust her but can't get her to reveal his weakness. The hacking Epic will never appear on screen, and his hold will be broken when Arachnerd dies, so he will have no influence on Redeemed/Maple Aracherd, but here he is. Grant: So that's why Arachnerd is so tired and can't remember stuff at some points, but it will also mean that she gets an unexpected power boost at some point, probably while fighting Bloodlight. EDIT: Also, @Hemalurgic Headshot, did Liam hear Nate say to go to the stadium, and if not @MrakeDarshall, can or has Taya told him? Because they need to get headed in the right direction quickly so that Nate can save Amanda from Karabiner and Liam can meet up with Kokichi again and so Nate can talk to Nathan and Jayde and get the last clue he needs for Arachnerd's Redemption.
  6. Also same timezone. Happy ten-minutes-early birthday, Twi! EDIT: Wait. That doesn't line up. Am I in the same timezone?
  7. Nate. It's kind of why I created him. Granted, his circumstances are far more extreme than mine - my crazy ex is terrified of spiders, while his exploits his fear of them - but in a lot if ways we're the same. I don't talking to myself that much either. And I'm way cockier.
  8. Heheheh, ever heard of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints? I guess if you call a member a Latter Day Saint than that is correct, but dang me if I can remember what we're called individually LOL.