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  1. Hey y'all! I'm back. A super busy summer is coming to a close, and I'm ready to get writing - in this sense - again. What have I missed?
  2. Yeah, we can do that. My musical has been optioned for the spring performance instead of the fall one, so I've got a tiny bit more time on my hands and it should be enough for this RP.
  3. I can get back on it, yeah. I won't be doing as much as before, but I can probably take a week and wrap up all of my characters as soon as we do the Meeting. After that, I just rely on Drake and HH to finish Karabiner. Like, finish him finish him. Now that OS has gone down (wait, I did finish that, right?) I can do the Bloodlight-Stalemate scenes pretty quickly or just jump-cut them, and then it's just Bloodlight and Arachnerd. I think I'll just pass on Mightwielder, because I'm super busy this summer. He could show up if I come back this fall, but other than that I've got to wrap up, because writing a msucial is hard.
  4. About that... I'm writing a musical that I hope to perform with my school this fall. It's kinda taking all of my time right now, because I need to present three songs from it next week or it won't even be considered. I have only finished the lyrics for one of them, and those of the other two have barely been started. So, I will not be on here until at least the 16th, and after that my visits will be few and far between throughout the summer.
  5. YES AND THE WERE THE BEST! Okay, Legion was really good. Skyward, on the other hand... Skyward may be his best work. Like, honest to goodness, I think he outdid himself there. The comic details, the complete characters, the believable plot, the twist that made the plot even more believable, M-Bot... Okay, so maybe it's an emotional reaction just because Jerkface reminds me of myself, but... SKYWARD IS THE BEST. I wanna see if anybody's made the cadet pin yet. It may replace my Mockingjay.
  6. This is a collab by Hemalurgic Headshot and Sazedezas Lord Kelvin rested on his broom-crutch, basking in the sun. It was a fairly inefficient form of heat gain, but certainly reliable. The throbbing of his leg was only a dull ache, buried in the back of his mind under the guilty euphoria of power. He hadn’t realized the true potential of his abilities, but now… Olympia Polaris would watch its back. He stood in the middle of a random suburban street, Arachnerd some distance away, looking around. Or perhaps communicating with her spiders. Kelvin didn’t know. Or care really, for that matter. He glanced around. Were there people living here? He wondered. These houses looked identical to the others: worn, poorly tended, darkened windows, overgrown lawn. He squinted, scanning for tiny signs of humanity, or a frightened shadow through a window. Nothing. Arachnerd the Blackweb was awake. It had taken three cups of the blackest coffee available, but she was finally ready to… Whatever it was she had been planning. She was having a bit of trouble remembering at that moment, so she checked her Spyders. Spyder had lost its target somehow, so she checked its memory - which for a spider included only the highlights - and found that the young cartoonish Epic of yet indeterminate gender had apparently teleported away with a couple from out-of-town. Odd, she thought. I didn’t think there were many teleporters left after what happened in Portland, Oregon. Just Obliteration and a few others who - according to probability - should be much farther away. Spyder 5 had followed her established procedures - or perhaps her subconscious mind had directed it, she was never sure which - and followed the Epic’s companion, the man with the van. Arachnerd continued her inventory, and found Spyder 7 quite agitated. It had returned from ERA HQ with a letter, and Armageddon was walking away from the Webyrinth with that very letter. She sent the Spyder - one of her tarantula couriers - after him as quickly as she could, cursing the distance that kept her from giving new orders to the rest of her horde. The letter was still open in the Epic’s hand, however, and Arachnerd didn’t need to get Spyder 7 much closer to Armageddon before she could get the gist of it. “Lord Kelvin” she called, using the Name Riley had adopted with the guy behind the coffee shop counter. She continued checking her Spyders “There’s a conference tonight at the stadium for Epics with an interest in the city’s rule. Thought you might want to know-IS THAT-WHO-I-THINK-IT-IS?!” She hadn’t meant to cut off like that, nor had she intended to think aloud, but the sight was so shocking, she couldn’t help it. She’d focused on Spyder five for just a moment, but it had been enough to reveal that following the impressively-armored van was a red car. Not just any red car, but a Saab 9000 Aero. And Nathaniel Snyder was driving. “What?” Kelvin turned away from the houses at Arachnerd’s outburst. “Who? Wait, a conference?” An appropriate time to display his power, but if all of the city’s Epics were going… “Yes. I think it will be the best place to establish my neutrality permanently, and you can make critical alliances.” Arachnerd was still reeling slightly that Nate was already in Olympia Polaris. She knew his car was fast - it was basically a Swedish snow race car - but he couldn’t have left Lost Vegans in time to be there already. Unless… He had left for Olympia Polaris the very day of their breakup. Interesting. Of course, they had always intended to move to Olympia Polaris if they couldn’t locate surviving members of the Survivors, with the hope that they could try to re-found the organization in Alberta, but Arachnerd had been sure that Nate would have taken longer to pack. Kelvin nodded. “We’ll have to stop by then,” he said. “But… who was… the surprise…” He struggled to articulate what had made Arachnerd cry out. A tiny traitorous ball of fear coiled up in his chest. What if it was one of her enemies? Arachnerd seemed quite powerful to him with her army of spiders, but if this surprise person was dangerous… He had only one leg! “Nevermind,” Kelvin declared, brushing aside his inhibitions. “What time is the conference starting?” Arachnerd finished composing herself. “Bloodlight. [time]” was all she said. She knew that, considering the brevity of Nate’s Epic period and his lack of ambition made his name - both as an Epic and as a Hand or “Maple” as they called them here - was rather obscure. There were, of course, those who knew of the Snyders, as their organization - the Survivors - had maintained a surprising amount of sovereignty and security for [X] years, and if information about the goings-on in Lost Vegans ever got out, it could certainly have included the fact that the Epics Arachnerd the Blackweb and Bloodlight had destroyed the Survivors’ headquarters. If nothing else, she thought, it will be interesting to see how much is known and how much by Lord Kelvin. “How do we get to the stadium?” Bloodlight. Kelvin filed that back in his mind. It was a cool name, but he had already picked his own. Based on Lord Kelvin of old, the namesake of the one true unit of temperature. He thought it had a nice ring to it. “I honestly have no idea how to get to the stadium from here. Now that I think about it, I don’t think I’ve been there ever… maybe when I was a kid…” Kelvin trailed off. “I suppose we’ll just poke around.”
  7. Sorry I've been gone. I've been intermittently stressing about State Drama and the unrelated musical I'm writing. So... I haven't been on here much this last week. So, I guess I just need to finish OS, then on to the Meeting, where crap will hit the fan for Karabiner.
  8. Which is, like, ten times as evil as other forms of damage, but that's none of my business.
  9. Nate pulled his car into an alley near the stadium, put it in park, and swung his legs out to the street, careful to retrieve his Mobile from the loose hold of the picture frame mounted to his dash. He didn't want his Aero damaged or stolen in the event that a fight broke out, and he still didn't know who had tipped him off about the missing Epics. Whoever it was had also sent him a location, which he had put into his Mobile to find the place. "... Just close you..." he was saying to the Maps application as he slid it's window off the bottom of his Mobile screen. He was about to say more, but his thirty-second "wonder who that was" came out as "wonder who tha-SPARKINGDEATHLEGS!!!" Instead. "Karabiner." "Yes, Charles, they have arrived. I'm watching the feed too." Karabiner liked to be ahead of Charles on occasion, though it was generally too much work because Charles was perfect. He took a short sip of his fresh limeade before giving his order. "Alert Operative Nudge to the target's proximity, but see that he stays his hand until the Man with the Van can be removed or confirmed irrelevant." Boomerang, Conn, and Klutz were already securing the stadium, so Karabiner added "have security take care of that latter. And ready the Scottie." "Presently, Master," Charles responded. "Operative Nudge, the target is approaching the stadium on foot, accompanied by a Man with a Van" came Charles' voice over the van's speakers. "Roger that," Nudge confirmed. He nodded, too, but he still didn't totally trust the virtual assistant's gesture-recognition technology, and he wasn't even sure if there were camera's inside of the vehicle. "Do not engage until his companion's relevance can be confirmed and accounted for. Other agents are seeing to him now. Wait for my word." "Understood," Nudge replied. He glanced at Skeet, who nodded. His eyes were red, which was odd. Nudge had assumed that Calamity took the ability to cry away with the rest of man's inhibitions, but it appeared that Skeet had been doing just that. "Toughen up, Skeet. We've got a job to do." "Yeah..." Skeet replied despondently, composing himself. Amanda rolled as the van stopped abruptly, her head striking the wall painfully. She heard Nudge and Charles talking, but she wasn't listening until he addressed Skeet. "... We've got a job to do." Then Skeet's voice: "Yeah..." There was an odd sound to his voice, one that Amanda would have known from anyone. It was a mix of anger, grief, and despair. She knew it, for it was the only way she ever spoke, the voice she thought in, even. Skeet, it seemed, felt the same way she did. About something. The same thing? But she knew that it was too much to hope for. Skeet was just like the rest of them. Skeet was an Epic. Skeet was... Wonderful, in his own way. He was all she had. Please don't hurt me anymore... PLEASE! In that moment, Amanda knew. She knew that she wouldn't last through another mission. If Skeet didn't intervene this time, she would lose her mind. It was almost a comforting thought. She had tried to slip out of the pains of sanity for years, but madness had eluded her. If she was right, then this mission would be a win-win for her. Either Skeet would save her from this living hell, or her mind would escape on it's own. Nate drew his weapon from his left hip and fired on the spider. Years fighting off Epics - and fighting for Epics - payed off, and the small arachnid's life was cut short by - as he put it: ".20 grams of plastic in a 6mm sphere at 360fps." He paused, then added "Sorry if that was one of your special ones, Celia. That would have hurt." He winced as he thought of the possibility. Celia shared full sensory connection to her "Spyders," so she would have felt the creature's death if that had been one. He holstered his airsoft gun before turning to walk to the stadium. *** "Cake? Why is there cake? May I have some?" Nate was both surprised and confused. "Is it somebody's birthday, or what?" Before Kokichi, Jade, Nathan, or either of the others could respond - though Nate was far enough away and speaking quietly enough that it is uncertain whether they heard him at all and would have responded - he heard someone scream off to his left. He didn't wait to see if they had heard him, just bolted in the direction of the scream, muttering. "... have Celia, they are in for it. It's probably a trap. What can I do, though? How can I stand and just listen? And where's Liam? He's probably with the others. That is why he came here..." (I'm going top assume Liam doesn't get involved at this point. I can fix it if I'm wrong.) Nate followed the sound of her - someone's - voice, adjusting every time she - someone - screamed. "Stop, you monster!" he heard. He was close. Rounding a corner, Nate finally saw what he was tracking. His blood boiled, and no words escaped his mouth for anger. Then he caught a bullet in the shoulder, and the world turned red. Ice shot through Amanda's entire body as a blow to the head twisted her neck, pinching a nerve. It wouldn't be lethal, of course, or even cause lasting injury - Karabiner would see to that, because she was too useful to use up all at once - but it hurt. A lot. As every time before, she wished she had resisted screaming, bringing another element - in this case, the glowing red Epic running toward her at full speed - to the scene and, worst of all, giving Karabiner exactly what he wanted. But in the end, pain and despair won out. Every time. She would have fallen to the ground, but the Monster was holding her wrist too tightly, so she just strained her shoulder as she went limp from the blow. Amanda prepared herself for the violation that Epic-baitings always brought; there was nothing she could do to fight at this point, and it was pointless anyway. With her last moments of certain sanity, she turned her head to the left and took one last look at Skeet. Karabiner struck her, driving his fist into her gut. She let out a small gasp, and saw Skeet's expression change. Whatever happened next was too fast for her to grasp. Bloodlight took it all in as quickly as he could. There was a girl - a young woman, anyway. There were two men in front of her. One was holding her down and the other appeared to be undoing his belt. That - and the faintest memory of someone screaming "stop, you monster!" - was all he needed to know, but there were also two men holding rifles. "You're breaking the law!" He screamed as he ran headlong toward the two men by the victim, ignoring the armed ones. The intensity of his scream shredded his weakened vocal chords and seemed to shatter the air with them. Then he dove through the air over the victim and stabbed at the assaulters with his index fingers. Both struck home, and each man flashed red as the finger poking his ribs broke. Having thrown his arms out to the sides, Bloodlight was unable to break his fall, and instead crushed his weak skull against the pavement behind them. Particles of Bloodlight-head raced back to his neck and his head was restored. Bloodlight jumped to his feet and turned around to see the two perpetrators shaking at the phantom pains their brains thought they should be feeling. He walked over to the girl, who now lay helpless on the ground, intending to demand a favor, when the blond-haired, blue-eyed man with the unbuckled belt got up and grabbed Bloodlight's arm with his right hand and reached for that of the other man with his left. Bloodlight felt a slight push as the shorter of the armed men - now the taller man's headlock - fired some sort of energy from his hand, which the taller man had pointed to the space between the girl and the downed man. The Aryan's hand twisted slightly in the air and brushed the girl's head, missing the other man entirely. The girl glowed red. Just like Bloodlight. Nudge stared in disbelief as his blast - intended for Skeet's stupid nose - nudged Karabiner's hand into the bait. She glowed red, just like Bloodlight, and Karabiner ran for the van. Nudge followed. Skeet did not. "Scottie!" Karabiner screamed. He dove into the open bay of the van, and then the Scottie's violet light enveloped him and he - along with the van - was safe at the picket.
  10. Yeah, yeah, I'm working on it. I haven't been able to pull it up for a couple of days due to Spring Drama busyness. I'm on it today, though.