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  1. I was wondering what that said! I was pretty sure or was Dr. Funtimes, though. She's pretty distinctive.
  2. I noticed. This just isn't Facebook, so I didn't mention it. It's cool though.
  3. I've only seen a few episodes of Gravity Falls, but I loved them. I can see how an Epic might come from there. Or parts of one. Also, I really am writing a post. It's just... Saved in the editor on my desktop, which has stopped turning on. So I'll babe to write the oddest ask over again from scratch on my phone or laptop.
  4. The mobile struggle is real. I'm just glad when it work. EDIT: Would Kokichi's influence be enough to draw Nate to their table? I mean, with the whole "only noticeable peeps" thing?
  5. Interested, yes. That said, I'm not sure how soon I could really start, or if it's realistic at all once I add college classes to my schedule. I'll let you know though.
  6. 1. There was actually supposed to be some confusion about her name. The NPC boarder guards were lucky enough to get solid info, and therefore know both her name - Arachnerd - and her preferred title - the Blackweb. Others may know both terms, but not know that they are both her. Still others know only one, and some have no idea who made the Webyrinth, because they live too far away to care. The information, in my mind, had been spread somewhat by Karabiner's dealings - some clients might offer it take a higher price if a new Epic was in town, especially considering the commonplace nature of arachnophobia - and also by those who were forced to leave their homes to avoid the horde and not get blocked in by webs. 2. I hadn't thought about that. Also, I always assumed she chose that nickname because nobody likes the books in her corners of the internet.
  7. Well, I was sort of on a different page when we discussed that before, namely the Donut-Shop-Is-Also-Lexi's-Parents'-Bakery page. Since that no longer seems to be the correct page, I think something else will have to be arranged. If they're on the same street, though, then Nate could walk across to Destination Donuts for nostalgic reasons (coffee and donuts were very much a thing for he and Celia) and possibly to help himself feel a semblance of normalcy. He'll have arrived just a bit earlier, but that's easy enough. I say let's do it.
  8. Pugs are the dogs that ran a 100 yard dash in a 90 yard gym, and they still look adorable.... They must have Jacklyn's powerset!
  9. Am I the only one who realized this when we confirmed that he could drain Bloodlight's pain-tolerance?
  10. Yup. Hadn't thought of it myself, but if they died and someone suggested that, I would have readily done so. Because they're just that great. Also, does anyone know when those invitations from Epoch should be out?
  11. Where in the city is he? Just so I don't create a contingency error by not depicting him if my characters pass by.
  12. Yeah. That would be great. I only made it through a third of it.