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  1. Also same timezone. Happy ten-minutes-early birthday, Twi! EDIT: Wait. That doesn't line up. Am I in the same timezone?
  2. Nate. It's kind of why I created him. Granted, his circumstances are far more extreme than mine - my crazy ex is terrified of spiders, while his exploits his fear of them - but in a lot if ways we're the same. I don't talking to myself that much either. And I'm way cockier.
  3. Heheheh, ever heard of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints? I guess if you call a member a Latter Day Saint than that is correct, but dang me if I can remember what we're called individually LOL.
  4. Which I find painfully ironic. We finally rid the world of Karabiner's atrocities, only to resurrect Nighthound in our own backyard.
  5. FeuerBrisingr was Ookla the Palindrome. My original name was Sazedezas, hence the Ookle name, and when I changed it on Head Munching Day I decided to shake things up a bit. Sorry for any confusion.
  6. Because EVERYTHING'S Jacklyn's fault. Obviously. No, I haven't. I haven't even read Brisingr yet.
  7. Haven't read Skyward yet, but I read the entire Legion collection as soon as it hit the shelf at my local library. EDIT: "Flame on!" Which is ironic, considering Feuer is German for fire and brisingr means the sane thing in Ancient Alagaesian.
  8. Well, not rifles specifically, but yeah, .22s are tiny. I once split a playing card with one, though, and that was cool.