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  1. Short version: Deathrise is a parasite, and it infected Calamity. Long version: Deathrise doesn't behave like the Darkness described by other Epics, which seemed odd at first, but makes a lot more sense now. It does have some things in common, however. Like Epic Darkness, it engenders disdain for other beings, but not in the normal form of callousness and seeing violence as the best solution. Instead, it sparks annoyance and hatred for those around the affected person, hereafter the "Host." Regular Darkness is ever present, meaning when an Epic uses their powers, they feel godlike and lose their morality, and when they don't, they feel an overwhelming desire to use them. Deathrise, however, is sporadic, affecting its host in bursts that seem disconnected from their power-use. Of the two people who have been confirmed to carry Darkrise, one (Lifeforce) repeatedly tried to inject others with their own blood, for mostly unexplained reasons. Sure, he thought it was "for science," but why would Lifeforce want other people in possession of his entire collection of powers? And why would he inject non-Epics, who at present pose no threat and would be unlikely to make use of those powers anyway, as the action-potentials are basically unknown, and may be out of reach for mere humans? It serves no clear purpose. Unless Deathrise is a parasite. If Deathrise is a parasite, and it can affect the behaviours of its Host (the latter being confirmed) then it would naturally take actions to preserve its own existence, or the existence of its kind. The primary directives of living things are to survive and multiply. So Deathrise might be a bloodborne parasite. So what? While I won't address how Lifeforce might have come to be infected, his attitude toward humans seems to match that of one other character we know: Calamity. Calamity didn't believe he was interfering. He legitimately thought humans were pathetic and evil on their own, and that giving them power just gave them more potential to express their innate tendencies. Why? He was infected with Deathrise, or at least, another parasite like it. Obviously this theory doesn't explain everything, and there are some areas where we simply lack the requisite information to prove or disprove it, but what do you think?
  2. Would I had been here, in it's last moments. I'm going to miss this place. EDIT I'll probably cntinue to create Epic profiles, for eventual—potential—adoption, and add them to my characters post. Since this RP is inactive, I won't bother awaiting critique, as that can all be handled when and if this all comes back. And the record, if anyone tries to gather interest again, consider mine obtained. But do contact me, or my interest won't mean much.
  3. Alright, sorry that B02 desing server isn't up yet. Crazy things ended up happening at work. It will be up tonight, though, and I can invite anyone who DMs me their Minecraft Java username. For awhile it will just be builders sharing their design ideas for small buildings in various parts of Roshar. We will need someone who knows the books pretty well to critique and improve those ideas, but we'll start out with ideas. Since we're merging with the other project, committees will not be necessary within this group. Arctic posted a link to the Discord for the main project, if anyone wants more information. The Realms invite will come from Ataraxian_Wist_
  4. I'm game for merging. That said, we are approaching this from fairly different angles, so I think we can be of more use to their project if we work somewhat seperately on that Worldpainting project. They seem to be focused on building, and I think that providing them with a canvas on which to build will be invaluable. So, by week's end, I will have a server up for building of B02 files for Brother to use in Worldpainter. This will allow us to get most of the smaller buildings in various cities, as well as custom vegetation, built before we even open the world. In addition to the obvious terrain gen, I mean. But after that, yeah, I think this server has the organization and manpower we need, plus a lot of progress on some of the bigger structures. I will also attempt to recruit talent from that server for the B02s, for the sake of diversity.
  5. Hello! I haven't been here in awhile, and I kinda fell through on my promises last time, so I won't make any this time. Just wanted to say. I've missed you guys, to be honest. Hopefully I can get back to this eventually, but I know if I try it right now it will just be a mess. Anywho, how have y'all been?
  6. Alright, so update #1: Brother is still onboard. Update #2: As soon as the topo from @Arctic_Mountain is finished, (and made available to Brother) he will begin painting the world. I have no current estimate on the timeframe of that second phase, but you can expect one as soon as it is started. (I did not tag out of impatience, but to credit.) As for #3, I will have a solid plan, plus up to two more collaborators, by noon Saturday.
  7. Alright, so that is awesome. This is pretty much exactly what we need to make this work. It doesn't need too much detail, as it will end up somewhat distorted when Brother paints the world, so most of the details will need to be built by hand anyway. Just a decent guide to height throughout the main continent. Yes, sorry, I had some life changes come up but, though they're hardly over and I really haven't recovered, I'm ready to work on something large scale like this again. I don't know for sure whether Brother is ready for something like this again, as the life changes were of a family nature and have affected him a little more deeply than they have me. If not, I'm sure someone else from the community can do his part until he is ready to rejoin the project. I know he'll want to be in on the building side of things, and he is skilled builder I'd be loathe to work without. It is happening, but the actual brain behind it may be, as stated, out of the loop for awhile longer. I will let you all know what I learn on that front. As for building skills, I recommend Grian's Build School series on YouTube and some practice. That will be invaluable. I'm not bad with pistons and such, and I understand commands fairly well, but I do NOT want to figure out the specifics of Oathgates on my own. In other notes, I think there may be enough people willing to help now that we can organize some committees to really get and keep this rolling. By week's end, I will get back to you all on the following: 1) Whether Brother is still on the project. 2) When we can expect his involvement I he is, and what roles will need filled if not. 3) What committees will be needed and when, and how we'll organize them. I will continue to lead--or at least administrate--this project for the time being, but if someone else thinks they are better suited to it, than by all means, PM me.
  8. I'm pretty sure that none exist, no. That's why we needed help, because IDK how to go about creating it.
  9. It will be a server, sorry for the unclarity. I meant that the world will also be downloadable by contributors once it's COMPLETE. However, we can't put the world onto our server until we paint the landscape, which will require that topographical map. So, yeah. Once we have that part, I'll DM the IP to all of you who want to help build, but that's step 2. Also, that is an excellent idea about Shadesmar. Also also actually actually, MACHICOLAAAAAATIOOOOOONNNNSS!
  10. This will definitely help, especially in the building stages. @Knight of Iron I will be sure to let you know when we get to the building stage.
  11. Just played Mistborn: House War on Tabletop Simulator and I would recommend, 10/10.
  12. My brother and I want to create Roshar in Minecraft, but we need a little help in the following areas: 1. Topographical Map: M will be using a world editor to do the heavy lifting, so we won't be building the landscape block by block. In order to do this, he needs a topographical map of Roshar. I don't really have the skills to make this myself, so help would be much appreciated. 2. Structures: Once the world is painted, we will need a sizable team of Minecraft players to actually build the structures found throughout Roshar. These will include the warcamps, cities like Kholinar, Urithiru, and Kharbranth, and even ships in port. Some of the building work will just be designing generic houses to copy with World Painter, and some will just be massive building projects. To do this ourselves would take years, so help would be MUCH appreciated. The world download will be made available to all volunteers when completed, and probably to others, though not through this site.
  13. Hey, I've been looking for the same sort of thing, actually. You seem to have read the book, whereas I'm listening to the audiobook, so I just have a few questions: How do you spell the names? Of everyone? I only know how to spell Daylen/Dayless, and... I dislike the idea of reading every review on every site to find character names. Help a guy out?
  14. General Kenobi! JK. Welcome to the Shard.
  15. Welcome to the Shard! Also, that was some fine prose. I appreciate it. I would offer you cookies, but the interwebs are full of them and the Dark Alley would most certainly spike them in transit. So, instead I offer some advice: You should definitely change your name to Stormblessed, as hereditary surnames are lame by comparison to earned ones, but probably skip the brands :-)