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  1. all the herald abandon their sword and their duty, all minus taln. he, and only he, had hold the oathpact for four millennia, the honorblades are a sign of an oath (different from the shardblade, but still an oath taken), if the madness of the heralds is linked to their divine attributes the root of them lie in the broken oath after Aharietiam. taln mind is shattered in the four and half millennia of torture. I don't think his madness is the same type of the other.
  2. - so in the original plan was saedas sworn to odium and die in the thaylen city battle. in WoR there is a couple o reference of him addicted (like dalinar before evi death) to the trill. for me was better in the original plan, but no double sword figth in this case... - amaram army was formed by untrained and mediocre soldier, the better bach were send to fight in the shattered plains, i don't know if we can gauge his ability to manage and run an army, but in WoR (iirc) is explicit state the efficency of saedas army (and he was one of the best to gem hunting game) was half merit of amaram training.
  3. “I thought you were asking … I mean, in the highprince’s visions, there were women who were Knights Radiant, and with Brightness Shallan…” She blushed. “Sir, I didn’t join the scouts because I liked sitting around staring at ledgers. If that’s what you’re offering, I’ll have to pass.” [Chapter 45 "First into the Sky"] i find the lyn storyline a good match with the renarin one. both fight the vorin gender dichotomy. the early dialogue with shallan follow this track, she ask to shallan how broke the absolute genders rules of the vorin society, and start doing something for 'real' i am very fond of the character, the dialogue between skar and lyn is my favorite in the book.
  4. the oath is about perception, (kaldin-syl dialogue to the end) if you feel to follow your moral code, and your spren agree, there is no problem. gavilar was a warlord cutting his path to kingship through "knives in the back and soldiers on the field" (WoR), saedas usualy procedure for a conquered city was rather harsh, but dalinar and the rift... well was totaly on another scale. ishar placed the oath to bind and shape the progression of the KR, oath after oath his/her power increase, perhaps access to both surge, blade, plate, etc... the skybraker the recruitment i think this can be a good standard, even for order without squire. [the spren wach someone, they talk with the alredy bonded spren, they refer the people to the full knight and it start thier apprenticeship] if any progressive oath don't mark some advancement for the radiant it defile the oath system itself.
  5. become radiant is a road of personal progression. (for most at least) if the bondsmith third oath is about "take responsability of past action" i suppose every bondsmith had his/her share of "skeleton in the closet"
  6. i think is worth something mention of shallan illusion during the Thaylen City battle (and veil & Radiant after) had some 'substance'.she think had added some 'soulcasting' to make the effect.
  7. i suspect the shattering of the shattered plains share something with the destruction of the human's original planet. and find hardly belive is by gravititional surge.
  8. odium is binded by the power of honor and cultivation, the oathpact is a component, remove all the heralds will destroy, o at least huge weakened that cage, “Killing us won’t free you, will it?” Dalinar said. “You could rule us or destroy us, but either way, you’d still be trapped here.”
  9. the pattern of flashback story character for the first three books are pointed to two pivotal point. the first is the juncture between the story before the books and the story of the books, the other is the more psicological event of his/her life. for kaladin the first is the betrayal of amaram and the second the death of tien. for shallan the first is the death of the her father and the second is the death of the her mother for dalinar the first is the trip to the nightwathcer and the second evi's death. for a eshonai/venli book this patter will be follow? and in a affermative answer the two point should be? I think the bridge event between before the book and the book's story is the human discovery, but the second? the 'discovery' of stormform?
  10. in the realm of pure guessing... gold is the color of the king, so sadeas repainted his plate to leave the king's color for gavilar plate
  11. THIS WILL BE YOUR BOON. I WILL NOT MAKE OF YOU THE MAN YOU CAN BECOME. I WILL NOT GIVE YOU THE APTITUDE, OR THE STRENGTH, NOR WILL I TAKE FROM YOU YOUR COMPULSIONS. BUT I WILL GIVE YOU … A PRUNING. A CAREFUL EXCISION TO LET YOU GROW. THE COST WILL BE HIGH. oathbringer chapter 114 "the cost" if dalinar was real only the bloodthristy beast the cultivation works don't changed him. yes the young dalinar was a addicted pitless killer, his aging don't had change him realy much, but... - Dalinar spare Tanalan's son, mercy is a man attribute and a true beast had simply killed mother and son. - he start to ran for kill his brother in the mad lust of battle, but he stop himself a brief after, dalinar was aghast of his action, and that day he vow to himself to never sought his brother throne, a pure beast had simply killed gavilar. - evi's death drove him insane, he hear the same scream szeth hear, because both feel that deaths on their shoulder, deaths avoidable if they were different person, remorse isn't the mark of a beast - he ask to the nightwatcher 'forgiveness'... and after cultivation tell to him the remove of all evi memory "Dalinar squeezed his eyes shut. Evi … He had never deserved her." Evi was right, inside dalinar lie a seed of man, it is real a tragedy she needed to die for blossom it and put dalinar in the road of redemption,
  12. phrasing is important. we know a lightwaver progression is trough selfawareness, speaking the truth of himself. but i don't find even the hint of the number of that truth, can be four, but can be more or less based the life of the lightweaver, i suppose. “Is it true?” Shallan asked, tilting her head all the way back, looking up the side of the enormous tower toward the blue sky high above. “Am I one of them?” “Mmm . . .” Pattern said from her skirt. “Almost you are. Still a few Words to say.” “What kind of words? An oath?” “Lightweavers make no oaths beyond the first,” Pattern said. “You must speak truths.” WoR Chapter 87 "the riddens"
  13. this is a pure guessing, no proof attached this is the path squire -> radiant, like teft o lopen, i think if a high spren starting to bond someone he should be able to drew stormlight after the first oath.
  14. we realy know a lightweaver need to speak exactly four truth? because i find very hard to think any lightweaver of any time had just four hidden lie.
  15. but shallan in WoR is unable to make sound with her illusions. in oathbringer she had done for sure in the thaylenah city battle. this is an advancement, she had spoke the world, but had trouble with it, no much difference from the kaladin's struggle in WoR between his oath to protect and the vengeance over amaram/roshone/elhokar. she need to overcome the pain for progress more, but the truth is the advancement. there is another truth she accept near the end of WoR, the truth of her shardblade being different from the 'normal' other Adolin obeyed, scrambling forward, summoning his Shardblade. He rammed it into the slot, which again flowed to fit the weapon. Nothing happened. “It’s not working,” Adolin shouted. Only one answer. Shallan grabbed the hilt of his sword and whipped it out—ignoring the scream in her mind that came from touching it—then tossed it aside. Adolin’s sword vanished to mist. A deep truth. “There is something wrong with your Blade, and with all Blades.” She hesitated for just a second. “All but mine. Pattern!” WoR Chapter 86 "Patterns of Light" because early in the book “I’m sorry,” Tyn said, voice cold. “I’m going to have to tie this up tight. In a way, I’m proud of you. You fooled me. You’d have been good at this.” Calm, Shallan told herself. Be calm! Ten heartbeats. But for her, it didn’t have to be ten, did it? No. It must be. Time, I need time! WoR Chapter 34 "Blossoms and Cake"