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  1. What a debut by these Danish upstarts.
  2. I don't know if you are talking to me, but I am aware of this WoB and this is exactly not what I meant.
  3. In my eyes, only one person has ever really understood him and formulated that understanding, where even Kaladin himself only could say "Yes." in awe: Shallan. I don't mean any inherent Lightweaver magics, that might alleviate sadness and despair, but no, exactly what happened in the chasms during WoR, where she told him about pressing feelings of guilt. Though I kinda find it hard to believe them building any kind of relationship now, since Shallan seems to have chosen Shallan as her primary mask for the time being, who to validate Adolin had to paint Kaladin in the worst light possible. I'd also be surprised, if Kaladin would try to actively form any kind of friendship with her now after OB. I'm predicting a professional distance, maybe not even that. For the time being, anyway.
  4. The Bard's Song. Hands down.
  5. Superhero movies are boring.
  6. I don't, seeing how poor a job he did with Adolin and Shallan.
  7. If there is anyone, who doesn't need his protection and is going to make that abundantly clear, it's gonna be Jasnah. These differences actually are the kind of thing, that would make a relationship interesting. For some reason, the majority opinion on here is so vehemently anti-conflict, that every hint of an argument (e.g. how to deal with the Parshendi) is met with insane amounts of dismissal and "concern", while I believe, that both Kaladin and Jasnah could learn a lot from each other. Arguments are not evil, arguments build character and facilitate growth. Does it necessarily have to be romantic? Of course not, but I certainly see a possibility for it to be, since I don't believe their core values are that different. It's just, that they approach them very differently and that is where the "learning from each other" comes in.
  8. Gotcha. However, rekindling his relationship with Tarah just feels like too much of a consolation prize for me. I don't like it. Depends on how it is done I suppose. That is personal though. The thing with Kaladin finding a balance before he commits to a relationship is, that I don't believe that to be feasible. He needs the relationship to even start the process of balancing. Right now, he only has one side of the scale, for balancing to happen, he has to get something to put on the second arm of the scale and then balance the scale out. That was the point I was trying to make. It would of course be optimal that he learns the act of balancing beforehand, but I don't believe it to be feasible. In fact, how OB ended on the relationship front for him further cemented his belief of him not being worthy of love ("Instead he felt... agreement?", "Some people can always be happy. I wish I could be too." [paraphrased]), so I do believe, that to break out from this hole, he needs to find someone, who actually shows him, that he is worthy of love. Someone who does love him no matter what. Even in hard times, when he gets struck by depression again. Someone who understands, when he will struggle with finding his balance. I don't believe the existence of such a person is a magical "fix", since the mending process still will be done by Kaladin himself, but rather a catalyst for that process. Basically, I believe, that he can not find a balance before having something, someone, to balance his current responsibilities with. That and his low self-esteem I believe making learning that kind of balance beforehand infeasible. On the front of Adolin and Syl playing matchmakers, I still don't get the comedy in the situation. It's actually a bit sad. Making it humorous kinda just feels like making fun of the guy, who can't let himself be loved due to mental illness. I just can't laugh about that.
  9. I must have missed the part where Odium's forces made Kaladin a priority target.
  10. Eh, I doubt it. One of the defining things, that keeps fuelling his depression and his perceived guilt, is that he somehow always survives, while those he wants to protect don't or atleast end up hurt. He also isn't that easy to kill.
  11. It's funny, that Adolin is suddenly supposed to play matchmaker, when he has shown a baffling ineptitude at romance for the past years and needed an arranged marriage with a desperate woman to even show an ounce of success in that regard.
  12. For that to happen, he first has to try. With all the trials and tribulations. If he finds the right one, he'll find a balance. Waiting for him to balance before finding love is stupid, because he'll never have two sides to balance. Tarah wasn't the right one for him, which is why he didn't follow her. I don't doubt, that he loved her, but not enough to completely abandon his life for her. Likewise, he wasn't the right one for Tarah, because she also didn't drop her opportunity to stay with him. Hence, why I also think, that they are done. There was love, but it wasn't strong enough. The problem with Kaladin are not his obessions, but his depression. That is always the underlying issue with him. He doesn't believe he's worthy of being loved - not even by soldiers, his friends, who he is trying so hard to protect. There is nothing to balance, if he can't even form a relationship in the first place. If he doesn't let himself form a relationship.
  13. Adolin. Hopefully.
  14. Nah. Yeah, but primarily for that hot horizontal action.