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  1. A legal authority. If something like that doesn't exist yet, maybe it's time for a reform. Vigilante justice whenever someone threatens Dalinar is not the solution.
  2. Because his death was not Adolin's decision to make.
  3. Just because someone is crem, doesn't mean they deserve to die. I never pretended that Sadeas was innocent. Of course it is. That is what provoked him to finally do it. Sadeas taunting and threatening Dalinar. Anyway, this is turning into all against one again anyway. Good night.
  4. Unimportant. This is about morality and not my opinion. This is exactly not feeling guilty about the act. What he maybe is feeling guilty about is not feeling guilt. He didn't plan to "confess". He only did it when he could exploit it to not become king, because he was scared of it. There is no "self-defense" in politics. There are only assassinations to eliminate rivals.
  5. Adolin kills to keep and consolidate his family's power. He eliminated a political rival. i don't see the difference.
  6. If that was why Adolin turned it down, I would agree. It wasn't. He was scared. Well, Adolin isn't doing that. Read my post above.
  7. That what I'd even prefer before him dying. Going down a darker path. Because I don't even believe him to be such a "good guy". Re: @Toaster Retribution Adolin isn't exactly a good guy. Good guys don't kill people, because they threaten and provoke and then don't feel bad about it. Good guys don't relish in slaughtering Parshendi, even if they are "the enemy". What Adolin is, is likable. Charismatic, good-looking. The stuff, that blinds people. Dalinar even admits it, that his son isn't the man he thought he was. Kaladin wasn't a good guy either. Dalinar, too. But they at least try to be better. That is the key difference. They know they did awful things in the past and they accept it. They accept it and try to do better. I don't see anything of that in Adolin. He and Sadeas are actually very alike. Both are Machiavellians, consequentialists. The end justifies the means, morals suck. And I hope you're not trying to tell me, that Sadeas was a good guy after all.
  8. I'm a fan of Sanderson's books in general, my opinion of SA has dropped quite a bit after Oathbringer. And, quite frankly, yes, I think, it would. I can't say for sure, because I don't know how the story would have changed without Adolin in it (or if he died at the end of WoK, like he did in WoK Prime). But Adolin is a huge detriment to my enjoyment of reading SA currently, so my answer is yes.
  9. I don't know. Talent can go a long way. If there is a point I'd concede, it is this one though, yes. I absolutely have to disagree here. He didn't do more there than he did in previous courtships, even made the same mistakes like ogling the waitress on their first date, and those always fell apart, because of his lack of willingness to work. This time he was lucky because of Shallan's desperation. Again, disagree. Firstly, there are not a lot of instances where he really has to take responsibility. One of those instances was Sadeas murder. For which he did not take responsibility and kept his fianceƩ in the dark, while she was searching for Sadeas killer. How convenient, that she discovered Re-Shephir in the process, so he again didn't have to take responsibility. Like @Sedside already said, convenience is something that constantly follows Adolin and it annoys me to no end. He does take responsibility. Sometimes, when it suits and helps him to do so. Not when he needs to. If he did that, he would have become king, because that is when his princedom, his country and, most of all, his father needed him. Anyway, I suppose, that my view on Adolin is quite renowned by now - for better or worse. I don't like him, simple as that. I simply don't like to read him, he's not interesting to figure out and he doesn't resonate with me. A lot of his issues I perceive as whining, because of his privileged position. I don't want him to become a Radiant for the simple fact, that he doesn't deserve it. All other Radiants, that attained radiancy not through squireship, went through a proverbial hell to gain that and he should get it because he strokes his Shardblade sometimes? No, I don't think so. In my eyes, this question doesn't make much sense to ask, because he's obviously part of the plot now - just like Sadeas was. I can't say, how the plot would have changed without him. However, I don't believe, that his character is something that brings much to the table in regards to the whole package of the Stormlight Archive. Books are more than just stories.
  10. That is not my point. The fact, that Adolin would be the only one like this would make him special. Like I already said, distinguished by an unusual quality.
  11. Probably the most important band right now.
  12. Ah, but Lightweavers have to tell Truths to themselves about themselves. Finding self-awareness to break through the lies is the key for them. Adolin always was very aware about his involvement in the murder, he just hid it from the others.
  13. Dustbringer? Yeah, I have thought about that myself, though I can't really tell you why, because Dustbringers are still kinda a mystery to me. It was just a hunch due to destructive tendencies. Lightweaver though, I never thought about. Could you elaborate why?
  14. Just because Maya would want to bond with Adolin doesn't mean, that Adolin has it in him to progress. Also, please could the dogpiling stop, whenever someone says something against dear Adolin?
  15. Gee, I wonder, if there ever was such a thread, that was shut down. Instead the discussion is now spread onto many threads, that are tangent to it.