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  1. Judging from a few of these comments, I really wonder where along the road we lost the adult in adult fantasy.
  2. Laral is married to Roshone and seems pretty content with that...
  3. I'd call that an understatement. Pragmatic and ideological thinking are one of the most contrasting and tense juxtapositions in philosophy. Conflict is practically inevitable, but I don't see this as negative. Conflict is interesting.
  4. Or because his Dad got fed up with his endeavors, that got nowhere. Or because he was put in a betrothal, so social pressure (A thing Adolin verrrry much cares about - social standing) dictated, that he can't pursue other women. And the fact, that he already was through almost every eligible woman in the camps. Aside from an offhand remark towards Kaladin (again, lip service - nothing conveyed through his own thoughts) nothing is indicative, that Shallan was the catalyst, while his need to be in good standing in society and his family is well documented. As is Dalinar (and Navani)'s annoyance about Adolin's escapades, before he finally decides to go with Jasnah's suggestion of the causal. He would have never broken off this causal by himself, because of exactly that need to be in good standing with his family and society.
  5. Ah, this WoB. See this really doesn't "resolve" anything. It is good, that we finally have clarification, that Shallan made her choice and most likely will stand behind her choice. Although even this clarification has to be taken with a grain of salt, since WoBs aren't really definitive. But that is beside the point. Thing is, that Shallan would actively go against her decision is something, that I have doubted straight from the beginning. She's way too invested into keeping it up - not only due to her mental stability, but also because I do believe, that she feels something for him - for whatever reason -, yet I'm also convinced, that she did for Kaladin too. That just got shoveled on to Veil, which doesn't necessarily mean, that those feelings are gone. More like on hiatus is how it feels to me. However, this WoB does nothing to alleviate some other concerns: It doesn't exclude possible external sources of disturbance. Like death. Veil. Shallan will definitely continue to struggle with that. Especially which how Veil functions as an "unwanted feelings cache". That Adolin's stance to the relationship is pretty much still up in the air. We have lip service, that he is committed, but his thoughts never reflect that very much, eventhough he is one of the characters with a quite high PoV chapter count. Funny how that is, isn't it? Sure, he gets jealous once, but more due to the fact, that he sees himself as insufficient, which is also presented as the sole motivation for him to even get into a relationship with Shallan. He didn't want to disappoint his family. Valid motivation, though the question is if he really can commit to it in the long run. The WoB maybe resolves Shallan's side of the commitment, but Adolin's it doesn't even touch. Like the rest of the books don't either. There is always two to a relationship. I actually find it a bit amusing, that no one even considers the possibility, that Adolin might be the detriment to the relationship - and I'm not even discounting infidelity in that, looking at his past serial dating phase. I'm not surprised though, because his thoughts never give reason to think that. On the other hand, they also never give a clear cut picture about how he really feels about Shallan. Not denying him being attracted to her, that is shown often enough, but I'm talking about feelings. That is the whole thing, that seems so fishy. Shallan does indeed think about him a lot - her feelings make a lot of sense, even subjectively. Adolin doesn't think about her a lot - his supposed feelings might make sense objectively, due to his wish to not disappoint his family, but subjectively? Not really. Nothing I would really call loving. And that is what keeps me unconvinced about them.
  6. I respect your opinion, but please don't try to tell me which topics to discuss, because you deem them as more important. Thank you.
  7. It is what I did. I asked you a question. It is you, that replied with an angry accusation of me putting words in your mouth. Anyway, I'm out. This is going nowhere. But, for the record, I don't agree with you.
  8. I'm not putting words in your mouth. Here, I'll even quote you. This means, that you are acknowledging that they are. Everything else is my interpretation based on that statement. So, if her past and present are equal and Kaladin knows her past, while Adolin knows her present, but neither knows both, neither of them can help her? Or can both of them help her in the same capacity?
  9. So, you are telling me, that I am right, because her past is actually the root of her current problems and to actually help her, her past has to be known? You are acknowledging, that the present is inextricably linked to her past by causation, right?
  10. About her issues, but not about herself. What you think is more important for a life relationship is your own opinion.
  11. And by extent, Adolin, since the objective truth is hidden from him. Whether or not she is willfully lying to him is irrelevant. The relationship is built on untruth. At any rate: Shallan didnt get married because she loves Adolin and wants to commit to a relationship, end of story. She just didnt. Her entire thought process regarding Adolin is thus: 1 - Hes physically attractive. Especially his hair. 2 - Hes sweet, but intellectually inferior 3 - Hes not Kaladin 4 - Hes a good match, socially, and the kind of guy she would have dreamed of growing up (what girl doesnt?) But those arent he reasons she decided to marry him. She married him because: 1 - He was trying to leave--every time he mentions or insinuates anything remotely similar, she doubles down on the relationship and goes overboard proving to him that he is what she wants 2 - She panicked about Veil and Radiant, deciding that they arent her and therefore what they want is irrelevant, and stuffed them into a box so that they wouldnt mess things up for her 3 - Because shes deluded herself into thinking that Adolin knows who she is, and is therefore the best one for her, because she suffered such a psychological blow as Veil back in Kholinar (her run-to, back up persona) that she couldnt ground herself anymore
  12. It is absolutely different, since she hasn't even acknowledged these feelings of being from herself, but rather from Veil and is deceiving her future life partner, that she never had those feelings for Kaladin, but that Veil did. There is no honesty in this. Just lies. An apparent truth, that isn't a truth is no truth. If the so-called truth isn't true, there is no honesty.
  13. She. Does. The actual worry of Adolin wasn't, that she might not like him. No. It was, that she likes Kaladin too - maybe more - due to tangible reasons of her leering at him. These things is what she is telling him to wave away, because "Veil was the one fond of him". I can quote the book too: I'm fine with that.
  14. And how did your wife react to it? That is key. Did she just tell you "it is nothing, forget it." Or, did she acknowledge your worries and actually talk about them with you? I suspect, that it was the latter and I congratulate you to have found this person in your life, I really do. But that isn't what Shallan does, she tells Adolin to "forget about it", because Veil is the one fond of Kaladin, which is actually Shallan at the root... A thing, that you already acknowledged. This wouldn't make your situation comparable to the one between your wife and you. He is. I mean, the interpretation of him actually being perfect does depend on your own moral views of whether or not it was right to kill Sadeas, but the fact, that he faces no repercussions for it, does paint him as having done the right thing, despite having done a quite wrong thing (killing in a fit of rage).
  15. See, the bolded part? It never was made clear, that he actually wants that. He wants her. That is what he said, but what is her? The front, that she posed for him or everything, that he doesn't even know? That is exactly the point, because no one can make these statements without actually knowing the person he is pledging his love for. Unconditional love is reliant on actually knowing, that the love you are proclaiming might clash with usual conditions you might have. Adolin doesn't have that with Shallan. You can only proclaim unconditionality of love, if you actually know the worst - the nadir - of your partner. Which conclusions exactly? I'm not calling him thoughtless at all. Him wanting to break off the relationship is actually quite thoughtful. What I'm calling him is desperate to keep the relationship going. His first objective was to actually keep a girl for once and marry her. This was his problem all along. His desperation shows, that when he tries to break off the relationship due to Shallan's leering looks towards Kaladin and Shallan tells him to just "forget about it", he just handwaves it away and suddenly his worries are just gone. If he was truly passionate about the relationship, he'd be furious, that his girlfriend/promised wife was making googly eyes to another guy. His disconnect from the whole thing is so unrealistic, that I don't see the passion in it, that everyone tries to tell me is there. All his viewpoints in OB are similar, hell, @Dreamstorm made a great compilation about moments, where he is more passionate about Kaladin, than he ever is about Shallan. It is not hard to make these conclusions, but only if you don't come from a pro-Adolin standpoint to being with. He is painted as this perfect being. Too perfect to be human to be honest. And I just can't believe it to be true.