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  1. Yes, of course. Well, then allow me to contribute to this quality discussion. This isn't even about Adolin's preceived brokenness to attract a spren, but whether or not Maya will be revived. I think it's way too premature to say, that it *will* happen, which is what this topic says. There is a *possibility*, but we know that it is extremely hard and all this constant drivel about how it absolutely will happen builds up unnecessary expectations.
  2. Dunno why they always proceed to tell me what they know I already know. Swear to God. At this point, it's just a propaganda war.
  3. It makes absolutely no sense. I suppose Heyne did it for marketing reasons. I guess, they thought "Brunnen des Aufstiegs" wouldn't sell as well.
  4. That really just seems like wishful thinking. None of our current examples "broken" are in the same ballpark as a lack of "self-confidence". They are much worse.
  5. Hopefully not. That sounds like a good idea. No sarcasm.
  6. Thirteen years. Thirteen. Can't wait for the studio version.
  7. Depends on which genres you listen to. I actually find most metal genres to have some quite good lyrics, though YMMV On the actual thread topic (and also an example of good lyrics):
  8. Kaladin doesn't need a matchmaker.
  9. What a debut by these Danish upstarts.
  10. I don't know if you are talking to me, but I am aware of this WoB and this is exactly not what I meant.
  11. In my eyes, only one person has ever really understood him and formulated that understanding, where even Kaladin himself only could say "Yes." in awe: Shallan. I don't mean any inherent Lightweaver magics, that might alleviate sadness and despair, but no, exactly what happened in the chasms during WoR, where she told him about pressing feelings of guilt. Though I kinda find it hard to believe them building any kind of relationship now, since Shallan seems to have chosen Shallan as her primary mask for the time being, who to validate Adolin had to paint Kaladin in the worst light possible. I'd also be surprised, if Kaladin would try to actively form any kind of friendship with her now after OB. I'm predicting a professional distance, maybe not even that. For the time being, anyway.
  12. The Bard's Song. Hands down.
  13. Superhero movies are boring.
  14. I don't, seeing how poor a job he did with Adolin and Shallan.