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  1. Gotcha, yeah that's a good point.
  2. I like this theory. Although I do think it is very improbable. I feel like the Shards would give more deference or at least respect to Hoid if he really were the physical manifestation of Adonalsium. Also Secret History Spoilers And So Adonalsium was definitely killed, but that doesn't totally leave out the possibility that he left a shadow behind. So I like your thinking, but in my opinion if there is a shadow it's not very likely that it is Hoid, but who knows crazier things have happened. So is Adonalsium.
  3. Silence Divine is supposed have a magic system where people gain powers when they are sick and then lose them when they get better. So that may be a future example of what you're talking about. Of course that could always change depending on when and if Sanderson writes it but I think that idea is interesting because like you said we don't see that kind of thing very often. It'd be cool to have a more open magic system where anyone could gain powers under certain conditions.
  4. No, its not either of those, but you're really close. This character is female.
  5. Nope, it is not Jasnah, Sazed, or Lightsong. This character is not from a major cosmere work.
  6. Alright, this character is rather non-traditional.
  7. You're right, I had forgotten exactly how that worked. Ok, so I'm not going crazy, thanks for confirming that. That makes sense, so if someone was impaled by a random piece of metal, Ruin would not be able to influence them right? Because the spike doesn't have a charge, so it wouldn't affect their spirit web and create a hole for Ruin to use? Thank you Calderis and The One Who Connects.
  8. Hello, I've been looking a bit deeper into the workings of the Metallic Arts and came up with a long list of questions about them that I'm hoping to get some answers on. However, I realize some if not most of them probably don't have very clear cut answers, hopefully those ones make for some interesting discussion. It was actually a lot longer, but I managed to trim it down after doing some Coppermind/Arcanum searching. I wasn't sure where to put this thread since there are so many questions and I didn't think it would work well in the Cosmere Questions, so I put it here. If thats wrong, please move it to where it belongs. Thanks in advance for answering them. If a person were a pewter compounder, could they burn pewter while storing strength and thereby store more than if they weren't burning pewter? So basically could a pewter compounder store strength faster than normal pewter ferrings without actually compounding? I'm guessing no because feruchemical pewter seems to be more about muscle mass than just strength, but I'm curious to see what you guys think. What would happen if you burned duralumin while compounding? So you burn your metalmind while also burning duralumin, would this give you an increased amount of that feruchemical attribute compared to if you were compounding while not burning duralumin? Would it have some other effect? I'm about 95% certain this is just in my head, but for some reason I feel like I remember hearing about a way to compound for infinite allomancy instead of the normal way of it for feruchemy, but can someone please confirm that I'm just dreaming? How exactly does feruchemical nicrosil work? Can only one feruchemical or allomantic power be stored per nicrosilmind? If so, how do the Bands work, because it seems like 1 nicrosilmind. Were a bunch of nicrosilminds melted into one piece and then put into the Bands? I believe this was touched on briefly in the Kelsier v. Kaladin thread, but what happens when you burn atium inside a speed bubble? Would the atium shadows outside the bubble slow down accordingly while the ones inside move at a regular speed (from your perspective)? Spikes need a hemalurgic charge, intent, and correct placement in a bindpoint to grant somebody powers right? Would a spike without 1 of those requirements still have an effect on the person? I'm kinda going off this quote from the Coppermind So I guess what I'm really wondering is whether or not a spike that's not in a bindpoint but with a charge and the correct intent would still allow Ruin to influence/control the person spiked without granting them powers. Are there any other effects to something like this? More generally, how important are bindpoints in Hemalurgy? Thanks! I appreciate you taking the time to read this and answer. (And sorry if you are tired of answering all these same questions.)
  9. When you read this in the Book of Judges And immediately think of hemalurgy. So, Biblical Inquisitors confirmed?
  10. Me: But seriously, this is a really hard question. I love them both in their own ways. Mistborn is amazing all around, the Metallic Arts is my favorite magic system of Sanderson's and HoA is definitely my favorite ending as of yet. I also really enjoyed many of the themes throughout mistborn. On the other hand, stormlight probably wins as my favorite series, however I feel that they are hard to compare since the stormlight books are much longer and there are more than three times as many books, a lot more content can be packed in there. (although I guess not if you count all the eras, but the difference is that stormlight doesn't have large gaps between eras, it's much more of 1 continuous story) I think Stormlight has more interesting worldbuilding and a much larger scope with a lot of big, Cosmere-relevant stuff going on. There was also a good amount of that in mistborn, but not so much until the 3rd book. But again, that is mostly due to their length. So, I love them both for different things, but if I was forced to choose, stormlight would win even though mistborn is a very, very close second in my opinion.
  11. She seriously needs some help with her mental health