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  1. I was rereading oathbringer the UK version on p. 500 the sixth paragraph calls the warcamp Dalinar is walking through a campus. Just wanted to check if it was intentional or not.
  2. I just noticed that Ulim and that yellow white spren Kaladin talked to seem to be smarter in the Physical Realm than both Pattern and Syl were. Why do they not seem stupid or lose memories on Roshar? Ulim even had memories that went far back to the Desolations so he could tell Venli the forms. While the other yellow spren seem smart enough in the Physical Realm to command the newly awakened parshmen armies even without the Fused's help? Are there separate rules for voidspren or are honorspren etc just plan dumb?
  3. How do they make wine on Dayside? Do they have any grapes or what?
  4. Ok, that makes sense that the plants biologically resemble Rosharan plant life but I was looking at the luminescencence and thinking that Darksiide flora and fauna would look like glowworms and glowing jellyfish and maybe the water would have some kind of phosphorescence to it. Thats what I guessed it would look like because the Darksiders need some other light besides their sun especially if electricity has not been invented yet. Pandora on Avatar popped in mind because the jungle came alight at night without particularly being as bright as the daytime etc.
  5. Hey, I just read Arcanum Unbounded and learned that Darkside has uv light and the plants have adapted to it and are luminescent. So do they look like the Avatar movie just below? Found the image on Google Images and don't know about copyright things on this site.
  6. I was wondering whether Brandon has decided that all the information and stories about Taldain, Khriss and the Shard Autonomy and her isolationism will only be dealt with in graphic novel form because that would not be very effective would it? All this cosmere stuff I think would be much better explained in written form even if it is in a short novella as graphic novels tend to be on the action heavy side which would not be compatible with the sort of scholarly tone set by Khriss herself.
  7. The three domains on Sel may perhaps be inspired by certain empires that existed during the middle ages. The Fjorden one reminds me of the Holy Roman Empire centred around one religion and spreading it through the Crusades while the Rose Empire may be the Chinese Imperial Empire with a mixture of Eastern Europe like Russia and some of the Mongolian tribes. The empire may be close to what the Persian/Ottoman Empire was on Earth because there is a desert at the bottom of the map in the Tenth Anniversary Edition of Elantiris and the Persians had an empire that spread all the way to India with deserts and jungle. But I may be wrong. If I recall these empires kind of ignored each other on Earth right? Khriss mentions snow plains and I guess that would be the Rose Empire because it is found to the north of Teod etc.What do you think?