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  1. Shadesmar beads are made out of a Physicalized form of investiture. In my opinion, its an envelope of sorts that let the bead manifest as a bead and not as the object it represents.
  2. RShara, (and somebody correct me if I'm wrong,) everything has a spren that manifests into shadesmar as a sphere. Because of the cognitive and spiritual links between any object, wyndle can have a (chair?) collection in shadesmar. Everything that has a physical aspect has a spren, even if it is extremely weak. You see this in soulcasting, like when shallan talks to the stick
  3. Do they have dedicated spren that appear as a person, or as a small bead perhaps when manifested in shaedsmar, or do they simply not appear because it is pure investiture.
  4. If you had a shield made of aluminum, it could block a shardblade, yes?
  5. If you can draw Aons midair with investiture I think that the Shape is what allows it to be used, not what the shape is made of
  6. Yes, we need more info, but the basis of my point still stands
  7. Aluminum very well could be a "shattered godmetal" But certainly not Adonalsium's I personally am of the opinion that like most things in The Cosmere, Everything has a Push and a Pull. I think that Aluminum is the godmetal of who or whatever shattered Adonalsium, because of its interactions with most types of very shardic investiture. We really need more information on "dark investiture" or Investiture that happens as a result of a non shardic Deity. Trell Is certainly a candidate for non shardic Investiure. Just a few thoughts I've had.
  8. I don't think that the Aons need to have a Conduit or Investiture charge to enter the physical realm any more than Aons drawn go around or follow the very physical shape of Sel. An argument can be made that using an aluminum plate would interfere with the "feeding" of the Aon on investiture. This point, however, functions on a concept of aluminum absorbing, or "black holeing" investiture, which isn't how aluminum works. Aluminum simply isn't detectable, not because of a hole in the investiture necessarily, but because it can't have investiture actively pushed through it in any way. Because of the very Physical nature of the Aonic magic system, namely through a series of symbolic interpretations of the layout of the land, and simply channeling investiture through symbols, an Aon would work better because it cannot be interfered with in any way. Soulstamps, very similarly to Aons, use a symbol with cognitive, rather than physical connotations. A soulstamp inflicts an investiture charge onto an object, changing a cognitive portion of the spiritweb, and therefore changing other Physical and Spiritual aspects of the object. Aons don't function through anything except form.
  9. This is an interesting question. I think that with the Dor, and the nature of its runic and very pattern based magic, would work the same if inscribed into aluminum. I think the only benefit to using an aluminum base for a rune would be that the Fullborn Simply wouldn't be able to manipulate it with Allomancy.
  10. My personal opinion is that, because of the nature of the Dor and the way It has to follow a land/terrain to be able to fully unleash its own power, traversing the Cognitive Dor would be similar to traversing the land, but with the added danger of not being on a completely material plane.
  11. What Exactly is she? Is this just a rare form or cremling? are there any theories on what she is or what she will become?
  12. Does Adolin have the potential to become a full Edgedancer? I feel like Maya, having been already bonded is going to maybe have adverse effects to initiating another nahel bond, or wont be able to bond fully. What do yall think
  13. I think a good thing to remember is that when a shardblade is manifested, it is literally brought into the physical realm. the fact that a blade is dead doesn't matter, because it still manifests the same way.
  14. so basically What im hearing is that youd have to have taravangian-like leves of intelligence to be able to use soulcasting to effectively heal /repair a person.
  15. I think the spiritweb function works regardless, because of the spiritual nature of the flesh and bone essences... Right?