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  1. Not sure what you mean, Badadah. How do you download Arena?
  2. Hello everyone I know that some of us have been playing Magic the Gathering for awhile, and some have just started. With the release of Arena, and subsequently the release of the direct challenge feature, I think the time has come to see who has the chops to be crowned the monarch of the 17th Shard in Magic the Gathering! So, the first tournament. Sign up here over the next week or so, with your wizards name and your decklist. For the first tournament this will be a Pauper tournament! For those who don't know, Pauper means no card in your deck can be of a higher rarity than common. All matches will be best of 3, and the tournament as a whole will be double elimination. I'll set up pairings. After you are paired, you have 3 days to play your games and report your results. I'll set up an online chart of the tournament when I have all the participants. If you have any questions, feel free to send me a private message or poke me on the Discord. Let's see who can come out on top!
  3. So I know there's another thread similar to this, but it's in a section that is supposed to have no spoilers. Moving some of my old ones here, so that I can spoil to my heart's content. Anyone else is welcome to join me. For a first one: To the tune of "We Are the Crystal Gems" by Rebecca Sugar <Kaladin> If you're voidspren and you're on the rise You can count on the four of us taking you down Because we've got spren and we've got Stormlight powers We'll kick your butt and then go out for chouta We are knights radiant And we'll probably save the day And if you think we can't We'll machina a way That's why the people of Roshar Believe in Kholin Kaladin and Szeth and Shallan! <Dalinar> If you could only know The disasters I've seen When the highstorms come And sweep me into dreams You'd be amazed to see Honor's Radiance and worth And I will unite mankind And I will unite this earth And I will unite this earth I will unite them! <Shallan> I will fight for a chance to be me And live together with my family <Dalinar> I will fight in the name of Roshar And everyone that I believe in <Szeth> I will fight in the name of Kholin The most honorable man I've ever known <Kaladin> I will fight to be everything Tien wanted me to become in Hearthstone <All> The odds are against but we aren't going to do it alone! We are knights radiant And we'll probably save the day And if you think we can't We'll machina a way That's why the people of Roshar Believe Kholin Kaladin and Szeth and Shallan!
  4. Forgot this section was spoiler free. Deleting and posting in cosmere
  5. To the tune of I'm Your Moon by Jonothan Coulton Hey Kal you're a Windrunner That's why you glow I wasn't going to tell you But it turns out, you're pretty slow I keep telling you to relax I keep saying there's one thing they can't take I'm your spren You're my knight And we are Radiant From up here, all of your worries just seem so small Promise me You will always remember who you are Let yourself trust your bridgemen Watch them learn and grow We're the ones who are leading Teaching them how far they can go You don't have to save everyone Sometimes you have to help them save themselves I'm your spren You're my knight And we are Radiant From up here, all of your worries just seem so small Promise me You will always remember who you are Who you were Long before Tien left you Alone You could probably date Shallan She could make you smile She hasn't even said oaths yet So I think you've got quite awhile And if that does not work out I will always be right here next to you I'm your spren You're my knight And we are Radiant From up here, all of your worries just seem so small Promise me You will always remember who you are
  6. Ok, so here's the Vortaan approved breakdown of what I think each Shardworld is like, culinary speaking. There's some caveats. Many cultures we don't see enough food to judge entirely what they eat. I'm also basing a lot of things on what real world cultures the Cosmere culture is based on. This is going to be a somewhat wordy post, at least for me, so let's get started. SEL Sel is one of the more diverse Shardworlds from a cultural standpoint. Kiin's table has dishes that seem reminiscent of anything from Thai food to noveau French. That said, I suspect the Jindo are very similar to a traditional Chinese or Vietnamese, but with the addition of potatoes as a starch. There is a WoB that relates that Arelon itself is more like medieval Spain, and I imagine that carries over to Teod too. Fjordell and Svordish I honestly have no idea on, but based on their cultures I am going to make an educated guess at German or Swedish food, possibly even Russian. NALTHIS Nalthis is an easier world to make guesses about, because we only have two cultures with a shared lineage. That said, the split between the Idrians and the Hallandrens makes me think that their foods have vastly digressed since the formation of Idris. This is apparently backed up by Siri being completely unfamiliar with much of the food of T'Telir. Using that, I am going to speculate that Hallandren pre-Manywar was very similar to Renaissance Italy, with a lot of local cuisines and a heavy emphasis in seafood and exotic foods at the ports and on the coasts. Post-Manywar, Hallandren likely went further down this route, but now I imagine them mixing in equivalents to North African influences. I expect their food drifted towards more flavorful, involving more spices. As the population grew, a greater emphasis would have been put on easily acquired food, and as a seafaring culture the ocean is likely where most of it comes from. This is backed by the dried squid Vasher feeds to Vivenna, as it is probably the cheapest available foodstuff. Idris, on the other hand, I think would be more equivalent to pre-Industrial Revolution England. Their cuisine would be very bland, seasoned mainly by root vegetables and garlic. The main meat is likely mutton, and I expect that for most Idrians meat is a sometimes addition to a table and not a primary part of every meal. FIRST OF THE SUN First of the Sun is another one that we don't see much of. I am going to just put them down as Polynesian inspired food, likely high in seafood, with something equivalent to pork being eaten but not regularly. There are likely more spices, but this is one of the cultures I expect to eat more fruit than others as part of their diet. SCADRIAL Scadrial is pretty clearly influenced by France in it's names and culture, and this influence seems to carry over to it's food. Vin's experience in the ballrooms of Luthadel are very noveau cuisine, while the bay wraps are not out of place in French peasant food. The large haunches of meat with heavy gravy are also a staple of certain kinds of French cooking, and the canning process was invented by a Parisian confectioner. All of these parallels lead me to believe that Scadrian food is French and evolved along similar lines, to the point where current Scadrian food in the Wax and Wayne era is probably very equivalent to early 1900s food in France. Unfortunately , this places it as equivalent to food being eaten around the time of World War 1, which isn't ominous at all. ROSHAR Roshar is hard to parse as a whole. We get most of our exposure through either the Alethi or other Vorin kingdoms, and it's fairly clear to me that the Vorin kingdoms have all been culturally influenced by the Alethi to some degree. That said, there's some things I think we can guess. Lavis grain is probably a very high protein grain, and Vorins probably don't have access to many good leavening agents. This is indicated by Kaladin and Shallan's references to "fluffy" Thaylen bread, indicated a lower-protein variant of the grain in the Thaylen region, or a better grade of yeast. Food in Alethkar is probably very similar to Persian food. The regions even look similar on a map. In addition, Persia and that region of the world was an area where many cultures met and traded influences. Alethkar was at other times a conquering nation, and it's more than likely that some other influences came home with them. Chouta in particular I imagine as something similar to a falafel with an indian-style onion gravy, served on a fairly dense flatbread. That's all the analysis I've done so far. I'm working on recipes, and will possibly post some down the line.
  7. A little something inspired by the Discord. Sing to the tune of Don't Stop Believing by Journey. Just a skaa born girl, thieving in a ruined world She'd follow a psychopath nearly anywhere Just a tineyed boy, left with an uncle he annoyed He'd follow a psychopath nearly anywhere A noble in a smoky room With messy hair and sloppy suits With a smile he turns a page And builds a dream to change to world [Chorus] Ash stained peasents working in the boulevard Struggling, dying in the night Nobles, Mistborn, pretending that they aren't struggling Dancing somewhere in the night Planning hard to get my fill Got a lot of blood to spill There are no innocents In this house war Some will live, some will die Some will thrive and some will cry Oh, the battle never ends It goes on and on and on and on [Chorus] Ash stained peasents working in the boulevard Struggling, dying in the night Nobles, Mistborn, pretending that they aren't struggling Dancing somewhere in the night [Outro] Don't stop surviving Last long to be thriving Nobles, skaa born Don't stop survivng Hold on Nobles, skaa born Don't stop surviving Last long to be thriving Nobles, skaa born
  8. How does the phrase "distant but demanding" put anyone in mind of Tien? He wasn't demanding in the least. I wonder if the voice was another potential windrunner somewhere else
  9. Two things. One, maybe take the tone down a bit? You are coming across pretty confrontational in your posts, which I'm fairly sure is not your intention. Two, the perfect gemstones seem to be developed around the same time of the Recreance, given the epigraphs from the Elsecaller. That could have gone one of two ways. Either they could have been created around that time, or they could have been carved off the stone of ten dawns. If the first happened, then there wouldn't be a historical record of them prior to the Recreance. If the second happened, then there would also not be a historical record of them prior to the Recreance. I think a third option could be that the perfect gemstones are an attempt to recreate the power of the Dawnshards.
  10. Oh this got moved. Neat! But yeah, I'm happy with what of it came true. I was wrong about the Voidbringers not being Parshenid... sort of? I think I am still correct about the link between Dawnchant and the Parshendi language, but I don't think they are speaking Dawnchant so much as a derivative language. I have no idea what the Dawnshards are though anymore. Something that is probably different from Soulcasters or the Honorblades.
  11. To the tune of "Shiny" from Moana Well you see Rashek didn't use to have this bod I used to be a mad little pack man But then I gained the powers of a god Now I'm divinity, baby Did the Surivor say, "He is just a man"? "He has faults, we can beat him"? I just need three words to prove to you you can't Your Keslier died Oh I'm the Lord Ruler I use Allomancy like I am a boss And you're a hoss next to the Lord Ruler I wear bracelets just to show off all my skills Give you a toss, don't you know? Skaa are dumb, dumb, dumb They think that I'm not dominant, dumb peasents Oh, and here they come, come, come To stab the only thing that's dominant Look dead peasents. I'd like a challenge Is this all you could manage? Well, well, well Little Mistborn's having trouble with my priest You little urchin vermin gutter trash Ouch! What a terrible performance Get a spike! (For her) At least your mentor did some damage, girl Yet I have to give you credit for your try Even if you are dumber than Kelsier And now I can give a new Inquistor atium Don't try to run, you see I'm the Lord Ruler! You'll never how much worse off you could be And you wont's see, because I'm the Lord Ruler Send your rabble but they could not ever hinder me I'd kill endlessly, Mistborn girl You could try, try, try But you can't expect a gutter trash To beat an Ascendant (look it up) You will die, die, die Now it's time for me to take apart Your aching heart Far from a challenge I've found you quite boring You've upset the priesthood With this little House Warring You've fought hard to win But you're just a dirty urchin, Vin Mistborn! Do you you feel ever so forlorn? I'm not someone I am the Lord Ruler Just give up because if manage to kill me Then you'll see , why I'm the Lord Ruler I've protected you for more than ten centuries And you'll agree You could never be the Lord Ruler You'll probably miss the Lord Ruler!
  12. I didn't, I just think that wasn't a cross breeding program so much as some Shard higgery pokery. Also maybe mateform is pretty versatile?
  13. I honestly have no idea so I didn't bother speculating. I don't think they were Singer gods, though. Singers seemed tied closer to the spren, like the Rider of Storms and whatever Nightwatcher was before she became the Nightwatcher. The only thing I have is that the vessels for Honor and Cultivation were once human, so maybe they just sided with their own kind? The only problem I have there is that Roshar life and Ashyn life is so radically different. It would be like a disease jumping from humans to lobsters. I mean, Singers have orange blood. I have no idea what that signifies biologically, but it probably indicates enough of a difference that Singers can't catch human diseases. The Ashyn pathogens would also be having to fight the Investiture that made the humans too healthy to infect, so... eh. It's an interesting idea, but I don't think that was a major factor. Keep in mind too that there was apparently a period where both cultures existed peacefully. Ash and Hoid both mention dancing with Singers at functions.
  14. Hello everyone. While talking with some other people recently, I hit on an idea that I think explains humanity's success in their first attack against the Singers. To set the stage, humanity at this point is living in Shinovar, does not have Surgebinding, and is probably less populous than the Singers. How is humanity so successful then, that the Singers feel the need to ally with Odium and create the Fused to fight back? Where does this power that allowed the initial conflicts go? I believe that the answer to both questions is that humanity still had access to Surges... from the diseases of Ashyn. 1) Ashyn's Investiture accesses Surges, and is disease based. This point is the keystone of the whole theory, so first let's look at some WoBs. This WoB vaguely details the mechanics of Ashyn's Investiture. Ashyn's powers are accessed when you grow ill, and they go away when you get better. Additionally we have this WoB. These two things together imply that catching a disease let you access the Surges, in slightly different forms than Radiants currently can. I think we can make a safe assumption that anyone with these diseases is going to be capable of similar feats to those we've see from our Radiants. This brings us to point number two. 2) The Surges allowed humanity the ability to expand aggressively So when humanity arrived on Roshar from Ashyn, they might have had some of these diseases among their population. Humans stayed in Shinovar long enough for some sembalance of peace to exist between Singer and human. However, at some point humanity aggressively expanded, to the point that every major Singer city was captured. Every Dawncity is likely a former Singer capital. How did humanity do this? The Elia Steele gives us a hint: So humanity was using Surges. The problem with this is that the nahel bond could not have existed at this point. The nahel bond mimics the Honorblades, and the Honorblades did not come into existence until the Fused came into existence, which had to have been after this initial aggressive expansion. So how was humanity using the Surges? The diseases of Ashyn. Where did these diseases go, then? Well... 3) The extra Investiture from repeated exposure to Stormlight made humanity too disease resistant Humans expanded aggressively, and then settled in Singer territories, probably very confident in their ability to hold on to their gains. Of course we know that they didn't, so what changed? Humans began to become Invested by the background Investiture of the storms. Every so often, humanity gets bombarded by large amounts of free floating Investiture. Unlike any native life form on Roshar, it has no way to express itself, so in the case of humans it just makes humanity as a whole healthier, and more resistant to disease. This WoB seems to back up this theory: So humanity becomes more disease resistant, the Ashyn diseases start dying off. This leads us to the Second Desolation. Somehow, the Singer have recovered their numbers, and in addition have made a bargain with Odium to create the Fused, the Regals, and access Surges. This puts humanity on the defensive, and requires the Oathpact and eventually the Radiants to give humanity relatively even footing. Conclusion: I think I've made a pretty good argument for the timeline of the first two conflicts between humanity and the Singers. I've left out any mention of Urithuru, because I don't know how it fits in yet. I am also not really sure how the Girl Who Looked Up fits in, unless she somehow allowed stormlight to inundate the Shinovar region like it does the rest of the world. Anyway, would like to hear people's thoughts.
  15. Renarin was hiding his abilities, Dalinar just became one at the end of Words of Radiance, Gavilar doesn't seem to have completed a bond, and Jasnah is pretty good at misdirection. I think by the time Nale would have turned his eyes towards the Kholins, he had other things to worry about.