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  1. Chemistry! Also @Sunbird I love your photos!!
  2. I found this guy on YouTube while looking for music to study to, his piano arrangements are pretty neat (The actual, recognisable song starts a couple minutes in, before that he's just playing around with chords)
  3. I haven't got any advice that hasn't already been said, but *hugs* for everyone.
  4. Thank you!
  5. I'm pretty good. Started a summer internship in a lab, but there's not a lot to do at the moment so it's lots of sitting around reading research papers.
  6. I will too!
  7. Oof. What do you do for a job? (If you don't mind me asking) I'm in my last 2 weeks before uni exams, so I worked on a group assignment and wrote out a lot of notes.
  8. I'm at DIDGERIDOO as well, I just got a little buried under all the posts while I was busy irl.
  9. $: Gallifreyan from Doctor Who, or one of the Elvish languages from Lord of the Rings, purely because I like how the writing looks. 54: Having seen the aftermath of several bad earthquakes and a couple cyclones, they're all pretty bad. The cyclones did a lot less damage though. $#2: I'm dairy-free. Plain cheese pizza isn't worth the effort, it's gotta be at least pepperoni. H: See, now, that would be telling. !3$: Cabbage. If you cook it right, it's not so bad. PJ: Several. Buying unneeded stationery is a weakness of mine. $223: Nearest book is my lab notebook (I'm writing a report). Third word is acetoacetate. 74: A window, a picnic table, several trees. 63g: Grey 4#3: Meh, the novelty would wear off pretty quickly. ¥: Dell ⇎: I see your fauns, centaurs and mermaids, and I raise you griffins, hippocampi, merlions, chimera......... ⌨: Absolutely. 45532: Hello!
  10. Fair enough
  11. I wasn't planning on it, no. Why's that?
  12. A woman walked up to the counter, and appeared to say something, although Ava didn't quite catch it over the ruckus. "I'll be right with you ma'am, I'm just going to serve this man over here." She made her way over to the Azish man, who was signalling for a waiter, stepping over the broken glass of the drink cabinet. "What can I do for you, sir?"
  13. The black sphere is May Aladar?
  14. Flight of the Conchords is classic. Also anything by Taika Waititi. Yes, Lord of the Rings was largely filmed here. The Hobbiton set is a big tourist attraction now. Ofelia is a pretty name!