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  1. Part of the reason why I think my idea would work is that the fused are cognitive shadows, spirits that carry a piece of odium power. One of the unmade causes its host to grow crystals, which reminds me of gem hearts. They are magic condensed into physical matter. So such a bonding could drain the fused of odium power, allowing them to change. Also, since gems fuel soul casting, it could allow for even more change. So far the only gem mentioned produces metal.
  2. I have this crazy idea to end the war. A bond smith somehow binds the unmade together and then to the fused as a whole. This transforms them into something new. This new form potentially has access to all ten surges. I kept on trying to think of a large scale application of all that power, apart from the rebirth of the fused.. the Knights radiants used the surges to make their headquarters in to a viable and self sustaining settlement, my best guess is that the unmade and fused reborn could help terraform Blaize into a more viable world.
  3. I am wondering if the whole unite them phrase refers to the unmade and the fused. From their descriptions, they sound broken and incomplete. So if united they would finally be whole and complete.
  4. Those visions told him to unite them. What if it did not refer to the good guys? I have this idea that if the fused were exposed to the combined power of the unmade, it would transform them into something new and potentially move on from the battle.
  5. Yelig also causes its hosts to grow crystals. This reminds me of gem hearts, which are investiture given form. The thing is the only jem mentioned was one used in soul casting, it produces metal. Fused are said to be cognitive shadows, spirits that contain power. If they were drained of this power, could that allow them to move on or be somehow freed from the endless cycle?
  6. If they find a good way to heal the shard blades, then joining more than knight order would be less risky.
  7. I think bondsmith and unmade are key to a chance of victory. They just did it in the wrong direction, bind all the unmade to the Fused. Use odium own power against him, there is a reason why odium has no bondsmith equivalent. Seperate they are broken, incomplete or simply damaged. But bound together, the cracks and holes in them would be healed, like the storm healed the parshmen. Many of the unmade have an influence on the mind/spirit. But there are a couple that could allow the fused to form a whole new body of their own. So the living listerners would be safe from them. before this new storm, the fused were not bound together, but now they are each bound to this storm, allowing them to be reborn each time it returns.
  8. It is said for a knight radiant to bond a spren, they need a crack in their soul. Gem hearts provide an easier access point. This is usually from trauma, but there is a theory that Renarin is autistic. So he was born with a condition. Could it allow him to bond more that one spren? A spen binds him, then he suffers another trauma which allow another crack for a spren.
  9. I have a crazy idea for a solution to the unmade, that I got from lots of hints in the book. We know that they can be trapped in a gem like spren, it just needs a perfect one. Trapped spren power the devices. The thing is even trapped there will be the risk of escape, so the unmade should power a device they can't escape. My idea is for this device to bind the unmade together and link them to all the fused. We know that one was linked to the listerners, providing direction and void light. So this unmade would provide the link for the other to access the fused. the void storm brings the fused back, which means in some manner they are linked to it. This would act as a bridge to allow the unmade access to all at once. The descriptions of the unmade make it sound that their minds are incomplete. The fused are said to be serverly damaged, some so much they can't take host but assume thunderclast forms. my idea is one the unmade are spread and connected to all the fused, they could permantly alter them in some way. They could potentially finally move on, or they could transform into a new kind of life form. One of the unmade provides a source of void light and the link, the mindless 3 warps the minds, one corrupts spren, another creates creatures, one forms a crystal body and allows access to surge binding. That is seven of the nine, I bet the remaining two could be useful. The unmade them selves would be spread amongst the fused, link to the others, trapped permantly in the link. They would no longer be the forces of odium. Dalinar would have defeated the ancient enemy by uniting them. With out these creatures, a new peace/relationship could be made with the Parshmen . this is a permantly solution that deprives odium of power, allies and assets. The nine would become remade.
  10. To me, the mindless seem broken/unfinished in some way. This is part of the reason I think they would work against the fused. The fused are deeply damaged. If the two are deeply exposed and bound to each other, they could fill in the holes and damage within themselves permanently.
  11. I have this theory the unmade could be used as a weapon against the forces of odium. Specifically against the fused. The fused are deeply damaged. Being attacked by the unmade would destroy what control/stability they have left, ensuring they could only become thunderclasts, or they might transform into a completely new form. The three greatly mindless unmade are said to deeply affect the mind. The black fisher seems associated with pain/grief/depression/sadness. They are said to be deeply mentally scared, so if pushed to the extremes, they will break. BAM would provide void light and the connections/bindings between the unmade and the fused. while one of the remaining unmade is largely unknown, the other three I could see allowing for the creation of a new form for the fused. One of the unmade creates new creatures, another make a crystal body while the last corrupts spren. This combination could transform the fused into a new being. Potentially a new life for damnation.
  12. I have a theory on how to heal the blades. There are locations where energy pools for specific types of spren. It is where new spren are formed. My theory is that the energy at such locations could fill in the gaps and holes in the so Caledonia dead spren. do we know if the available blades are all the same type of spren or are they spread across the orders?
  13. The fused when they usually returned to Roshar, once slain they would be banished back to damnation due to the oath pact. But some how every Everstorm allows allows those that have been killed to come back, ignoring the oath pact. This makes me think the fused have somehow been bound to the Everstorm somehow. If so, then if there was a way to target the Everstorm, it could affect all the fused at once.
  14. When a shard is destroyed, it is said to be splintered. But honor had already divided itself by investing his power in others. So when destroyed, what if instead of creating new splinters? It's power was simply transferred to pre existing vessels of power.
  15. I wonder if exposure to Rlain in his alternate forms, could lead to the alliance creating fabrials that mimic their abilities. So able to enhance human activities.